1. K12gamer

    Opinion Do you prefer PC / Console Gaming or MOBILE Gaming.

    I borrowed my brother's iPhone yesterday when I went to the barber. Knew I'd be in there a long time and would need something to do (I normally just take books / magazines). I got bored playing mobile games very fast and switched over to watching stuff on Youtube. I like playing games on a PC /...
  2. abianche

    Gaming books (Novels or Bios) - any suggestions?

    I am not such an avid reader (a book per month is more than enough!), however I do like reading about gaming-related books, be it a bio or a novel. A couple of examples are Masters of Doom and Ready Player One (I bet you know both!). Do you have something to suggest, similar to these books?
  3. newtinn


    I posted this here as there wasn't any other good place really to put it. It was off topic mostly apart from that Dungeon Souls is made in Game Maker. Thanks for reading and enjoy the video! Matt
  4. J

    Desktop Gaming Issue

    Hey guys. Bought a 900$ desktop from cyberpower gaming. It works very well and can play fallout 4 on max settings with no lag. I have however been experiencing one issue that is annoying me consistantly. When playing 3D (has not happened to any 2D games yet) my screen will at random points...
  5. hephaestusent

    Portfolio - Art Experienced | 2D/3D Gaming Artist @ Indie Rates | Looking for Work

    Work that speaks for itself Hephaestus Entertainment We are a team of dedicated professionals who provide an array of services like(2d/3d, Animation, Gaming, Comics, E-Learning, Wallpaper And Movies) You can count on our team to deliver pristine quality within the deadline. Each member has a...
  6. W

    Job Offer - Programmer HTML5 Game Developer

    Good Afternoon Guys, I am looking for a HTML5 Game developer to work for my client based in Hamburg. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact Will on Candidates must have: – Experience with WebGL – Practical experience with Git – Experience with...
  7. Yal

    Dark Souls 3

    I've not really been a huge fan of the Dark Souls series, but everyone that are into the series claims they're really good games... so I randomly got DS3 during its release sale. It's hard, and it took ages to get used to the controls and optimize it to run on my computer... but then I had this...
  8. A

    Demo Alexander Julian

    Plot: A crime syndicate called the “Riders” has invaded Central Iowa! Thousands of teenagers rise to the opportunity to defy morals and standards join them. PCM High School’s greatest warrior and activist, Sage Edwards, took it upon herself to confront this new threat. Weeks pass and PCM High is...