1. jana

    [SOLVED] Where to put the input handling code

    I have a countdown timer, and on creation of the object obj_user_input, a gamemaker dialog box pops up with the message to enter a number. I use this input to set the timer. When I put the input handling code in the obj_user_input creation, game_start, room_start, or step code, I get the same...
  2. A

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] get_integer_async issue

    I'm building a custom dice roller in wich the number of sides of the dice is provided by user through a get_integer_assync function. Here's the code: // In the Create Event show_roll = false ; dice_type = "" ; // in the Mouse Left Press Event dice_question = get_integer_async("How many...
  3. J

    Legacy GM Need help with get_integer_async [SOLVED]

    Hey, i never did something like working with strings and numbers together and i'm from germany so please dont talk about my english^^ I already posted this and i still need help but no one answered at the old post so some one already tried to help me with this code: Create: ih_amount = -1...