global game jam

  1. BluishGreenPro

    HTML5 The Little Brazier (GGJ 2021 Entry) A 5-minute bedtime story

    A short ~5 minute interactive fiction about a Little Brazier that loses his light. Friendly for all ages, and in fact, was made as a bedtime story. [Play it on] Controls: Move / alternate dialogue options: WASD / Arrow Keys / Left Joystick Talk: Space / Gamepad-South Mute / Unmute...
  2. Kultisti

    Free Midnight Cartridge

    you found an old cartridge from the forest and decided to plug it in it's so dark that you can't see, so you might have to listen... made Midnight Cartridge last weekend with my friend sulo in 48 hours as an entry for global game jam 21 ^^ you can try it out here: [ Midnight Cartridge ]
  3. F

    Windows BOON GlobalGameJam game

    This is the game that me and my team, Ingrid Nery Mendes and Lourenço Odlaniger have developed in 48 hours, following the 2019's theme: "What do you understand by home". This game is easy to play and has the objective to make the player think about what is going and his understanding of home and...
  4. W

    Free Crystal Conduit

    Hi everyone my name is Brandon, I wanted to show a game that a programmer and I worked on for the Global Game Jam 2018 (I'm aware that I'm late to show this game here, lol) It's a simple puzzle platformer where we took the concept of transportation and focused on the idea of carrying the...