1. C

    Player getting stuck on sides of wall

    so im trying to make a game where you are a ball and you can move around by turning the camera, and the gravity direction is what moves you, but whenever you hit a diffrent side of the floor the player gets stuck, please help. Step event Player: hsp = hsp + grv; vsp = vsp + grv; if...
  2. Logan Bevans

    Converting to gm2

    Hey iv just recently got gm2 and I'm trying to convert some of my scripts into it and im having a bit of an issue with one of them i can't get it to generate blocks i believe its something to do with the xx for loop [var...
  3. H

    New and looking for a bit of help.

    Hey, looking for a bit of help with GML, I'm an artist so pretty new to coding and trying to learn. I'm just wondering if someone could either help with what I'm trying to do or point me in the right direction on what to look at on the game maker documentation? player - I need to make the...
  4. P

    Android Can I delete adaptive icons?

    I want to go back to my normal icons, but I can't find how. Deleting the folders isn't working. Does anyone have any idea?
  5. zampa

    GML Dialogues system

    I put dialogues in my game, now one npc can have more "pages" of text, but i was thinking what is the most efficient way to have more dialogues, what i mean with that is: -if you speak with the npc after you defeated this boss say: "Yeah you did it" -if you speak with the npc after you found...
  6. B

    Design SOLVED Change font in sprite editor

    Dear all, I`m a bit confused with the integrated text editor for sprite creation in GM studio 2. Perhaps there is a topic already but couldn`t find it. Sprite editor -> Toolbox -> Text editor When you are in the sprite editor you can type a text on the sprite. Previously you could then change...
  7. O

    GMS 2 Stuck trying to figure out how to make a character appear on an inventory screen

    I want to make it so that the characters status will be displayed in they'er own boxes in the inventory screen and when a character joins the group they will automatically be placed in the lowest number slot closest to the top this is the general idea I had to accomplish this. //create Cinv =...
  8. C

    Falling blocks not behaving correctly [Solved]

    So I'm making this falling block game but I've hit a snafu. Basically, after blocks have matched with neighbours and been destroyed I can't get the blocks above to fall down into their new spots like I want them to. The "cube_list_pop" script populates a list with all the instances of blocks on...
  9. O

    GMS 2 Enemy won't stop following me

    I've gotten an enemy to go towards the player object once within a certain range but after that it won't stop following no matter how far away I am. Is there an _stop moving command that I can use? if distance_to_object(obj_player) <= 96 { spd = true; } if spd = true {...
  10. Carloskhard

    Android Can't compile for android.Can't find error report neither

    So I'm trying to run my program for android in GM2 and the output is the following: Wrote HTML report to file:///W:/com.CskHard.Sideral/build/outputs/lint-results-debug.html Wrote XML report to file:///W:/com.CskHard.Sideral/build/outputs/lint-results-debug.xml :com.CskHard.Sideral:lint FAILED...
  11. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Async event not firing after loading audio group.

    Hi, I am new to the forums and I come here because I have a problem. No matter what I do, I cannot get the audio to work for my game. If it matters, I am on a Mac OS X. Here is my code: obj_mus > create event > audio_group_load(audiogroup_default); obj_mus > async Save/Load event >...
  12. C

    Particle emitters, the burst kind, when to destroy?

    Hi, I've recently gotten back to GM and have a question to which I can't seem to find an answer. In my puzzle game I have a particle emitter that acts as an explosion when a game piece is removed. This is the script called by the destroy event of the parent object: If I was to use...
  13. O

    GML How do I fix this code

    I'm trying to make an inventory but I realized that when I put in a certain combination of inputs it completely throws off the math and results in option = things outside of 0-5 is there an easy way to fix this? object = 0 maxobject = 4 step: if keyboard_check_pressed(ord("S")) option +=...
  14. E

    iOS Error Xcode Invalid bitcode signature GM (GPS-ADMOB)

    Good afternoon I have a project in GM 2.2.1 and a project that when exporting it to Xcode can build without problems, the problem occurs when I add the Google Play services extension of the Market... GM 2.2.1 XCODE 10.1 Showing Recent Messages Ld...
  15. zendraw

     Q: Game Maker 2

    so im updatin my setup with a better PC and i was wondering is GM2 ready to be used without worrying about bugs and things not working and stuff. as far as i remember people complain about gm2 that it has bugs and stuff and if its not ready yet i wuldnt want to waste my time with it on a serious...
  16. Y

    Legacy GM Need (HELP) in code

    This code is GM2 but need same code but GM1.4 couse this code is now allowed in gm1.4 remember i used another code and worked 100% but dont remember what was that instance_create_layer()
  17. appymedia

    HTML5 Scaling mouse coords when scaling HTML5 canvas

    Hi All, I have a little problem I'm trying to solve with HTML5. I have a prototype game where the player's x axis is simply set to the location of the x axis of the mouse as follows in a step event: x = mouse_x; That all works fine on both desktop and HTML5 until I scale my game. I'm using...
  18. C

    Question - D&D Creating instances in GM2

    So I've been trying to get my little character to shoot lasers, and when I add a "create instance" event, there is a layer field. What should I put there so that I don't get a fatal error?
  19. C

    When working on a group project, does everyone need to own GM2?

    Hello, As the title suggests, i want to work on a game with friends. I plan to buy the $99 version of GM2 for use on the project. However, if we were going to publish the game, would they need to have the $99 GM2 as well, or could they work on it with the trial version, and then publish it with...
  20. Death

    How to stop GM 2 from re-writing the sound files (.ogg)?

    Hi all, I am new here, just getting started. When I compile, GM2 re-writes the sound files I created and makes them bigger in the process. How do I keep it from re-writing them? They are already as optimized as I can get them, the quality is where I want them to be. GM2 seems to re-write them...