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    Hp bar won't come back

    Hello everyone, real quick before anything else: i'm sorry for my bad grammar. in my game (in gamemaker 8 lite) i have an object wich can be broken by left pressing on it. i have an healthbar wich will be shown when the object is hit. after 4 seconds the healthbar will be removed (intended)...
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    Berzerk Requiem Atari remake *Help appreciated*

    Berzerk Requiem Atari remake v2.5b Berzerk: Requiem : Otto Destruct - Retro Remake of an awesome classic play v1.0 - Programmer Paul Colaianni - Edits with permission to be revealed. Planned changes if anyone is interested in a commission? (Sprites and sounds in place - Scripting needed for)...
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    Windows GameMaker8 Question For "TalkSprites"

    I was wondering if I could make something like this in my game. Ie when you interact with a object. This is from a html game which I am not making but am wondering if it is possible in gamemaker. And if so how. Also we have all the sprites and such ready authough we just do not know how to put...