gm 2

  1. C

    Wrong layers depth

    So, i was adding tiles in the room, in the editor it shows the layers depth like this But when i test the game it shows like this I tried changing the layer deptjh but didn't work
  2. A

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] How to store variable in local variable in script

    Hi, My problem is how to use two local variables together. See b.i. ///@arg0 what_grid ///@arg1 what_path ///@arg2 what_circuit ///@arg3 what_stuff var n = 1, i = argument3, v = 0, b = 0; repeat(instance_number(object_index)) { var priq = ds_priority_create(); with(object_index)...
  3. rellmaker

    Question - IDE GMS 2 unresponsive when Macbook pro wakes up

    First I must mention, I have only recently started using GMS 2 after a hiatus of about 1 year. If I allow my Macbook to enter sleep mode, or close the laptop and open it later, the GMS2 GUI is unresponsive. This only seems to happen if a considerable amount of time elapses between closing the...
  4. Brillie Phan

    GMS 2 GMS 2 tearing problem [SOLVED]

    [Solved] What I did: I make the dragon shoot the fire bullet. Problem: If there is no background, it works perfect. Only when I add the background in, the problem in the image happens. The bullets or anything that "move" will be tearing. What I try to fix: I delete the background, I recreate...
  5. JND_3004

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Draw text on object doesnt work

    Hi Guys, In my script, two objects are placed in a desired position. After both have been placed, a text is to be generated. However, my text is never created. There are no error messages. All arguments are given and set. I hope you can help me on. My Code floorDefault_x = argument0...
  6. R

    GML [Solved] Using Variable Arrays but at a Constant Position? My Syntax is Wrong

    Hello all, I'm working on a Pokemon style collectimon turn based rpg. Where I'm new to GameMaker and programming in general I'm starting with a proof of concept combat engine and adding functionality as I go, right now two players can select a single monster each and, before I tried to iterate...
  7. T

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Problem with path_position, while, and x/y coordinates

    Hey guys! I stumbled upon a rather strange behavior of GMS2 regarding paths, path_position and x/y coordinates. Following scenario: I have an "obj_player" that can move 2D platformer style. A second object, called "obj_pathpos" (for path position) is assigned to path "pat_test". pat_test goes...
  8. Abobey

    [SOLVED] wall jumping

    Hi guys so I don't know if I need to learn more about what each function and variables do in GML before trying to create my own code but I'm trying to create a wall jump mechanism I tried this code but it does not work if (key_jump) && (place_meeting(x+1,y,oWall)) && place_meeting(x-1,y,oWall) {...
  9. C

    drawing objects on Camer X & Y after settings it from matrix_build_lookat

    hi guys, Im stuck! I have been doing some practice work and following some tutorials for smooth camera flow when following the player, However now I am trying to implement an inventory to the game. the problem I am running into is that by having a camera object that sets matrix_build_lookat and...
  10. N

    GMS 2 [Solved]Large Particle Systems - Most Efficient / Best Practices

    Large particle systems can use a lot of system resources, and easily course memory leaks. I'm trying to build a rain particle system, trying to build something efficient. My idea is to use part_emitter_region to update the position of the instance creating the rain, with coordinates based on...
  11. M

    HTML5 How do I publish my game to the Chrome Web Store?

    Hi Gamemaker Community! I am currently working with GM:2 HTML edition. I would like to publish my game to the chrome web store as an extension but I don't know how to run the game locally. If someone could please reply that would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  12. Kyrieru

    Question - Code Various orthographic issues

    Orthographic 3d has some issues... If you attempt to draw with draw_sprite_tiled, it doesn't work. If you attempt to make a background layer tiled (in the room editor), this happens (displays as if there is no background) Yet it can have a background with the same image but stretched...
  13. Kyrieru

    3D Disable 3d tile clipping?

    If I use orthographic, I can't seem to stop tiles from clipping. Any attempt to "zoom in" seems to result in clipping, what's a good tutorial or general practice for working with orthographic and tiles?
  14. Doggo

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Custom Controls?

    So, im trying to make a control menu so that you can change your controls. I have a script that checks for a input, then assigns it to a variable. I want to know how I can change the global.keyPressed variable to the keys that I listed, and the one the user pressed, and bring that value to a...
  15. THE_T_V1RUS

    HTML5 file_copy causes crash

    IDE: v2.2.3.436 Runtime: v2.2.3.344 Target: HTML5 I create a very small ini file in my game using ini functions. It contains a single section with one key in that section. I then want to simply copy that ini file so I have two with the exact same data but different names. I'm using the...
  16. T

    GMS 2 Help with tile collision

    Hi I keep having a problem with tile collision in game maker studio 2, I tried following this tutorial but it didn't work out. Is there a way to add multiple collision to different tile for example if I add one collision set to a tile and add another collision set to another layer of tiles. The...
  17. D

    GMS 2 Array bug (overridden values)

    Hi guys, basically i'm trying to make a random generated map containing some rooms linked to each other. One fragment of code is this: //Builds the base till the max height is reached for (k = 0; k < roomHeight; k++) { //Stores the...
  18. B

    Maths help needed for irandom

    I need some maths equation help. I've looked at many examples online but cant figure it out. I have a random number say irandom_range(0,100) however I need the distribution of randomness to change the higher the number so 100 has say 10 times less chance of being chosen and 50, 5 times. I could...
  19. G

    GMS 2 Multiple collisions: getting a value from one instance

    Hello everyone! In my game, the player object may happen to collide with multiple instances at the same time. All of those instances come from a same object, but some of them may carry different values for the same variable. What I need to do is to take the highest of all those values and to...
  20. Cyndi

    GML How to approach making rpg battles (NOT ABOUT BATTLE SYSTEM)

    Hi! I'm creating an RPG type game, and I have a question, though it isn't about creating a system. I would like to know how to approach actually holding a battle without losing my room data. From what I know (which might be wrong, I'm relatively new to GM2), everything that happens in a room...