1. T

    GML How To Make Camera Not Reset It Position Upon Entering Another Room

    Hi there. So, i have problem with my camera movement. I want my camera to not reset it position when i re-entering a room. As you can see it below When i enter the second room and go back to the first room, you can see that my camera reset it position for a second. I want my camera to stay in...
  2. S

    Issues with GM2 D & D Tutorial chapter 5 (Score)

    Hi, I'm fairly new to this program and using the built in tutorials to learn the software, I'm currently at chapter 5 (applying a score to the game) and I'm following the tutorial exactly as shown but the score doesn't increase when an enemy is killed, also the enemies seems to die instantly...
  3. Tadas

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Can't pick a font

    So I get this error that basically means I cannot finish a project. I try to pick a font for text with draw_set_font() function, I type in font name and the variable turns red indicating GM found this font. But when I try to run the game I get the good ol' FATAL ERROR that states: "Variable...
  4. M

    Question - IDE Advice Needed - License Type?

    Hi all, Advice needed. I recently started building games with GM2 using the trial version. I am now ready to make the purchase. In a perfect world, I would love to be able to export to any platform, however this is obviously cost prohibitive. As a result, I need some guidance on the "right"...
  5. Remix The Idiot

    Shaders other magnify shader?

    I am currently using the magnify shader from this pack: I have looked everywhere and this seems to be the only magnify shader out there, but this magnify shader doesn't seem to like being in anything other than a Draw GUI event. You see...
  6. J

    Question - IDE Creating APK

    Hi, I have created a game and I am trying to create an APK to play it on android. How do I do this. I have configured SDK , NSK , JDK files all that has been found and done correctly. However when I go to create APK via Build > Create executable. But I keep getting this error. Any idea? UILD...
  7. Erayd

    Windows Testing

    I'm looking for input on testing. I am wondering if there are any built in programs in GMS2 that do things like check if a variable is used in the right way. For example: if it is being set at run time but never changed. Then somewhere in the program that variable is being reset, which would be...
  8. R

    Zoom in drag and drop GM2

    Hi everybody. I am not able to find out how to make work zoom in gamemaker 2 drag and drop, with mouse wheel. Is here anybody who can help me with this? There is Set view variable and get view variable but I am trying anything but still not works. Thank you for help.
  9. dynamic_zero

    How can I improved this loop?

    Hiya guys, Just looking for a bit of general advice. I have a large open world map in my game that draws from a set of ds_grids. I have this loop which deletes any tiles outside of the players view (view_range) and then draws any inside of it. Can you think of anyway to improve this? It seems...
  10. N

    Shaders [Solved] Bloom effect!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a way to create the bloom effect in game maker studio 2. Not being at all expert in shader programming for GM, and having found nothing looking on Google, I ask you if there is a way to get a bloom effect on GM2, and if you would be so kind as to give me an example of...
  11. S

    GMS 2 Checking Gestures - quick question

    Am I wrong is assuming that you cannot check in code an event of a gesture without having to do it from the "Add Event?" For example I want to check if a "Flick" gesture occurred in my step event, can it be used similar to checking a keyboard press or mouse click in code? if...
  12. A

    Windows GameMaker 2 BSOD Help!

    It started a week ago for no apparent reason. When using GM2 for a period of time (usually 10-30 mins) my laptop keyboard stops working. - It's still powered as I can see light from the keys - However, I'm unable to input any keys. The error persists even after Switching tabs, closing GM2. -...
  13. C

    GMS 2 Can't get for loop to execute at all

    In my project, I have a room, called, room0 and an object called object0 object0 initializes cards = array_create(0,0) cards = [9,8,7,2,3,4] i = 0 j = 0 key = 0 complete1 =0 complete2 = 0 and in step event it does for (j = 2; j >= array_length_1d(cards); j += 1) { if complete2 == 0...
  14. Hecksa

    Loading room files through GML

    Context: I'm new to GameMaker + GML, but comfortable with various other languages / environments. Running GameMaker Studio 2. I've put together a basic chunk-loading system to get around limits of room size / instance numbers. I'd like to load these chunks from room files. I know we can add...
  15. C

    Windows Annoying Errors

    Recently, I moved around my resources in 2.x so I would be better organized. And now when I create a new object, sometimes the studio throws me an error message, that a resource has been moved and I have to reload or save. How do I stop this?
  16. C

    Windows Elohan Chronicles

    So. I realize I have been working on this project for a LONG ti me. Even before GM2 existed, before I had bought a license to GMS1.4x. A time when I lived in a group home, the ideas were starting. The story is: With the world's various races at odds for what the other has, wars have torn the...
  17. M

    Pause/Unpause System Huge Roadblock...

    Hey guys, I need some serious help. Using GM2 I have a pause/unpause system that deactivates and reactivates all the objects on screen. it works... but.. if i rapidly pause and unpause I notice that the objects lag a frame. For example.. I have a moving platform that carries a pushable block...
  18. MicroKiss

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]instance destroy in line ?

    Hello there, I'm trying to make a tetris game in gamemaker 2 and I would like to know if it's possible to destroy instances in fixed y position ? ( this is for clearing a line in tetris) for exapmle if an object name's == THIS and it's Y coord == this, then destroy it . Is it possible ?
  19. Lakko

    GML Following an object with lag issue

    Hi, in my game i have an obj_player and an obj_shield that has to follow the player. obj_player STEP event: if keyboard_check_released(ord("Q")) { var shield; shield = instance_create_depth(x, y, depth-1, obj_shield); with (shield) { follow =; } }...
  20. S

    Discussion Compatible Spine version with GM2?

    Hey real quick guys, couldn't find anything in release notes in GM2. GM1x was limited to a specific spine version I know, but what about GM2? Thanks for any feedback!