1. Erayd

    Windows Testing

    I'm looking for input on testing. I am wondering if there are any built in programs in GMS2 that do things like check if a variable is used in the right way. For example: if it is being set at run time but never changed. Then somewhere in the program that variable is being reset, which would be...
  2. R

    Zoom in drag and drop GM2

    Hi everybody. I am not able to find out how to make work zoom in gamemaker 2 drag and drop, with mouse wheel. Is here anybody who can help me with this? There is Set view variable and get view variable but I am trying anything but still not works. Thank you for help.
  3. dynamic_zero

    How can I improved this loop?

    Hiya guys, Just looking for a bit of general advice. I have a large open world map in my game that draws from a set of ds_grids. I have this loop which deletes any tiles outside of the players view (view_range) and then draws any inside of it. Can you think of anyway to improve this? It seems...
  4. N

    Shaders [Solved] Bloom effect!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a way to create the bloom effect in game maker studio 2. Not being at all expert in shader programming for GM, and having found nothing looking on Google, I ask you if there is a way to get a bloom effect on GM2, and if you would be so kind as to give me an example of...
  5. S

    GMS 2 Checking Gestures - quick question

    Am I wrong is assuming that you cannot check in code an event of a gesture without having to do it from the "Add Event?" For example I want to check if a "Flick" gesture occurred in my step event, can it be used similar to checking a keyboard press or mouse click in code? if...
  6. A

    Windows GameMaker 2 BSOD Help!

    It started a week ago for no apparent reason. When using GM2 for a period of time (usually 10-30 mins) my laptop keyboard stops working. - It's still powered as I can see light from the keys - However, I'm unable to input any keys. The error persists even after Switching tabs, closing GM2. -...
  7. Chungsie

    GMS 2 Can't get for loop to execute at all

    In my project, I have a room, called, room0 and an object called object0 object0 initializes cards = array_create(0,0) cards = [9,8,7,2,3,4] i = 0 j = 0 key = 0 complete1 =0 complete2 = 0 and in step event it does for (j = 2; j >= array_length_1d(cards); j += 1) { if complete2 == 0...
  8. Hecksa

    Loading room files through GML

    Context: I'm new to GameMaker + GML, but comfortable with various other languages / environments. Running GameMaker Studio 2. I've put together a basic chunk-loading system to get around limits of room size / instance numbers. I'd like to load these chunks from room files. I know we can add...
  9. Chungsie

    Windows Annoying Errors

    Recently, I moved around my resources in 2.x so I would be better organized. And now when I create a new object, sometimes the studio throws me an error message, that a resource has been moved and I have to reload or save. How do I stop this?
  10. Chungsie

    Windows Elohan Chronicles

    So. I realize I have been working on this project for a LONG ti me. Even before GM2 existed, before I had bought a license to GMS1.4x. A time when I lived in a group home, the ideas were starting. The story is: With the world's various races at odds for what the other has, wars have torn the...
  11. M

    Pause/Unpause System Huge Roadblock...

    Hey guys, I need some serious help. Using GM2 I have a pause/unpause system that deactivates and reactivates all the objects on screen. it works... but.. if i rapidly pause and unpause I notice that the objects lag a frame. For example.. I have a moving platform that carries a pushable block...
  12. MicroKiss

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]instance destroy in line ?

    Hello there, I'm trying to make a tetris game in gamemaker 2 and I would like to know if it's possible to destroy instances in fixed y position ? ( this is for clearing a line in tetris) for exapmle if an object name's == THIS and it's Y coord == this, then destroy it . Is it possible ?
  13. Lakko

    GML Following an object with lag issue

    Hi, in my game i have an obj_player and an obj_shield that has to follow the player. obj_player STEP event: if keyboard_check_released(ord("Q")) { var shield; shield = instance_create_depth(x, y, depth-1, obj_shield); with (shield) { follow =; } }...
  14. S

    Discussion Compatible Spine version with GM2?

    Hey real quick guys, couldn't find anything in release notes in GM2. GM1x was limited to a specific spine version I know, but what about GM2? Thanks for any feedback!
  15. I

    Windows GMS2 won't start after update

    So, I have the same problem again, that I had when I bought GM2 from Steam. When I launch the program, I will get the "installing runtime" thingy, and then the program just hard crashes. No error messages or anything. It just closes. Any suggestions? I tried to "verify integrity of application...
  16. R

    GMS 2 Camera not following object only code

    HI team, I am having some trouble making the camera follow my object by code In the room I enabled the view port for camera 0 I created the camera object oCamera and added the create and step event Create event cam = view_camera[0];//Camera by default follow = oPlayer; view_w_half =...
  17. A. DeVivo

    GMS 2 Step Event to Script and back?

    Howdy, Recently I tried to divide all my "player" step event code into scripts. However, this affected my player grav, vsp, and jumpspeed in ways that I couldn't fix by merely adjusting the numbers (very fast ascent/ impossibly slow descent). I then put the normal running and jumping code...
  18. Chungsie

    Beta Ai development

    ok. so i been working on artificial intelligence mechanics for a game I been working on for over a year now. Sorry if the graphics are bleh. some of the mentors don't like my pallete choice. MADE IN GM2
  19. S

    GMS 2 [Help] Pause screen

    Hello. I'm completely new to GM and programming, so I mostly don't know what I am doing. I want to make a pause screen that stops all the sprites and adds a dark overlay. So far I am using instance_deactivate_all(). I tried to implement something with surfaces but it didnt work. I dont know how...
  20. D

    GML How to change a variable in an instance just once using a script?

    GM2. In a script I would like to change a variable in a instance just once. Not every step. I have tried if statements but I think scripts act in the same way step events do so they repeat it every step. I have tried alarms and I think that this way is correct, but I think I might be getting...