gm 1.4

  1. O

    View is Causing Grid Lines?

    Hey guys, I'm doing an RPG style game in Game Maker 1.4. I've got a problem with my view making noticeable grid lines when I enable it: Has anyone encountered this problem before? It's as if my tile set isn't fitting together perfectly but I know this isn't the case because it doesn't happen...
  2. id07

    Asset - Extension help with Video Player for GMS 1.4

    I recently downloaded this video player by Lonewolff, here: When I follow the directions, I get the following errors: ___________________________________________...
  3. id07

    Scaling character sprite questions (beginner)

    Looking for some help with the coding of a game. I have a sprite for a small rpg test im working on, and what I'd like to do, is, make the sprite grow when the player pushes the down (simulating as if they are coming at the camera) and get small when the play presses up (simulating when the...
  4. Y

    Legacy GM Collision,Attack System

    Hello Need help 1. i set ai red is enemy but than touche me dont dmg me only than i push him with movment 2. this black is "Sword" this black spawning other side after this going on mouse side
  5. Tofu Heavy Industries

    Issue with 'Simple' View Resizing

    Im trying to recreate the effect some fighting games have, where when you back away from your opponent and the screen 'appears' to get larger (Example: Samurai Showdown II). Except i'll only be doing it on the X scale. Scaling the players works fine, but i'm having trouble with the screen...
  6. darijs1

    Legacy GM Lengthdir_x and y problem.

    ive tried a lot of things here, but i couldnt figure it out. im trying to have a wx and wy follow my car at a certain position with the old lengthdir method, but it only seems to get more and more out of place, the more i keep trying. currently im using: step event in car: wx = x +...
  7. darijs1

    Legacy GM (Noobishly solved) Top down platform, carrying a box object when colliding.

    Theres a moving platform which can rotate and move around. As the platform passes over (or in this case, under) the box object, the box should stay on the platform and be carried to where ever the platform goes, staying perfectly in place on the platform. I have no idea how to write the code...
  8. darijs1

    Legacy GM xscale & yscale based on distance to mouse

    Since i recently figured out how to auto tile based on an objects xscale and yscale, i decided to try and make my own room editor within the game. My problem is that i cant figure out how the get a perfect object scale from its original position to the mouse Any ideas on how this can be done in...
  9. darijs1

    Legacy GM Auto tile placement, inside an object.

    Im trying to save a couple of seconds of my time, by having an object which would automatically fill itself with tiles. for example: I would put the auto tiling object in my room, and then stretch it across where i want the tiles to fill. I have no idea how to make such a thing, any help would...
  10. R

    Legacy GM No Marketplace tab?

    Hello! I'm using the most recent version of Game Maker Studio 1.4, and the "Marketplace" tab seems to be missing. This means I can't get access to a bunch of 1.4 assets that I spent a good amount of money on. Was this intentionally removed from 1.4, or is there something else I need to do to...
  11. Fabseven

    Monster throwing a boulder ...? how ?

    Hello there, Still programming with gamemaker 1.49999 , I am thinking of a new project. Started to draw some ideas and asked myself what could be wrong in dev.... I got one at least. Given i use a physical room, so gravity will apply, how can a monster lift up a boulder in the ground and then...
  12. Edwin

    Legacy GM [Likely Solved] Draw shadow in front of the certain object?

    How to make a shader or surface thing that draws shadow only in front of the certain object? I made this example, but it's not what I want, because shadow draws only when moon object collides with earth object: Please help!
  13. G

    drawing lines between two moving objects

    so in my game,I have two squares that are both rotating at the same rate,also one of the squares is moving in a circle around the other square and when I draw a line from each corner the line just up match up,but if I remove its rotating aspect the line and the corners line up.
  14. B

    Server app crashes when client apps closes.

    I made a game with a server-client system. I made them as separated apps. When I try closing the client app, it also makes the server crash. How can I fix them? Ps : Server itself always sends data to clients without checking client responsiveness.
  15. L

    Legacy GM using buffer with var scope

    let say i put var some_buffer = ds_map_find_value(async_load,"buffer"); in network async event, should i delete the some_buffer variable everytime at the end of network async event to prevent memory leaks? i noted that when i delete it, it will cause illegal buffer error sometime
  16. Edwin

    GML How to find out all values in the array as one function?

    How to find out all values in the array as one function? For example: I made an array that will keep objects that can collide player. solidObject[0] = oWall; solidObject[1] = oBox; I want to make collision with all these objects in "solidObject" array but not separately. if...
  17. BlueBurn

    Alpha BBP [PRE-ALPHA] - 3D Online FPS

    Screenshots: Current features: Cross-platform online multiplayer Online account and statistics Leveling system In-game currency (GP) Daily missions for extra GP Store with skins, consumables and other items Multiple game modes to choose from, like deathmatch, capture the flag, domination...
  18. darijs1

    (solved) object creator id not working.

    i have an object for which i want to create an instance based trail. heres what ive attempted: in the step event of the creation object: var child = instance_create(x,y,obj_goretrail); child.owner=id; the problem is, when i try to give the trail the same image index as the owners,like so: in...
  19. RekNepZ

    Introduce Yourself

    Introduce yourself to the rest of the community! If you're not sure what to say, here's a guide (use as much of it as you choose) Username: Old GMC Username: Other usernames from past and present: Name: Age: Where you're from: How long you've been using Game Maker: Any cool games you've made...
  20. G

    surface messing with text

    so I added a particle system that uses surfaces and it work fine,but the issue is that my text that i have drawn on the screen just turns into two blocks