1. W

    SOLVED [SOLVED] Help with Just Dance's Pictogram system

    Hi, how are you guys? So... I started to work on a Just Dance fan-game on GML, and until then, everything is going well I was able to get video playback (through a extension), programmed lyrics and beat system Here is the current progress of the game: But, i'm having trouble with something...
  2. V

    GMS 2 When game restarts, my procedurally generated level (based on a consistent seed number) generates di

    First post here since the good ol' days of GMC. It's good to be back, and my my, has GM come along way! :) I have set my seed for the main level of my game to be a constant number, in the hopes that this level will generate exactly the same every time. However this isn't the case. I've read...
  3. W

    Legacy GM How to make randomly generated 'asteroids'?

    Hey! I'm making a side project and its kinda like Asteroids. You are a block and have to pilot your way through a field of blocks (asteroids). I want it so they are randomly generated and its a top down style game. You can only go 'up' the room but you can fly 360 degrees with a joystick. I...
  4. V

    Random generation tower help?

    Hello, i want to make procedurally generated tower player has to climb on with this sort of patterns I BBBBOOBBBBI IOOOOOOOOOI I BOOBBBBBB I IOOOOOOOOOI I BBBBBOOBB I IOOOOOOOOOI I BBBBOOBBBBI IOOOOOOOOOI I BOOBBBBBB I IOOOOOOOOOI I BBBBBOOBB I I = border B = block player can walk on O =...
  5. D

    Legacy GM Help with ds_grid tiles

    Ultimately, I'm wanting to be able to change a circular selection of tiles in a ds_grid using a function like "ds_grid_set_disk". I have not been able to get this to work. The method I have been using is to manually select all the tiles that I want to change, and if I'm wanting to destroy tiles...
  6. G

    Legacy GM Random Generation

    Hey guys. So I've worked out how to make a platformer procedurally generated level, like a mario level where you start out on the left and have to get to the right. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a randomly generated platformer level that is less linea. Even if it is still...
  7. Shadowblitz16

    Windows Wolfram Tones?

    has anybody here got wolfram tones to work on win 7? quicktime seems to be outdated and I guess most newer browsers don't support the midi playback also half the website doesn't seem to work
  8. M

    Demo 3d Procedural Platformer NEW DEMO!!

    Several months of on and off work into this project now, so far when ever you die or restart the level will always be different. Currently there are 3 different height blocks, two different enemy types, coin blocks, breakable blocks, springs, coins, bridges and a background that follows the...