1. Wolfzdogz

    Released Eat or be eaten

    Eat or be eaten Is a little game and also a first time game for 1 of us in the team (we are 2 people) and we are slowly learning more and more in the game making world! and we decided to publish our first game and all our other games while we are progressing in our skills of gamedev! Try it out...
  2. K12gamer

    Discussion Next Gen Console / PC discussion...

    Note: This thread was originally titled: XBOX Series X Gameplay (Using PC Footage) The next generation of consoles is upon us. And PC tech keeps getting better all the time! What are your thoughts on the upcoming tech? Does Moore's Law still hold true? This is the first generation I will...
  3. Tommah

    Asset - Demo Free-Run/Parkour Engine

    I have released and have been updating my new Free-Run/Parkour platforming engine with easy implementation and editing that makes use of a state machine and includes many scripts for each behavior so you can edit and fully commented if you wanted to change any of the code. Everything runs real...
  4. B

     SOS-CC; IOS rpg game w/ rogue-like elements (inspired by Binding of Isaac & Zelda)

    Hello All, I have been nervous posting this here and showing off my game. Mainly for the fact it’s my very first game I have ever attempted and ever made. So the feedback scares me a little. Have to get over that though, as I’m nearing completion. Here are some screenshots. I have some debug...
  5. Simon Gust

    Design Lighting in my game (Metroidvania)

    I've been breaking my head over if and how I want lighting in my game. My game being a metroidvania containing roguelike elements. Screenshots of area with lighting, is this annoying or obnoxious? My fear is that the gameplay visibility is getting hindered. I want to put importance on...
  6. Jmarlin3

    How would I set up an Disgaea grid for gameplay?

    Disgaea is a Srpg franchise. You can move players around on a grid with every turn. They can preform tasks such as attack the enemy and such. I have attached a picture for reference. How would would set up the grid and place characters and also holw that camera position?
  7. Curial Lloses

    Asset - Project Dash Gameplay Templates

    Hello there, I just published a new gameplay asset for those who want to explore the power of dashes in an easy way. My goal is to keep publishing small gameplay assets for platformer, 2D action, or runner games to marketplace so if you want to see any specific gameplay, please tell me here and...
  8. T

    GMC Forums Videogame Progress Gameplay Thread

    Post what you have so far in your game on a video and some author note with it. Here's one to start. Until Night Falls, the game I presented for the Jam and that I will keep working on:
  9. G

    Physics Movement

    Hi! I'm trying to create a player movement like diablo, where i click on screen and the player moves to that positiion avoiding obstacles. I watched a lot of youtube and blog tutorials but they always use a player with no physics, so they can use functions like move_toward... My player is using...
  10. Zerb Games

    Your Ideal Game

    This is not a game... Essentially the idea is to try to explain your optimal game in bulleted 1-8 words or word combos (such as destructible environments), DO NOT use thing like: for playstation, for xbox, controller support, steam, or anything regarding hardware/platform. I am more focused on...
  11. E

     Line game

    Hello, I'm developing my first game (very slowly in my spare time). It's sort of inspired by super hexagon, and something my mother plays on her tablet with a panda in it. (Scores normally displayed in the middle of the circle, and the 100 relates to the charge in the meter above and is...
  12. D

     What kind of games do you like? Deciding on Gameplay style.

    Hello! I've kind of run into wall gameplay design wise- I want to make something nice and story oriented but I'm nto sure what kind of game mechanics work with that. I have the visual style down: But gameplay wise, I'm still not sure what I want. I want it to be fun and casual, with the...
  13. N


    So I've been working out ideas for the video game I eventually want to make, and I realized that I'm not sure how I want the actual gameplay itself to be like. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future setting, with 2D pixel art, and 3rd person view. Your overall goal is to collect a...
  14. Erayd

    Walking Up Hills

    I know, such a simple concept and yet, something just isn't quite right. I'm designing a 2D platformer for the android phone. I'm using the physics engine to move around my player by using impulses when the left or right movement triggers are started. It gives little pushes to the player unless...
  15. XirmiX

    Legacy GM [Solved] Game Maker physics seem pretty wonky. Any way to fix this?

    Have 2 rectangular/square objects, one which is your "playable character" and another which is a wall. Both have physics on. I've added the ability to move for the object you control (and made it Kinematic as well); When you press up this is the code that get carried out: if speed != 6 { speed...