1. samspade

    GMS 2.3+ Sequences, Animation Curves, Instances and Garbage Collection

    Are there cases where sequences and animation curves are automatically destroyed (for example like how non-persistent instances are destroyed on room change)? In this post Nocturn said the following: I believe I understand what he means. For example, if you create an instance and never use...
  2. brinycann0nade

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Constantly creating and destroying many objects

    If I'm constantly creating and destroying many objects in a game, will I end up creating a lot of "junk data"(?). I'm simulating the flow of electrons in a wire. It all works like you would expect it to. The electrons flow through the wires and power the light bulbs. I'm worried I will start...
  3. Megax60

    Should i buy Hyper light drifter for switch?

    It looks interesting, i love fast gameplay, like dead cells, so... What do you think about this game? Should i buy this? Or better save money for sm5sh
  4. M

    Android Garbage Collection' errors on GMS App on Android

    I made a game with GMS, exported it to .apk, ran it on my Android 'Google Nexus S' For now, in the middle of the screen/room is just a circle, cut into 6 slices, like a pizza, each slice a different colour.. When you slide your finger down the touch screen the circle spins...
  5. K12gamer

    Opinion Post things you wish you'd never bought...

    I'll Start... Dancing Water Speaker (from $5 and Below store) I was looking for an in expensive USB speaker for my PC. I ended up with this muffled piece of garbage. Didn't realize it had actual water inside...that hops around. Honesty don't want any water thing anywhere near my computer...
  6. S

    Garbage collection / data flushing / mem leak issues

    Aloha snackbar, fellow GManiacs. I've got a few questions about carbage collection and data flushing. I am aware that user-made data structures must be deleted manually, which I am currently doing, but I'm facing some problems. We've made a procedural generation that generates creates new rooms...