gm 1.2

  1. K

    Legacy GM What's up with this playerachievementcache.dat?

    Just, what's up with it? Why does it create itself in the game folder in local appdata? And how do I make sure it removes itself when it closes the game? (which is also when it creates the file)
  2. P

    [HELP] I want to replace an object with another when clicked at.

    I made a script: when I click at the selected object it replaces it with another object. However, It doesnt work and I am a complete beginner at GML. Can you please explain what I'm doing wrong and show me exactly? Script: if mouse_check_button(mb_left) { if position_meeting(mouse_x...
  3. Enreeper

    GML Object is not moving[SOLVED]

    i have written a code that let you choose how fast it is and in wich direction it goes, but the object wont move. here´s my code obj_WallMoving MiddleMouseRealesed: move_direction=get_string("Type in the direction","") move_speed=get_string("Type in the speed","") Step: ///check if level...
  4. O

    GMS 2 How do I make a variable hold it's current value in one instance and have it change in another?

    I'm having a script basically repeat itself to draw text in a certain way but when I try to have it run the text won't be placed right create _x[0-3] _X = 0 script draw_text(_x[_X], y, "text"); so what happens is the word goes flying across the screen or is stuck in a loop when I program _X...
  5. O

    GMS 2 need help with health bar

    I want to make it so that as hp goes down the health bar gets shorter but when I tried to make that happen it reduced the image from the left and right into the center. Is there a way to anchor the left side of this sprite so the it will reduce from right to left.
  6. Let's Clone

    Tetris Clone Tutorial is up!

    GM Version: 1.4 Target Platform: Windows/Mac OSX Download: N/A Links: (Assets) Summary: Welcome to Let's Clone! I've been working hard to finish up Tetris so I can start uploading this clone tutorial, and the time is...