gm studio

  1. F

    Post,Publish Game Maker

    I used to work on older game makers but only on trial versions of it i guess it was 8.1 and later game maker studio 1. But never bought it after two years i decide to buy it but Studio 2 was released so again tried a trial version and i simply cannot get over it, can't use it. My question is...
  2. I

    [Solved] Origin point for a draw event

    Im trying to find out how to change the y origin point of an object that doesn't have a sprite.
  3. Bladevampirek

    I want to make a virtual onscreen keyboard using Game Maker Studio.

    I want to make a Keyboard program for Windows in which a user can open on their screen, then type, and the keystrokes they press will light up. I know how to do this, but I don't know how to make it work in the background while the user is typing in their browser or on Notepad.exe, any...
  4. YoSniper

    [SOLVED] Making a music track loop at a specific point

    Hello community, Just for a frame of reference, I want you to understand what I'm trying to do. I don't know if any of you ever recall playing Primal Rage on the Sega Genesis or SNES, but if you ever went into the Sound Test menu and listened to the background music, you would notice this...
  5. C

    Windows Screen slide transition problems

    I watched the screen slide transition tutorial and I doesn't work. The camera doesn't follow the player and I don't know why.
  6. C

    [SOLVED] My room_goto keeps going to the wrong room

    I don't know why but when I click on my object it goes to the wrong room even though I coded it correctly. Here is my code I want to go to rm_lvl1 but it goes to a different room. Create Event: execute code: // Set the image speed to 0 image_speed = 0; Step Event: execute code: // Check if...
  7. C

    How would I destory an object that spawns first even though there is multiple copies of that object?

    So I have an object and it changes spirits. When The object spawns and say spirit is on 1 and another spawns and is on spirit 2 how do I make it so that the object that spawned first get destroyed by a key press that I assign it. Here is my code am not sure why it isn't working. Create Event...
  8. 2

    GML Longest String from txt File Read and Copied without Dropping Below 75-60 fps

    What's the maximum number of characters you can read (and copy to a variable) from txt file without incuring a drop below 60 fps? Maybe 75 fps if there nothing else running to make some room for the actual game that will be running. Also, any major difference between GM8 and GM Studio here?
  9. D

    GML Shader that outlines sprite and shader that changes sprite color

    I've watched Shaun Spaulding's video on shaders, but when applying the code to my program it didn't work. Is there another tutorial out there that show's how to outline a sprite using a shader? As for the second shader, I know image_blend could be used to change a sprites color, but it doesn't...
  10. A

    Drag And Drop (SOLVED) Trying to Draw only 3 Units of Health

    Following along a few chapters of The Game Maker's Companion, I was able to create a near-perfect Zool game. Given the fact that said book was written with Game Maker 8 aka GM: Legacy in mind, the prescribed methods I used to make it still hold up well in GameMaker: Studio. But by the end of...
  11. W

    An Object I can talk to....[SLOVED]

    I need help making an object I can talk to by pressing a button. I don't know how to do that but I am doing it wrong. It only works when I am moving up from the bottom of the object. Then it works but only then. I want it to work when I am standing by it looking at it. So here is my code: if...
  12. J

    [SOLVED]My highscore wont work? anyone know why

    i have created a platformer and i introduced the highscore system to my game. however the dialog box asking for the players name appears everytime I enter a new room when I only want it to appear when i die/run out of lives or get to the end room. do you know how to fix? ive tried google but ...
  13. A

    Legacy GM Malfunctioning Enemy AI within Finite State Machine

    I'm working on a textbook game featured in The Game Maker's Apprentice called Pyramid Panic and currently around the mid-point to completion. Pyramid Panic is a maze game that has you controlling an explorer trapped inside a pyramid in search of a way out all while collecting treasures...
  14. G

    GMS Update Kills my Frame Rate

    So I have recently bought a new laptop and transferred all of my programmes and files onto this including a fresh install of Game Maker Studio including the latest updates. This weekend I started up Game Maker Studio and opened my project, eager to see how the extra computing power in my new...
  15. tamation

    [SOLVED] Lerping a menu cursor?

    I'm pretty new to the lerp function in gamemaker, and I was wondering if there was any way to use it to make a smooth movement effect for a menu cursor when moving up and down? My old code was "if ukey { y -= 16; } but I'd like it to have a smoother effect when moving up. So I looked into...
  16. C

    HTML5 My keyboard_check_released is being delayed, why?

    So when ever I click on my keyboard letter like 'A' it is delayed and I have to click it multiple times. I have tried it with release and pressed. I think my problem may be that I am spawning to many objects. How can I fix that. My code for my spawner: Create Event: execute code: /** Wait 1...
  17. Dagoba

    "While" in "For" -loop

    Hello community! I am making a texas hold 'em engine and I am wondering, if "while" should be used in "for" -loop. This is used during the betting rounds, whenever players have their cards, they start to bet. I have noticed that "While" loop is pretty slow in game maker, and I can not use Sleep...
  18. M. Idrees

    How to get Only Float Number from keyboard_string

    Hi , I want to only get the Numbers that also including the Dot [.] from the keyboard_string. I tried string_digits but it only accept the Integers not the Dot[.]. Or how I can do that keyboard_string not accept the strings. Is there any way to do this ? thanks
  19. A

    Please help me make this code better

    I have the following code to check the number of several different substrings in a string. My method works, but I know there must be a more efficient way to code this. I have tried using for loops, but haven't got them working. I Create event: s_count = 0; count = 0; Key Release Alt event...
  20. V

    Object move using a variable as time

    I couldn't find anywhere someone trying to do this, but I have a radar in my game, the radar is a straight line with a ball on it, this ball needs to travel all the way throough the line up to its end but only reach the end when the stage is completed! I have a time variable for each stage, for...