1. Samuel Venable

     Pretty, pretty, please, YoYo! (Mac File Dialogs)

    In my experience, when it comes to getting YoYo's attention and feedback, the helpdesk is the last place on earth you should expect a more-than-vague response, if any response at all. I've had much more luck with stuff like this on the forums, so I'm just going to copy and paste my helpdesk...
  2. Samuel Venable

    Asset - Extension Dialog Module (for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu)

    [Made for GameMaker Studio 2] Online Documentation: Downloadable PDF (Offline Documentation): GitHub: This extension is for Windows, macOS, and...
  3. Mr Giff

    Mac OSX Get_open_filename doesn't work, any alternatives?

    Hi guys, so I've switched all my game creation and programming to Mac now that GMS2 has come out but when I wen't to use: get_open_filename() nothing happens. I looked in the manual and it says these are windows functions only. Does anyone know of a way to open files on Mac / OSX via GML? Is...
  4. F

    Legacy GM Replacing a sprite from a external file directory Problems

    I am making a program to pose characters using a ragdoll setup and I have been trying to make it possible to replace a sprite for a body part from external image file directory. .png 200x200 But when I replace say the left arm on one doll, all the left arms of all the other dolls change...