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gm: studio

  1. Selva

    Can't fire at diagonals. Baffled. (Fixed. Thanks.)

    Hi. No idea what I'm doing wrong here. Putting together a top down type shooter. Right now I'm at the very basic, bare bones level of development. Just moving and shooting. No enemies, no nothing. And already I've managed to (smurf) it up. They guy can shoot vertically and horizontally. It...
  2. J

    Legacy GM Switching Game States

    Hello, I am making a game that has a top down overworld and puzzle sections involving platforming. I can get the game to switch from the top down movement to the platforming movement when moving from any of the overworld rooms to 1 specific room, but when I try to add more rooms with...
  3. J

    Legacy GM Falling Objects

    Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out in a platforming room with physics how to have a objectA connect to the ceiling and the player character can shoot the ceiling causing the ceiling to break and objectA falls to the ground but stops at the floor. The room is persistent and has the...
  4. B

    Super Crate Box source problems

    I got the source for super crate box from the Humble Bundle awhile back, but it won't run. i get this error immediately. Does anyone know what the issue is, or if there is a version of GMS to roll back to to get this working? Thanks! FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of <Unknown Event> for...
  5. VentKazemaru

    Legacy GM Making tiles vanish when the player touches them?

    I'm trying to figure out how to make hidden areas behind tiles, if you go behind them they drop their alpha. I figured out how to do this for objects but I figure it would be more efficient to use tiles, more variety that way, how do I do this? I don't mind if all the hidden tiles turn alpha.
  6. D

    Legacy GM unable to run after instalation

    After I installed the GMS as an Admin I was unable to start him. It seen so that the Updater will runing after I click on the runningbutton from GMS (I was looking in processes from Task Manager) but after short time the updater will vanish and the GMS don't start after all. Installationpath...
  7. VentKazemaru

    Making a trajectory jump

    I'm trying to figure out how make a platforming game with jumping similar to gunpoint. I have a trajectory line set up from the marketplace. I know how to set up basic platforming. but I can't grasp how to make a jump follow an arc.
  8. C

    Legacy GM Sound not playing in HTML 5

    I want to play sound in HTML 5 target. Here is my code, am not sure what is wrong with it. It works in windows just not in HTML 5. Create Event: execute code: // Music on = mon global.mon = 1; // set the image speed to 0 image_speed = 0; // Play the sound audio_play_sound(snd_lvl_1,0,1) Mouse...
  9. M

    Room Scaling Help

    Forgive me if this has previously been addressed somewhere. I've spent over an hour trying to find a solution and because my problem still exists I'm asking for help here. I've toyed with the older Game Maker and now Game Maker Studio on Steam off and on within the past few years and I've never...
  10. C

    HTML5 My HTML5 won't open

    When I try to open my html5 target game, it open but doesn't display the game.
  11. R

    Legacy GM Procedurally Generated Road?

    Hi guys, I started using GM today and (unsurprisingly) I'm having trouble with an important part of the game I'm creating. I need to generate a single-lane road that has 90 degree turns and is different every time the game restarts. I'm currently making the road manually by copy/pasting a tile...
  12. A

    Global Particle Systems.

    I'm having a headache with getting global particle systems to work on some things. Basically my question is this; if an object requires a particle system, and both the controller (holding the global.particle_sys) and the object (triggering the burst) are in the room at creation, does the object...
  13. B

    Alpha Skittle's Nightmare alpha v0.6 (Markiplier Fan-Game)

    Gameplay Screenshots: current update 0.6.1 Stage2 changed gfx 0.6.2 (not available yet) Story: Meet Skittles, Markiplier's new puppy. Markiplier loves Skittles One night on Friday the 13th, during a full moon, within a leap year, and all the planets were aligned, Skittles was sucked into a...
  14. J

    Mac OSX -[NSNull hasPrefix:]: unrecognized... error when I try to export an app for OSX

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to export an app that I've done to iOS following this official tutorial: http://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216753858-Develop-For-And-Distribute-To-iOS I have my VM with Windows 8.1 connected to my physic MacOS 10.11, with Xcode 7.3.1 and the CLI also...
  15. B

    In game volume for studio

    I guess you can say i'm a novice in game maker. I learned a lot in gm 6, 7-pro, and 8.1 standard. But now that I have studio and learned that a lot of the gml I was using is now obsolete. This includes the ability to use the function sound_global_volume(value) I do see a lot of new and...
  16. S

    Getting DragAcceptFiles DLL to work on GM: Studio?

    Original DLL Rehosted Download I've been pretty much racking my brain on how I can get this DLL to work correctly with Studio, and everything I've tried so far hasn't worked. Un-hiding the setup files, adding the setup file to the project as a resource. Everything I've tried so far has only...
  17. MegaGamer99

    Legacy GM GBA-Styled Kirby Slopes

    Hey, Game Makers! I haven't posted in a while since I was getting help from my friend, Jo-Thijs on skype with my Kirby project. We were doing so well, until when starting work on the slopes, we have no idea how to implement them correctly. We need help on implementing and making the slopes work...
  18. itameio

    HTML game fit mobile screen?

    i'm making an html game with large rooms, not using views (i will if i have to) and when i play the game through my phone only the upper left corner of the room is visible, how can i make all of the room fit into the mobile screen? is there a way to measure the phone's screen resolution and set...
  19. MegaGamer99

    Legacy GM How To Double Tap For Dashing?

    Greetings, Game Makers! I planned on adding a Dashing mechanic to my player, but have no idea how to do it. I've already put a Dashing, dashspeed, and doubletap variable in my Create event. Now, I want the player to use the dashspeed instead of movespeed when I press either the left or right...
  20. MegaGamer99

    Slip and Slide, Kirby!

    Greetings, Game Makers! I've been working on my engine, and when I was about to add a sliding action, he doesn't move! It was probably because of one of the pieces of code on his ducking action, since I couldn't get him to stop moving when he's ducking. I cleared out the sliding action, so I...