1. J

    (SOLVED) Need help pausing gestures

    Hey people not sure if this is the place to post this help request invisible boxes are being used so if a player taps one of them the player object will move to that location providing no collision is detected. (If I should be using gml generated bounding boxes let me know) I want to pause tap...
  2. S

    Android override android system gesture

    Hi everyone. I need your help. i plan to design an android game that uses multiple fingers. But, i encountered a problem : in my xiaomi phone, sliding down 3 fingers triggers screenshot o_O, so, in the game, 2 or 4 fingers works almost fine (just almost :D), but 3 fingers not at all. Its funny...
  3. S

    GMS 2 How to Detect when a Player Holds Down on the Screen

    Hi all! I'm currently in development of a game for Android and iOS devices. In it, you control a character's speed as it orbits around a circle. Because it's for mobile devices, I want to have very little controls. So, I made tapping the screen control the speed and holding down on the screen...
  4. I

    Android games

    Hi guys, can you please help me in making an android game it's so hard for me to understand gestures, can you help me in making a code for a long pressed tap to make a ship shoot on an on, I'm trying to make an indie game like a space shooter game. Please help me, thanks for understanding :)
  5. S

    GMS 2 Checking Gestures - quick question

    Am I wrong is assuming that you cannot check in code an event of a gesture without having to do it from the "Add Event?" For example I want to check if a "Flick" gesture occurred in my step event, can it be used similar to checking a keyboard press or mouse click in code? if...
  6. GMWolf

    GMS 2 Click & Drag Camera Pan - GMWolf

    GM Version: GameMaker:Studio 2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: Youtube Video Summary: Equiped the new Gesture events and GMS2's camera system, we look at how we can implement a simple, but effective camera panning system, allowing the player to click and drag the view around. Tutorial: