1. samspade

    GML Git and Github for GameMaker

    GM Version: All (2.3) Target Platform: All Download: None Links: YouTube Playlist Summary: A tutorial series focused on understanding Git and Github and how to use them with GameMaker. While I will be using GameMaker Sutdio 2.3, the basic concepts will be applicable to all versions of...
  2. C

    GMS 2.3+ Source Control (Git) For Small Teams

    A few weeks ago, some friends and I were working on a project for a game jam. We set up a repository on Github. However, the further into the project we got the more conflicts we were running into, specifically with the .yyp file. For instance, two people on the team were adding assets at the...
  3. P

    Version control, GIT, collaborative coding best practices or tips?

    Hi! We are three persons working on the same game, all of us are working as developers as our normal day-time jobs are having game development as hobbies. Normally in modern application development, the version control system is often GIT and process goes something like this: Pull latest...
  4. Robzoid

    Source control between Mac and PC

    So I've been working on a GameMaker 2 project for a while with a friend of mine. We both have PCs and use source control/Git to push/pull our changes back and forth. I've been thinking about getting a Mac. Does anyone know if it'd be possible to push/pull changes back and forth between a Mac and...
  5. S

    Windows Git:ImportProject: Source Control Import Failed

    Hi, and thanks in advance. Trying desperately to get source control working, but whenever I try to import project into repository I get this error message and nothing happens. Git:ImportProject: Source Control Import Failed The repository is on github and is currently empty. No information...
  6. N

    Question - IDE Not able to get remote source control working...?

    Hi everyone, I've just started working with GameMaker Studio 2, and so far it's gone pretty well. :-) Though I've followed the help instructions to enable source control and have created a local repo OK, I haven't yet managed to set this up to push the local project repo out to a remote github...
  7. Brenden

    Legacy GM Source control with git [Solved]

    I followed a tutorial from the official GM:S page, finished but when I add all resources from source control box I get an error in the compiler window "fatal: not a git repository (or any...
  8. samspade

    GMS 2 Using Github and Source Control

    I've been using git and github as backups for awhile, but they were initially so difficult to work (at least in part to me not understanding how things work) that my main backup method was just copy the whole file into a separate repo rather than directly connect the GMS 2 folder to git hub...
  9. DarklinkFighter

     Git Diff & Mergetool - Jetbrains IDEA Support (IntelliJ)

    Hi, I tried to setup an External Diff & Mergetool in GMS2 (in my case Jetbrains IDEA IntelliJ) because I love the usabillity and look of it. At first I struggled a bit and had to use the GMS2 Documentation to find out how the File Variable names are. This could be improved by displaying the...
  10. Jack S

    Android Custom Runtime Merges

    Hi everyone, I have a odd question that relates more to GIT and using it with GMS source than GMS specific. For the last year we have run a custom runtime on android for deep firebase integration and a few other quality of life features for our project. What I'm wondering is if their is a...
  11. csanyk

    Version control - should there be a .gitignore for GMS1 and GMS2?

    I use github for my version control solution. When I create a new repository, there's an option to set a .gitignore appropriate to the dev tool or language that I'm using. Of course, GameMaker Studio isn't one of the options. How can I define a .gitignore that would be appropriate for GMS1...
  12. matharoo

    Question - IDE How can I disable the source control icons?

    I have a project that is a git repository. I manage it using Git GUI, so I don't use GMS2 for the source control. It still shows the icons: How can I remove those? I couldn't find a related option in the preferences. I have not enabled SCM in GMS2, it automatically detected the git...
  13. Donald Harris

    GMS 2 Source Control should I use internal or GHDesktop?

    So my team has expanded to 3 people. And on my first merge I spent the better half of a day fixing conflicts on the new branch. I was able to get everything cleaned up by the use of SourceTree and GitHub Desktop. SourceTree has a conflict editor built in. My question is how good is the built-in...
  14. K

    Can I use GitHub while using exstensions

    Can I use Github while using extensions from the marketplace? I want to make my game open source (I'm using GoogleAnalytics and GooglePlayServices)
  15. B

    Question - IDE How to push to a different branch?

    I'm not sure if GMS2 has this capability but I can't seem to find any good tutorials on how to commit to a different branch so me and a buddy of mine can work on our own versions. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  16. T

    Discussion GIT with GMS 2

    We were using git with GMS 1.4 and it was working good and all as expected. Then we switched to GMS 2 and as you can see, there are tons of file changes from the "views" folder, I guess this folder has somthing to do with GM UI stuffs? (which I don't really care about in my git project) have...
  17. M

    Question - IDE SCM questions

    1) Can anyone shed some light on what the Diff option is intended for within the Git plugin settings window? 2) Can anyone recommend a git merge tool? Thanks!
  18. Aaron Craig

    GMS 2 Using Source Control In GMS 2

    GM Version: Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows Download: N/A Links: Get Git -- Create an account at bitbucket -- Summary: I go over setting up Source Control inside of GameMaker Studio 2. I cover why to use it, what you need to download, how to get it...
  19. Daniel Mallett

    Question - IDE Source control trouble

    I'm desperately hoping someone can help me with setting up source control in game maker 2. Firstly I checked out some youtube videos on how to do this. However everyone seems to be bypassing game maker by installing a 3rd party client for there PC, pointing there save directory to the...
  20. B

    Question - IDE branching with GIT version control

    Hi, I'm no expert with using GIT but I'd like to try and using branching in my GMS2 projects. I'm using the inbuilt GIT support in the IDE. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any information about how to do branching with it though. Does anyone know if it's possible; and how? Thanks