1. S

    GMS 2 [Grid-Based] What is the most efficient way to create a ghost/preview of potential movement?

    I am currently using IDE V2.2.2.413 Hello everyone! I am quite new to GML, and doing a lot of experimentation, and toying around to understand how all the moving parts work. I have spent quite a lot of time in the past few days doing my best to problem solve, and find solutions to my roadblocks...
  2. Widget

    Windows Polterheist (Jam Game) page here! Just download and it's playable. Instructions included in-game. --- Game jam theme: Seeing is Believing Time allocated: 48 hours --- Everything was made by myself aside from music. 'Rebel With Dangerous Ideas' is from the album 'evereffervescent' by HALLEY LABS.
  3. A

    GML Multiplayer System WITH GHOST BUGS

    Hey, i tryid to create a multiplayer system, while watching a video tutorial on youtube. On the end of 2nd part the youtuber tested and it goes without problems, i got a small bug that im trying to solve about 3 h ago... i install the youtuber version and he does not have the same bug that i...
  4. Ferrettomato

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] instance_exists still detects destroyed objects?

    I'm using instance_exists(obj_player) (where obj_player is the name of the player's object resource) to see if there's an instance of the player in the room so I know when to respawn them, but it seems to be returning true even when I've called instance_destroy and removed the player from the...
  5. G


    It's finally here! Take your ghosts through an ominous and thrilling adventure when they enter Psycho Maze, the final Ghost Hitch area, which features: » A Scenario Based on Hitchcock's Classic «Psycho» » 10 Brand New Levels » 1 New Playable Character » 2 New Special Powers » 1 Evil Boss...
  6. TheOakNuggins

    GMS 2 How to Remove Motion Blur/ Jitteriness?

    I've always had this problem and I can't figure out how to remove it. I'm using very basic movement code, R - L = hspd etc. I've scaled the game already, it works at several resolutions. The recording shows the lowest resolution (which should be the crispest)
  7. Bingdom

    GMC Jam Diverge [Post Jam]

    Created by: @Bingdom, @Iodinex64, @KrotoR You were always an unusual child; lonely, quiet. Never had many friends, but always so curious and inquisitive. Unbeknownst to you, a watchful eye was kept for all these years on you until you approached your pitiful young adulthood; lonely and sad. One...
  8. G

    Released Spooky Boo [Android / iOS ]

    Hi! I would like to hear your feedback :) Spooky Boo Download for free Android: iOS: Scare spooky ghosts away. Armed only with a flashlight. Spooky Boo...
  9. G

    Free Ghost Hitch is now available for Windows!

    My very first game Ghost Hitch was released last year exclusively for Android devices, but now it is finally available for download for Windows! Different platform, but the same kind of fun! In Ghost Hitch, you must guide a group of ghosts through colorful levels to save all the kidnapped baby...
  10. D

    (SOLVED) How can I make the player take control of an enemy?

    In the game I'm making I want the player to be able to take control of an enemy for example you would posses that enemy and move around as the enemy you have possessed, but i'm not sure how to go about it, I thought I would ask here first for some suggestions. Would it be possible with a "with"...
  11. Misu

    GMC Jam Deadly Desire - Post Version

    Everyone is gone, including your parents. You are all alone and don't know what has happened. You play as a boy who searches for his parents along with some friends on the path to seeking the truth. This extremely short adventure was made by GhostlyFeline and Me (Misu) for the GMC Jam. This...
  12. G

    Android Ghost Hitch

    The Ghost Squad needs your help to rescue the kidnapped baby ghosts, so keep reading! :eek: I am from Portugal and this is Ghost Hitch, my first game for mobile devices. Ghost Hitch is a puzzle game in which you have to guide ghosts through very colorful and fun levels, skipping obstacles...