gm 8.1

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    Problems with boucing objects collisions

    I'm making a top down shooter that when you shot it create a bulletshell, and that bullet shell will rotate and move to a certain direction, and if it collide with an wall it will change the movement to the opposite direction. The problem is that when it collide with the wall the image flickers...
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    GML Help with angled player kickback mechanic.

    Hi everyone, I'd like to start by saying I'm a complete novice to programming. I've been following a video by Shaun Spalding on kick back. I thought it would be a cool idea to make a game around this mechanic, but I've came a across a problem. When shooting at an angle and the player is...
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    Legacy GM Leaderboard for different levels

    Is it possible making a different leaderboard for each level in a game?
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    GML image_angle checks randomly stop working mid-game

    Hi, I am currently working on my top down GTA 1 style game, and I have run into an issue. When the player is wanted by police, every 16 - 30 seconds, I want the dispatcher to announce the player's direction. ///Direction Update ///Wanted by police and driving a car if(wanted == true and...
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    GML Parent object drawing

    Hello, So i am making a game were i want to have states something like hearts of iron 4 and europa universalis 4. So i drew 2 different objects with different sprites and made a parrent object for them. What they are supposed to do is glow (i just made the image a bit yellower) when i press...
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    Getting GameMaker 8.1...

    So... One day I wanted to try good old GameMaker 8.1, since it was my first version of it. One question about it, is to download it now?:oops:
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    Adding Gravity and Knockback to a box

    I'm trying to add gravity and knockback to a box.The gravity I added already work but I want it to be different. I use the drag and drop icons like "Set Gravity","Speed Vertical" but I want to make a scrip with that.Now I need when it get shoot by my bullet to jump back or forward (depends in...
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    Proper Saving and Loading Function in GM8

    I need a really good saving and loading code that can save the exact coordinates of the player when saved. All of the tutorials i have seen works only with studio and not 8. Can anyone suggest me a simple code to do this. Any help would be appreciated.