1. DrScoop

    Question - IDE Source Control with GitHub and the dreaded YYP file

    Hello all, I have a problem when trying to merge branches for my game project. Me and my team work very independently, and a lot of the time they will pull any particular commit from the Master branch, push a ton of commits to it on their own branch, and then present their branch back to me for...
  2. LeonDr

    Question - IDE Cannot push to Github anymore - GitHub Login Dialog does not work

    I understand that there were some changes on GitHub that required changes to GameMaker Studio. So I recently upgraded to the latest version of GameMaker IDE: However, when I want to push my changes I get this new GitHub Login Dialog. When I provide my GitHub credentials, nothing...
  3. KironDevCoder

    Development Integration with Github Actions?

    On Github I have 2 repositories for my marketplace assets, but I was wondering if it'd be possibly to check a script for syntax errors and other errors and warnings, like I have in another repository for another project:
  4. S

    Windows Resource load failures encountered after clone from github

    there have two branches in my github repository .First of all i pushed the code in the secondary branch then merged it with the primary branch .After merge when i cloned it and tried to run it displayed error .
  5. JasrielKraftuur

    SOLVED Changing the Repository of a project and Updating Gamemaker Studio 2

    Hi! I've been trying to figure out how to upload my project to Github for the past week but I keep getting stopped on the same step everywhere. I've looked at several different sites, and they all say to create an external repository first, then you can upload your project to the repository...
  6. Y

    GMS 2.3+ LibGit2Sharp Exception when trying to make Variable Definition for Object

    I keep getting this error whenever I type one letter when trying to create a new variable for an object. New to GameMaker Studio so any ideas?
  7. masmaster123

    GMS 2 The Case Of The Disappearing Brushes

    Hello everyone, I have the most interesting case of disappearing brushes. For some odd reason every time I close GameMakerStudio 2 my brushes disappear. I don't know if this is because I am switching between two different version. (I have both the steam desktop version and stand alone downloaded...
  8. Slothagami

    GMS 2.3+ Gamemaker Crashes on load

    It started this morning, it was working fine, and my computer unexpectedly shut down, and after that every time I try to open gamemaker it crashes while it's loading. I recently installed Git, and that may have something to do with the problem, loading stops on 'Source Control status' (see the...
  9. samspade

    GML Git and Github for GameMaker

    GM Version: All (2.3) Target Platform: All Download: None Links: YouTube Playlist Summary: A tutorial series focused on understanding Git and Github and how to use them with GameMaker. While I will be using GameMaker Sutdio 2.3, the basic concepts will be applicable to all versions of...
  10. S

    Windows Git:ImportProject: Source Control Import Failed

    Hi, and thanks in advance. Trying desperately to get source control working, but whenever I try to import project into repository I get this error message and nothing happens. Git:ImportProject: Source Control Import Failed The repository is on github and is currently empty. No information...
  11. N

    Question - IDE Not able to get remote source control working...?

    Hi everyone, I've just started working with GameMaker Studio 2, and so far it's gone pretty well. :-) Though I've followed the help instructions to enable source control and have created a local repo OK, I haven't yet managed to set this up to push the local project repo out to a remote github...
  12. samspade

    GMS 2 Using Github and Source Control

    I've been using git and github as backups for awhile, but they were initially so difficult to work (at least in part to me not understanding how things work) that my main backup method was just copy the whole file into a separate repo rather than directly connect the GMS 2 folder to git hub...
  13. Donald Harris

    GMS 2 GitHub and GitIgnore

    So I am using github with me and a few other folks. I was wondering if it was okay to ignore the changes in the file options_main.inherited.yy Also if you have any other files that I should ignore please let me know.
  14. csanyk

    Version control - should there be a .gitignore for GMS1 and GMS2?

    I use github for my version control solution. When I create a new repository, there's an option to set a .gitignore appropriate to the dev tool or language that I'm using. Of course, GameMaker Studio isn't one of the options. How can I define a .gitignore that would be appropriate for GMS1...
  15. Donald Harris

    GMS 2 Source Control should I use internal or GHDesktop?

    So my team has expanded to 3 people. And on my first merge I spent the better half of a day fixing conflicts on the new branch. I was able to get everything cleaned up by the use of SourceTree and GitHub Desktop. SourceTree has a conflict editor built in. My question is how good is the built-in...
  16. Cloaked Games

    Question - IDE [Solved] Room Vanishing from IDE List

    So... I have no real idea how to explain this, but basically one of the rooms in my game has vanished from the list. It is named "rm_forest_kendlith". Here is a picture of the rooms folders: As you can see, it is not there. But here is where it gets weird. I can still go to and visit the...
  17. K

    Can I use GitHub while using exstensions

    Can I use Github while using extensions from the marketplace? I want to make my game open source (I'm using GoogleAnalytics and GooglePlayServices)
  18. Kaliam

    Windows (git) Push Error: user cancelled certificate check:

    I can't seem to push my projects to git when using the built in gms2 interfaces. I am trying to push to a private project and I have entered all of my credentials and url into the Authentication section of the git plugin preferences. I have tried using both of the git url forms to no avail...
  19. Zhanghua

    How to Cease the github backup

    It's much more stucking during saving project times later. So I reset the github setting in preference and restart the IDE, But It seems no meaning to recovery.... Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. B

    Question - IDE How to push to a different branch?

    I'm not sure if GMS2 has this capability but I can't seem to find any good tutorials on how to commit to a different branch so me and a buddy of mine can work on our own versions. Can anyone point me in the right direction?