1. Fredrik

    [SOLVED] Saving and regenerating instances that the player has spawned

    Hey! A few days ago I asked for help on how to make a system to save 'states' for various instances that have been changed by the player, like in a dungeon crawler if the player break a crate or open a chest, to then go down to a new floor, and then back up to the previous one again, and how to...
  2. M

    GMS 2 Create Object on a (matching) tile

    Hi - I am trying to create an object where a tile/tileset has been placed. I have a background layer, which I am building with tilesets, which will not change or be interacted with. But I need an identical layer above it made up of objects. Simplified, something like: If tileset at (x,y) =...
  3. T

    Help with random numbers and using those random numbers

    I'm trying to make a randomly generating item generator. that will make another item at that location that will repeat the same code but with different variables etc. let's say that the object before it picked 3 (down) So what it would do is R1X= 3 //from before when the object before picked...
  4. zendraw

    Legacy GM The seed

    so im saving the seed random_get_seed(); and i load the game, and it generates the way it previously did, when i saved the seed. but if i re generate again, without reseting the room or the game, it generates differently. is there a way to generate the same old things no matter how meny times i...
  5. Misu

    3D Need help rotating a 3D ring

    Ive gotten stuck on this for a week now and I cant bust my head on doing this properly... Im trying to trace random spheres around an origin point but that can rotate in both x and y axis. Ive gotten one direction moving perfectly (y axis)... But I cant come up with one for the x axis that...
  6. S

    Creating "Blueprint" for rooms

    I'm working on a game, where the level gets randomly generated out of little room tpyes like cooridors, normal rooms, staircases, etc. These are all in one gamemaker room. My level generation works so far, but at the moment I just use one sprite for each room, just to see if the level...
  7. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q: Set Random level generation with rooms?

    Hello, not long ago there was a video (of pixelated pope if i remember correctly) in which he talks abouthow to make a random generation system with set rooms, from which you select one at random, copy its contents, and create them in the current room. does any1 know that video or what...
  8. BlueBurn

    Asset - Extension Splash Sizer

    SplashSizer is a tool for creating icons and splash screens in any sizes (it's made for GameMaker: Studio, but you should be able to use for any other application). The tool contains configure files for most of the platforms such as.: Android, iOS, Windows UWP, etc. But also you can create your...
  9. B

    Generate a v4 or v1 UUID?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about prototyping a new save system and I'm looking to use either a v1 or v4 UUID, I found an online API that i can use either http_get but I would prefer to have it generate offline. If anyone knows of a GML based generator for a v1 or v4, please let me know, I wouldn't...
  10. M

    Gnerate random terrain

    hey, i'm new in gml, and, i want to know how to generate a random number of tiles (terrain), in code i want to make something like this btw, sorry for my bad english, is not good enough