1. matharoo

    Asset - Graphics sprite_getpixel (Sprite Pixel Data)

    Matharoo presents... sprite_getpixel sprite_getpixel() gets the color of a sprite's pixel. • Returns the data in an array, in RGBA order. • Values are in the 0-255 range. • Uses buffers, which are fast! • Automatically handles buffer creation & usage, so it only has to go through the...
  2. S

    Legacy GM draw_getpixel on tablet

    Using draw_getpixel(x,y) is working fine on desktop but returns (mostly) empty on my tablet. It *sometimes* seems to be picking from 1/10th of the screen left from where I touched, which leads me to believe its something to do with scaling, but turning that off didn't change the result. I read...
  3. Misu

    Asset - Scripts buffer_getpixel: 10x faster than normal surface_getpixel (GMS1 and GMS2)

    Get buffer_getpixel at the marketplace! Need a faster surface_getpixel? You come to the right place! This asset comes with a small list of scripts that will help you get a pixel color super fast and its totally free. How to use each command: buffer_getpixel_begin(surface) = creates the buffer...