1. I

    Windows GMS2 won't start after update

    So, I have the same problem again, that I had when I bought GM2 from Steam. When I launch the program, I will get the "installing runtime" thingy, and then the program just hard crashes. No error messages or anything. It just closes. Any suggestions? I tried to "verify integrity of application...
  2. R

    GMS 2 Camera not following object only code

    HI team, I am having some trouble making the camera follow my object by code In the room I enabled the view port for camera 0 I created the camera object oCamera and added the create and step event Create event cam = view_camera[0];//Camera by default follow = oPlayer; view_w_half =...
  3. A. DeVivo

    GMS 2 Step Event to Script and back?

    Howdy, Recently I tried to divide all my "player" step event code into scripts. However, this affected my player grav, vsp, and jumpspeed in ways that I couldn't fix by merely adjusting the numbers (very fast ascent/ impossibly slow descent). I then put the normal running and jumping code...
  4. C

    Beta Ai development

    ok. so i been working on artificial intelligence mechanics for a game I been working on for over a year now. Sorry if the graphics are bleh. some of the mentors don't like my pallete choice. MADE IN GM2
  5. S

    GMS 2 [Help] Pause screen

    Hello. I'm completely new to GM and programming, so I mostly don't know what I am doing. I want to make a pause screen that stops all the sprites and adds a dark overlay. So far I am using instance_deactivate_all(). I tried to implement something with surfaces but it didnt work. I dont know how...
  6. D

    GML How to change a variable in an instance just once using a script?

    GM2. In a script I would like to change a variable in a instance just once. Not every step. I have tried if statements but I think scripts act in the same way step events do so they repeat it every step. I have tried alarms and I think that this way is correct, but I think I might be getting...
  7. Donald Harris

    Mac OSX Can't get a compile to work to save my life

    So I resolved the issue with GM2 not being able to connect to my local mac which its actually running on. The issue now however is that after its done building I get this output with no actual build in the folder: 3rd Party Mac Developer Application: no identity found /bin/bash exited with...
  8. Bentley

    GM2 Export scripts?

    I'm trying to make a script library folder like I had in GM1. You could right click the resource tree and select "export selected script" and save it to a folder with all your other scripts. Does anyone know how to do this in GM2?
  9. Weastøne Entertainment

    Question - IDE Fonts going crazy

    Hi!, I've imported a GM1.4 project to GM2 and it is not working properly. One of the problems is that the fonts are not good! Look at this comparision: OLD NEW OLD NEW There is something wrong definetely, but I don't have any idea why. As well, some fonts do not anti-aliasing when it is...
  10. Weastøne Entertainment

    Question - IDE Vertical white lines

    Hello there!, I've just imported my GM1.4 project into 2 and I've notticed some problems. One of them is that randomly vertical white lines appear suddenly. It seems to be something about tiles, as those vertical lines appear on the room editor (on the tiles), but I don't understand why is...
  11. Erayd

    Android Simple Rotation Issue

    My goal is to rotate a sprite over time to equal the point on the screen I am touching. I feel like I'm right there but my code isn't lining up. For whatever reason my object just keeps rotating instead of getting to the angle expected and stopping. if(device_mouse_check_button(0, mb_left)){...
  12. D

    Question - IDE 1.4 Game imported to 2. FPS takes a huge hit.

    I've been seeing some users complain of lag after importing a 1.4 project to 2. The same has happened to me and I'm not sure what the issue might be. In 1.4 I spent a bunch of time optimizing my code against memory leaks and lag. My more recent updates there included getting it to run solidly...
  13. P

    GMS 2 Drawing Surfaces

    I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have not used GM in a while and just got GM 2 recently. I've looked back in my previous games as well as online examples/tutorials but my surfaces can't seem to draw. So at game start I create a surface: global.msurface := surface_create(192,144); And...
  14. CardinalCoder64

    GML Pixel-Perfect Object-based Collision

    GM Version: All Target Platform: All Downloads: (Towards bottom of post) Summary: This post is for anyone who needs help with collision checking when it comes to pixel- and subpixel-perfect accuracy. This isn't grid collision but I feel it is a more efficient way of implementing object-based...
  15. D

    GMS 2 How to make transparent collisions to work?

    Hello everyone! I'm a user of GM2 for a few days by now, and I have been messing around with the collisions. Now I added a sprite that does not contain anything. It's just an empty sprite I added to my collision object. I placed it in the world but my player object wasn't able to collide with...
  16. Startmedia

    Microphone Input GM2 Desktopapp

    Dear community – Is it possible to get the realtime input-level und GM2 from a microphone as a value? I need that for a client-project. The targetplattform is Windows 10. Thanks to everbody! Manuel
  17. Z

    GMS 2 (RESOLVED)Draw Event Sprites Flipping With Mouse

    Hello again all you sexy people. I come today with yet another question, so please bear with me. I'm making a 2D top down shooter, because that's never been done before, and I'm getting to the part where your character sprite flips according to the cursor direction. I already have the object...
  18. P

    Discussion [Solved]Game Maker 2 won't compile anymore

    Hello Forum, since the new Update which came a few days ago i can't compile anymore which is strange. I tried to unistall and install Game Maker 2 again but this won't fix it. The Exception is: (German for some reason) Unbehandelte Ausnahme: System.Xml.XmlException: Das Stammelement ist nicht...
  19. F

    GMS 2 Changing path of an instance?

    Hi guys, I managed to make an instance follow a path I designed in the path editor, so far so good. Alas, when I try to make the instance follow a different path, the instance does change the moving direction but doesn't stop when it reaches the first point of the new path either. The code bit...
  20. D

    Physics objects and VSync and Speed

    Hi GM Community ! I'm new to GM and just trying some tutorial to learn gamemaker. I actually looking about built-in physic engine. I use VSYNC in my project, because i always personnaly like VSYNC in game... I have two monitor, one 120hz and one other 60hz. I see that the object are moving...