1. A

    A "How To" Guide for DND

    I'm a Game Maker neophyte and was wondering if there is a "how to" guide for DND. The manual is a great resource, but I am looking for something more along the lines of a resource in which I can search for a particular feature I want to add (i.e. a text box where the player can put in their...
  2. T

    Problems with boucing objects collisions

    I'm making a top down shooter that when you shot it create a bulletshell, and that bullet shell will rotate and move to a certain direction, and if it collide with an wall it will change the movement to the opposite direction. The problem is that when it collide with the wall the image flickers...
  3. Carloskhard

    GMS 2 Scaling Guide from GM2 page is wrong

    In THIS TUTORIAL they tell you to use this code to do a full screen scaling: The idea seems ok exept the fact that they use "min", so if the width of the screen is less than the base width(in a portrait way in this case), the camera view size will use the width of the screen which will not...
  4. T

    Help with the Z-Axis and the its depth

    Well i was thinking in adding to my top-down game a system with plataform which use the z-axis, where i can walk below it, and also be able to do other things like: - create instance in the same z position. - be able to put specific tiles on it. - use a depth manager to organize the...
  5. T

    Help needed with npc moving from a room to another

    Well i was thinking in adding a way that npc would be changing rooms in certain time of the day and you would be able to follow them during this process, like in games as Stardew Valley. Like the npc would exit from somewhere in a room, reach the trigger to go to the next room, and in the other...
  6. S

    GMS 2 path_delete not working 100%?

    I have a game that I am working on and recently started to play around with paths. I however, noticed that my game started to stutter over time and it just get worse and worse. I think I have narrowed down the issue to the path_delete function. At first I was creating paths in a list using...
  7. S

    iOS GM Splash Screen isn't Disappearing

    Hello everyone! First off I'd like to mention that I have the desktop version of GameMaker 2 and that this wasn't an issue before around a month ago. The GameMaker splash screen only shows on my program when I'm running it on a mobile device. I looked in the iOS settings in the Options tab...
  8. D

    GML Inventory for a Drag and drop game. (Gamemaker 2 and GML)

    Had to make a game in gamemaker 2 for a school project. But our project needs some kind of Inventory that fits a Drag and drop game. Since im terrible at programming ive had some problems trying to figure out how to actually create a inventory system. Looking for help with finding some kind of...
  9. D

    GMS 2 Yet another camera problem

    Hey guys, I have a problem with my camera. I created the "between player and cursor" object, using "mean()" function: Step Event (object between player and cursor): meanX = mean(PLAYEROBJ.x, mouse_x) meanY = mean(PLAYEROBJ.y, mouse_y) x = meanX y = meanY Ok? So, the problem is speed of the...
  10. M

    GMS 2 Why is my additive lighting creating darker areas?

    So I am working on an additive lighting system similar to many of the online tutorials. I am having one major issue. Where the lights overlap, I am actually getting areas that appear to be darker, not lighter. After reading the YoYo Games blog post about blend modes, I thought bm_add could only...
  11. M

    GMS 2 Alpha issues with gpu_set_blendmode_sepalpha?

    Alright can someone tell me what I am missing here? I have a surface being draw to the application surface. The surface being drawn is cleared black with a .5 alpha. If I draw this surface without blend modes the black region looks as it should. Basically it darkens the screen a little. Now...
  12. josyanf1

    GMS 2 Heat waves effect [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone! In arcade games I have seen that many use this technique of drawing waves with a sprite to give the sensation of heat / fire. Do you know what this effect is really called? Could you give me a hand to recreate it? Thanks in advance, regards!
  13. D

    Need Help With HTTP connection to an API

    Hello, Im trying to make a HTTP request to an api and then display the data but im unsure on how to do it with the specific file. Any Ideas? Im trying to get the "Meta Data\6. Time Zone" words as a string from...
  14. D

    GM2 getting HTML/HTTP information on a website

    Hello, I am currently working on a game which requires it to know if the stock market is currently open or not, It needs to go to and check if the Exchange is open or closed. Iv seen that this may be possible with http_Get but i have...
  15. zendraw

    Android Exporting 64bit version for google

    do i need to do anything specific when exporting a game to be 64bit for google play? im using game maker 2
  16. Gun_Goose


    Hi, I am trying to implement a 3D fog of war shader (i have been struggling with this for a while). I have tried to build one from scratch as well as implement on I got off the market place and each time, I have run into a similar problem. I am able to create the proper effect, however the the...
  17. T

    Dialogue System

    Well, I'm using this dialog system, but in the video it does not teach how to add a dialog to more than one character, does anyone know how I can do this?
  18. B

    GML [SOLVED]ransomized placement of cards for a match 2 game

    So im trying to randomize placement of cards. 5 cards along the x axis and 4 cards along the y axis. wired stuff keeps happening. heres my code loop = 1; xri = 0; yri = 0; donuthin = 1; xi = 32; yi = 32; randomize(); global.cur_card_no = random_range(1,6); for (i = 0; i <= 20; i += 1) {...
  19. Essentials games

    help with collision mask

    my game is minecraft style but in 2D, I have about 30 different blocks and the problem is in one of them, this block is in the room once it starts is the earth, the problem is that even if you configure the collision mask correctly both of the block as of all the sprites of the player, check...
  20. Gun_Goose

    Shaders getting a pixels location in a shader

    Hi, I am trying to write a shader in which I pass it a point and a radius, and the shader fades objects to black the farther you get from the point. I am having a little trouble understanding how to compare this location to every pixel on the screen. (i am working in 3d, so I would like to try...