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  1. G

    There's a bug in my game and I have tried everything to fix it.

    Hi there, So I'm using game maker for an assignment I have to do for my IT class, so I'm pretty new to the software. I love how easy it is to use and how quickly you can make a game with it. However, I cannot seem to get rid of this game-breaking bug in my game. My game is called 'Package...
  2. Son-Benji

    Question - Code Shaders not working correctly after import from 1.4

    Hi, can someone please give me a little assistance? I’ve made a game with gamemaker 1.4, and had to convert the file to be compatible with gamemaker studio 2 (for mobile release). I have colour swap shaders that worked perfectly before, but now they give me this effect/result. What is it...
  3. D

    GMS 2.3+ Glitched-looking sprite after deleting associated tileset.

    Step 1) Assign a sprite to a tileset. Disable export is selected. Step 2) Delete that tileset Step 3) Use that sprite in a room. It can be attached to any object. The sprite looks glitched now, like a black/white checkerboard pattern - but only when running the game. The sprite in the room...