gm 1.4

  1. tamation

    Gamemaker resource tree is lagging [1.499]

    Hey all My game is running fine once it starts, zero lag, everything runs as it should. All good there. The problem is that gamemaker itself is lagging, in the resource tree specifically. If I need to choose a new object to place in a room from the drop down menu, it takes MULTIPLE clicks to...
  2. royer14

    GML how to create animation in scale

    Hello, I have an Object Obj_box Now I have created a 64x64 sprite and what I want is that in step event the animation is similar to the one in the image below Well I do not want to use so many sprites for the animation and my goal is to do it with gml, could you help me? var scale = 1.4 while...
  3. B

    HTML5 How to save image / send to printing?

    Gamemaker 1.4 Due HTML5 doesn't support surfaces how to implement saving of an image file with a whole room look? Is it possible to send something from application to printing..?
  4. BulleTech Studios

    Question - Uploading [SOLVED] GMS 1.4 support for existing Marketplace assets?

    As the thread title suggests, is it at all possible for us developers with GMS 1.4 assets on the Marketplace to support these assets with further updates, or should all GMS 1.4 assets on the Marketplace be considered not-supported anymore? Apologies if this has been asked before, I've been...
  5. N

    Question about publishing and licencing

    Hello everyone, I have game maker studio 1.4 that I downloaded for free from steam. I am confused about licencing so just want to ask : am I allowed to publish free/paid games with this steam version of game maker? Thanks in advance :D
  6. RyanC

    Android Strange FATAL EXCEPTION error when exporting to Android

    I've been getting strange errors when exporting to Android lately and was wondering if anyone knows what this is? The game still builds and runs OK but depending on which device I export to there's a different error. This one has something to do with, what has...
  7. Michael Stearns

    Legacy GM audio_sound_set_track_position jumping to wrong position

    Hello :) I have created a system for making looping songs following the guide from Pixelated Pope and it works great! However, following the same guide, I created a little helper to make it easier to ensure everything sounded right, so the song would jump forward to shortly before the "loop...
  8. mb10

    Android [SOLVED] "BUILD FAILED" after cleaning cache.

    So running my game on Android was working fine until i mistakenly clicked the clean cache icon and suddenly i started getting "BUILD FAILED" error after a minute of trying to run. While GM is trying to run the game it seems to be stuck at this: FastCreate started: 00:55:38 FastCreate End File...
  9. Blueoriontiger

    Legacy GM Calling Script Twice to Generate Multiple Families of Objects?

    Hello, Long story short, I have a tile-matching game that gets its data from a JSON file, as an array. When one enters the playing area, a script generates the play area as an object from the JSON, creating the area where the player can drag the right tiles to the correct spot. The datasets...
  10. R

    Legacy GM Networking Lag Spikes

    I am attempting to make my first networking game on GM, but I am having large lag spikes very frequently. In my code the client sends the sever the current_time, server sends back that time, and client compares that to the current_time, giving me my ping. The game is running at 60fps (both...
  11. yvodlyn

    Legacy GM Move To Previous Step

    Hello, In all Sokoban games, there is a system where the character can step back on those steps before and move forward on those steps. I'd like to introduce this same concept into my game, but I can not imagine how to do this. I wonder if anyone could guide me. Thank you so much!
  12. C

    Legacy GM Level unlocking system

    Hello everyone. Well, as it is in the title I am intending to make a system sismples of unlocking levels, in addition to unlock saving in an .ini file. Guys, help me, please. Thank you!
  13. royer14

    GML how to save and load the position "x,y" the player?

    Hello, in this question, I am working with ini files, so to save, I use: ini_open("sav.ini"); ini_write_real("Posicion","X",obj_player.x); ini_write_real("Posicion","Y",obj_player.y); ini_close(); Now I need to clarify that I use a player object and I place it in each room. So I do not know how...
  14. Tofu Heavy Industries

    Job Offer - Artist Pixel Artist Wanted - classic Final Fantasy 1ish sprites in a futuristic setting [POSITION FILLED]

    Hi there, Looking for an artist to do some futuristic tiles and robot sprites for me in the style of Final Fantasy 1 (or just standard older NES games). 8bit low-color sprites/tiles preferred over 16bit color (for the time being). Experience is great, but i'm totally willing to take someone...
  15. Let's Clone

    Need help changing room size..

    Hey all! I've seen this question asked before, but never with a solid answer or with a requirement to actually have multiple room sizes. I am currently making a Minesweeper clone that I will be making a tutorial series for on my YouTube channel. I have nearly completed the clone, save for the...
  16. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Debug window only allows one instance and breaks when debugging multiple projects at the same time

    I am not 100% sure if this is still a problem, it may have been fixed, though I doubt it. When I was working with networking, I'm ought to use a client and a server for testing, even multiple servers. This requires multiple projects, and sometimes even for multiple debuggers. But because of...
  17. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Compiler slotting and display is laggy and broken

    Am I the only one to notice this? It seems when you move the compiler, blue arrows appear where it will be moved to, but flicker when you move your mouse while holding it down, and seems to lag behind the display of where it will be placed. Moreover, if you hold out the compiler from its...
  18. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Can GM not create its own ini files?

    It seems like all it does is copy an ini file to then include it in the game editor (engine), and when including files, it can get a bit broken if you're including, say, an empty template file, as it points to the file you selected, and then creates a copy after saving and exiting, and in the...
  19. id07

    Switching views if object exist

    Looking for input/advice, as I can't get this to work. In create event: if object_exists(x, y, obj_enemy_battle_attack) { { view_visible[0] = false view_visible[1] = true } else { view_visible[0] = true view_visible[1] = false } I dropped this into the room as a "view controller" object. My...
  20. id07

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Choose creating multiple instance instead of just 1 of 3

    Hello - hoping someone can tell me where I'm going wrong with Choose. ----This is what I have----- Create Event: Variable: battle_sequence = 0 code in create event: battle_sequence = choose (obj_battle_sequence1,obj_battle_sequence2,obj_battle_sequence3); if battle_sequence =...