1. E

    Why does using a function from my own extension, make the game to freeze for a short time?

    As title says: Why does the use of a function of my own extension cause the game to freeze for a short time and how it can be solved? This is weird, because using an external function is faster (in windows for example, using a .dll, is at least 10 times faster), but i don't know how to fix...
  2. Dewarriorz

    Windows Porting from GM to GM2 issues

    I'm having issues with Porting from GM to GM2, my game in GM had a few minor bugs that I fixed and the game ran before importing to GM2. Now in GM2, the game fails to launch. I have looked up this issue time and time again today, still can't figure it out. I'm hoping someone here has an idea of...
  3. paulog

    Legacy GM Random terrain generator very slow

    Hello! I'm thinking about adding a random terrain generator to my game, so I created an empty project to test some codes. I managed to do something I like, but the problem is that it's somehow really slow. I'll atach the code I used in the end of this post, but basically: -There is a loop...
  4. paulog

    Legacy GM How to invert mouse movement?

    Hello! I'm making a game in GM1.4 and the room has a draggable view, that can be rotated 90º at a time. Everything works fine if I compile it to Windows, but in the HTML5 version the mouse movement is flipped when the view is rotated. I don't know why. Is there an easy way to simply invert...
  5. paulog

    Legacy GM How to make draggable window

    Hello! I'm making a game in GM1.4 and I want to make a draggable window but I'm facing some issues. The draggable part I have figured out, but there are two problems: 1 - The game uses a view smaller than the room, and the player can drag the view across the room. I want the window to stay in...
  6. paulog

    SOLVED Instances acting differently

    Hello! I'm making a game in GM1.4 but I'm facing some issues. I really hope somene can help me out. In the game some objects have to jump to another position if the player clicks a button. I made two variables, "global.rot" and "global.oldrot". They both have the value of 1 when the room...
  7. M. Idrees

    GMS 2 How To Change Sprite With An External Sprite On Run Time [ SOLVED ].

    Hi, I have set a profile pic for my game character and, I want to allow the player to set his own profile pic from an external image file. How can I do this ?. I tried the sprite_add Method but I can't figured it out that how I can use this while my game is running ? Thanks.
  8. K

    Collision mask not functioning properly?

    I am using GM1.4, and have recently encountered an issue with my player's collision mask when he is being moved by a different object. The player can move the character left and right with "A" and "D", and it adjusts their hspeed to be either -2, 2, or 0 if neither are pressed. I have a boat...
  9. S

    Checking instance direction within ranges [SOLVED]

    I'm new and working on an Asteroids game to learn GMS. I need some coding help with the following: Certain collisions cause asteroids to bounce and obtain new directions, and if vertical or horizontal near the screen edges, they can seem to disappear from view. My goal is to have a constantly...
  10. R

    Programming AI for a RTS

    Hello Guys, I kinda need help with GM 1.4. Im a newbie and i want to make a RTS game. I kinda finished all the basics like creating units, having workers which mine Crystals, Fighters which shoot at enemies, Enemies which shoot at Fighters. My Problem is that I have no idea to make a AI which...
  11. J

    Weapon changing array

    Hello, I am using GM 101's tutorial for a weapon changing array and below is the error message I ran into when trying to get it to run. I have tried a few different things and can't get it to run. I tried to include all the relevant code below. ___________________________________________...
  12. A

    Legacy GM Background Help

    The thing is that I want to hide the background (bck_main_screen) and have the drawn background instead!!!:)And then the ability to add the background(bck_main_screen) back into the game later all in the same room... Is this possible??? Thank you!! a quick reply if possible please this is due...
  13. S

    Legacy GM I want to code a swinging animation for a guy with a sword.

    I am new and cannot find the documentation that says how to switch sprites while creating an extended mask representing the weapon being used. The Step event of obj_player01: //Get the player's input key_right = keyboard_check(vk_right); key_left = -keyboard_check(vk_left); key_jump =...
  14. I

    Getting value from DS_GRID at mouse point

    I have spent a while trying to figure this out also have talked with people on the game maker discord and no solution. The issue I'm having is I can't return the x,y of the grid from the place I clicked with my mouse. I think you could do it with some complex math but I can't wrap my head around...