1. Dwighty4000

    Discussion Need my selfmade Game GMS credits?

    I plan to release a game on Steam that I programmed with Gamemaker Studio 2. Do I have to specify credit that this game was made with GameMamer Studio? And if so, where?
  2. M

    Thunder hitting a random enemy

    First of all, I use GM: Studio 1 for making games I want to make a character in my game, that has an ability that can summon a thunder who hits a random enemy on screen. Can you tell my what script I have to put in the thunder object, and what in the playable character?
  3. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM everytime i open GMS (CRASH)

    I tried everything... when I open GMS:1 it crashed on me after I clicked an icon. they told me to restart my computer. uninstall my program and reinstall it. but when I do BOTH of them... nothing worked... I cant even contact YOYO games because of the problem. also this is new its suppost to...
  4. D

    Is there a way to categorize objects?[SOLVED]

    What I mean is group them as a single instance (or similar) that can be used in code like: with (bullets) {instance_destroy()}; Where "bullets" refers to the category that contains a certain amount of objects instead of writing the same function for every single object in many lines of code.
  5. L

    Dynamic Physics Joint Placement

    Hello, I have been trying to figure out a joint code that allows me to have a joint set on a physics object based on where I initially clicked on the object, and have it be dynamic so I can drag it around with the mouse but still keep the center of mass the same. A great example of the type of...
  6. C

    [SOLVED]Check instance collision

    Is there a way to test collision before creating an instance? ( I want to spawn my weed object only if there isn't one there ) This code doesn't work though: /// Spawn grass if(global.game_time_status = TIMEOFDAY.DAY) { alarm[1] = spawn_grass_time; var xx = random_range(32, room_width -...
  7. K

    In-built tuts?, embedded browser back button?

    Starting hurdles aaaarrrrgh. With the addition of standard forum signup password problem, why oh why oh why. 10 characters!! ill never remeber that password without writing it down. which destroys the point, Anyway, questions are : where are the gamemaker in-built tutorials as shown on the...
  8. N

    Legacy GM How to program a firing rate in a shooter WITHOUT using alarms

    Hello, I'm making a run and gun game similar to Metal Slug, and so far I've been making progress, little as it is. So one of my problems atm is, How can I control the firing rate of my gun without using an alarm? I looked into the code of Relic Hunter: Zero and didn't see any instance of an...
  9. J

    Sprites are the same even though code says not to

    this is very annoying, the jobs or how they work are working but there sprites are always the same. I am using Game Maker Studio 1.4 all of these are in step events... code1: if global.choice == 0 { global.choice = 1; } if global.choice == 1 { sprite_index = spr_victum...