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gm studio 2

  1. N

    [Solved] Jumping and falling animation - Stop on last frame and reset

    I'm trying to make a jump and falling animation, with animated sprites. I want both of them to stop on the last frame (image_speed = 0), and continue from the first frame, when the jump-button is pressed again. //animation STEP EVENT if(!grounded=1) { image_speed = 1; if (sign(vsp) >...
  2. DonMaklesso

    Networking problems (data)

    Hi guys, I've started multiplayer in my game but I've also come across several problems. Specifically I have a problem with sending and receiving data (client can connect to the server if anything). I don't know however where my problem lies. Here's my chunk of code for object SERVER in Async -...
  3. G

    GMS 2 [Solved] Making a lever??!?!?

    Ok, so I've been trying to make a lever open and close a door for like 3 days now and I'm getting really frustrated and feeling kinda stupid. I want it to work like this. "player hits obj_lever" "obj_door goes up" "player hits obj_lever again" "obj_door goes down" however, as I have the code...
  4. A

    Please help with this libpng problem for Android

    I understand that they "Fixed" this said libpng thing in the EA version or in GMS 1.4.1760 but when I updated my license to said version in the Target drop down menu when i want to create executable (.apk) for Android it gives me a target that says "Andoid/Fire (test)" and the create executable...
  5. F

    Windows Corrupted file

    Today I was making the 2 last room of my game, the power of my computer went off, turned it on again and when I tried to open the file of the project GameMaker 2 will just freeze. Windows 10 sends me a message that the program stops working but nothing else. Anyway to recover the sprites...
  6. Drenathor

    GMS 2 Need help understanding arrays

    Hey guys, If someone has a resource they can point me towards that will help me understand the way GML handles arrays that would be amazing! Unfortunately right now the more I try to use them the more confused I get. Here's some code that I'm running as tests along with the output and my...
  7. C

    HTML5 How would I destory an object that spawns first even though there is multiple copies of that object?

    So what I am trying to do is have an object spawn, and when I click a letter it destroys it. But there will be multiple objects of that object. Like I will have object a,b,c so what I want is when a spawns and c spawns I can't destroy c I have to destroy a first. I can't put code here because I...
  8. K

    Question - IDE Just upgraded, a question about GMS2 content and a suggestion about JSDOC options

    I just upgraded and love the GMS2 experience so far. Question: Are there plans to make finding new GMS2 stuff (filtering on marketplace and here I suppose). I'm sure the import functionality makes most 1.4 stuff compatible, but I'd like to be able to look at new GMS2 specific stuff...