gm 1.4

  1. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Icon movement

    Hello, I'm creating a survival game and I have a crafting system, but when I move with the inventory open the crafting image has a delay or something (See images, I cant upload a video so the three images are taken one after the other and the images where taken when I was walking to the left)...
  2. tamation

    See if a string contains a substring from a set of words

    I have a ds_list full of words I want to check for, I know that you can use string_count to see if a certain substring appears in a string, but is there a way to set it up so that I can check for if any phrases in the ds_list appears in the string without manually checking each one individually?
  3. tamation

    Remove last character from a string

    I'm really struggling with setting typing limitations right now. Ideally I'd like to have it so that once the player's keyboard_string exceeds a width of 248 pixels, they can't type anything else to add to the string until some characters have been removed. I couldn't figure out how to stop...
  4. tamation

    Forcing a line break with draw_text_ext for strings without spaces?

    I have a system in place right now where the player can type out a string, it reads the keyboard_string input and draws it with draw_text_ext, with the width set to the length of the textbox. It works great, except for when it's spammed with a string with no spaces, then the line break doesn't...
  5. tamation

    audio_play_sound just not working?

    Really strange error here, it's been happening the last few days with this prototype and it's never happened to me before, really confused here. When trying to play a sound with audio_play_sound, sometimes it just...doesn't work? I'll add a sound called snd_door for example, set it up with the...
  6. Jam373

    Legacy GM Drawing Priority Queues and other data structures

    So I started prototyping a turn based shooter and needed a way to store actions that take mutiple turns to complete. I thought Priority Queues would work for this, but am now running into trouble using them. My question is, how would I easily draw to the screen every entry of my priority queue...
  7. Antikore

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] sprite_save is not saving sprites

    I'm actually making a game. When you play it, at the start, a starting code runs for creating base files and stuff that will be needed when you're in the game. While all things work properly I think, the part that I save a few sprites to one of the folders isn't working. These files are saved on...
  8. K

    GM studio 1.4

    Please answer this . Is it still possible to create games in Gm studio 1.4 and upload in Google play and to pass the level 28 api requirements ? If yes please any Guide of needed sdk and other configurations ?
  9. royer14

    Android how to display the virtual keyboard with gms 1.4

    Use Game Maker Studio 1.4 and portable phones. Hi I had tried using get_string(str, def); //error obtain --> obsolete I have got an error that the code is very obsolete :eek: and has recommended me to use get_string_async(string, default); //return real but this returns a numerical value Is...
  10. T

    GML How to share the path function to multiple objects ?

    I want to make a path function in a parent object so the child object could use it to.I've tried many things but it seems the path function could only apply to one object at a time. Luckily i've stumbled upon this tutorial: If you don't have the patient i'll expain: Basically the guy told...
  11. royer14

    Legacy GM how to send and receive sql data

    Hi, I have had this doubt for a long time and my goal is only to store, for example, game scores in a sql or mysql database. I have the following commands in sql. 1) mysql.connector.connect(host="", database="yvrcdG", user="yvdG",password="hdE7W",port=3306) 2) "UPDATE...
  12. Enreeper

    Legacy GM [Solved] if String = otherString not working !

    Hi, I have an Problem. i Have written an Car Ai Test Game Were Cars Race each other. but you have to open it in Multiply Windows thats not the Problem. The Problem is that i have to click on start on each of them. but if i do that they startet at different times. Now i want that all Cars...
  13. Hamdy Elzonqali

    [Solved] How to get the name of next room ?

    As title says I want to know the next room name I tried - room_next(room) - room + 1 still no luck Edit: room_get_name(room + 1) works fine
  14. tamation

    Gamemaker not registering clicks in the resource tree

    I posted about this a few months ago, and it's rather annoying because I'm really not sure what causes this issue, and some days GameMaker is working perfectly fine, and other days it's completely unusable. The basic premise of my issue is that GameMaker is a bit funny when it comes to...
  15. F

    Legacy GM Movement while in textbox bug.

    Okay so there is a variable that controls when the player can move, but I also have four other variables that control it, is there a way to make them not conflict each other? I can provide code if needed.
  16. NeZvers

    Legacy GM How useful is GM:S 1.4 ?

    I have licenses for desktops, html5, Android, iOS. Can I still publish to them? I've upgraded to GM:S 2 but that doesn't carry over licenses and got me down. I now feel more confident about developing and have solid ideas for real publishable games and that's where I start to worry about 1.4...
  17. Kezarus

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Spine 3.7 and GM Studio 1.4

    Hi, Oh god, I think I screw up big time... I updated my Spine to 3.7 and I am using GM Studio 1.4. I can't import any skeletons anymore. I tried to down grade my Spine to 3.6 or 3.4, reverted my spine backups and nothing... Can any one help please? o.o Spine Error : Spine : Multiple atlas...
  18. P

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Setting up for YYC? Where do I get SDK and Visual Studio?

    1.It's not clear what version of Visual Studio and SDK are needed to run YYC in GM:S 1.4. 2.It's not clear where to get them. In this thread some people say you need Visual Studio 2012, and some think it's 2015...
  19. tamation

    [FIXED] Change spacing between text?

    I have an established custom font with font_add_sprite, it's proportional and the separation is set to 1. The actual size of the sprite is 3x5 for all characters, and because of this whenever a space occurs in text, for example "Hello World", the space itself takes up 5 pixels, three for the...
  20. Doggo

    Legacy GM View Problem

    So I am using GM 1.4 and I'm trying to do like one of those FNAF camera flip thing. Now since the room is bigger then the camera and I'm using a view(view 0) to look around. I don't want the player to look around as they are looking at the camera. So I made a whole new view(view 1) and switched...