1. PocketForge

    Android Healthbar visual glitches.

    Sry for bad english. Hello everyone. I have a small indie game for android in which I often use healthbars, but in several devices that healthbar often breaks and deforms. How i can fix it?
  2. Adam Mansour

    Warp between rooms puts me in Coordinates before transition..

    As I said in the title.. I cant warp to a level because before this happens, the warp instance will set me to the coordinates in the room Im currently in. (intended is that the warp sets me there after I went to the next room) I tried putting the coordinates into the End Step, hoping that this...
  3. T

    Purchased as gift but got download in MY email

    So I just bought the developer license for my fiance and its supposed to be as a gift but I got an email with a download-link. Did the website screw up or can i just forward that email to my fiance? I just dropped 99 bucks for this and am kind of annoyed that this happened.
  4. P

    My game had no issues, next time I run it a random issue pops up

    I was using a marketplace extension for a top down shooter, and i added a draw event to draw your score. There was one line of code saying: 'Score: ' and one more saying 'string(global.score)' It worked fine, and a few weeks later when i ran it it said In Object oPlayer, in Event...
  5. Tthecreator

    Discussion debugger glitches

    Okay, most of you will have most likely already experienced the "<unknown>" variables glitch. However, today my debugger decided to take all of that a whole step further: Just some weird glitching I wanted to share, nothing more. Has anyone experienced the same thing?