1. F

    Windows BOON GlobalGameJam game

    This is the game that me and my team, Ingrid Nery Mendes and Lourenço Odlaniger have developed in 48 hours, following the 2019's theme: "What do you understand by home". This game is easy to play and has the objective to make the player think about what is going and his understanding of home and...
  2. Dragon47

    Free Gerridae (2D puzzle platformer fit for speedrunning)

    Gerridae Download: This was my team's entry for Global Game Jam 2017, a 48 hour game jam where the theme was "waves". It is a 2D puzzle platformer consisting of 6 levels where you play as a water strider manipulating water to make...
  3. D

    Windows Echo Away - a mix of stealth and rythm. [GGJ 2017]

    Echo Away is a puzzle game in which you have to be stealthy and feel the beat. The main character uses echolocation to overcome it's blindness, but sometimes using it can be harmful. The game was my entry for Global Game Jam 2017, which's theme were Waves. Download Link...