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  1. R

    Legacy GM Sound effects get louder after re-creating character after player's "death"

    Greetings! I'm relatively new to the GameMaker Studio, and this issue got me scratching my head, so I hope that you might have an answer for my problem! :) In short, I've been following Shaun Spalding's tutorials related to platforming games and checkpoints (this one), and I came across a weird...
  2. N

    How to have multiple answers to questions?

    I'm trying to code a game where the user is asked a question from a pool of questions... Each question gives them a set of options to choose from. So like ... (it'll pick a question at random) Question #631: A group of orcs just arrived outside your castle. What do you want to do? - 1...
  3. B

    HTML5 [HELP] Passing parameters via URL

    I am attempting to create a game targeted for HTML5, and am having trouble finding information on how to send parameters into this game. It would seem that I can do this through the URL itself, and use parameter_count and parameter_string to process the data, but I cannot find any information...
  4. J

    Legacy GM Pausing audio on losing window focus (Windows)

    Hi everyone, I would like to pause my game's background music once the user makes the window inactive, and resume it when it gets focus again. I've tried using the os_is_paused() function, but it seems that only returns true for the following single frame. So i was wondering, is there any way...
  5. knno

    Asset - Extension Android/iOS Camera extension?

    Hello there, Is there / is it possible / could I request an extension for Game Maker: Studio that makes use of the front and back camera? It should not just take an image from it (like what I found in the marketplace), it should provide continuous camera surface and in-game. Thanks in advance!
  6. T

    Where are you guys hosting your HTML5 games?

    I used to host my games on Google Drive, but Google did an recent update and now, the games don't work; as in the links are broken. I'm still looking up the reasons to why they're not longer hosting HTML5 files with playable links. Any other ideas on where to host, or maybe I just did the link...
  7. K

    Legacy GM [SOLVED!] One way platformer collision (jump thru platform)

    So using bits and pieces of the rough platformer code you can find on youtube, I've managed to make one way platforms using the following code: var vcollide; vcollide = instance_place(x,y+vspd,oSolid); if (vcollide != noone) { if ((vcollide).type ==1) { while...
  8. K

    Legacy GM Weird Bug

    Hi, while I was working on my game I encountered a really weird bug, whenever I start the game it gets to the splash screen then crashes without giving me any error, I found what causes this but I dont know how to fix it. I am using GameMaker Studio 1.4.1763 and an extension called TweenGMS...
  9. A Random Creator

    Legacy GM Check for a room equal to a variable

    Hello GameMaker community! I don't think that this is possible at all but maybe you guys can figure out a way to do it. I was wondering if it was possible to declare a variable with the names of multiple rooms and check if the room equals to that variable like this for example: //Create r =...
  10. T

    Make Text Appear Over Time

    So I'm trying to make my draw text appear over time such as five seconds. The code that I used: Create: draw = false; alarm[0] = 5; textAlpha = 1; fadeSpeed = 0.01; Alarm 0: Code: draw = true; Step: Code: if (!draw && text_alpha > 0) { text_alpha -= fadeSpeed; } Draw: Code: if (textAlpha >...
  11. A

    HTML5 Hyperlink text to a website using a message box

    Hello, I am currently trying to hyperlink some text which appears in a message box: str="Create this but for more information click here." url_open_full('' ,'_blank', 'location=true') show_message(str); How do i do this/Can this be done?
  12. Aaron Craig

    Legacy GM Turn Based Combat YT Series

    Turn Based Combat GM Version: GameMaker Studio Target Platform: PC Download: NA Links: Summary: Starting from scratch, learn how to create a turn based combat battle system, like in Chrono Trigger, or Final Fantasy from...
  13. RangerX

    Any drawbacks I should be aware of? (passing to win10)

    I did a google search and nothing alarming came up. I searched this forum and nothing alarming came up either. HOWEVER, I trust this forum more than random internet sometimes. I will pass my compy from win7 to win10. Are there drawbacks of using GameMaker in win10 that I should be aware of...
  14. H

    Steam game_end() function no longer working?

    Does anyone else run gamemaker through steam? If so, did you notice that after yesterday's update, the game_end() function causes your game to freeze every time the function is used? It happens to be 100% of the time now. I've tried to reinstall the game with no luck. I'm hoping I don't need to...
  15. T

    text box to top left corner of room-image included

    In the Object's Draw Event if (time < text_length) { time += spd; print = string_copy(text,0,time) } Render Text box code: draw_set_alpha(alpha); if (alpha < 1) alpha += spd/10; else alpha = 1; draw_set_font(font0); draw_set_color(c_blue)...
  16. X

    wrap outside the room - objects disappear

    I'm new to GM and I've just finished the asteroid tutorial. In the tutorial you set up a spawner object to spawn asteroids when no more asteroid instances exist. During a playthrough I reached a point where there were no more visible asteroids, but the game was not respawning the instances. I...
  17. C

    Legacy GM Open URL in new link

    Here is my problem, I can't seem to open this link in a new window here is my code: // Tweet out this url_open(" played Apple Pie 2, here's the score I got "+ string(global.lvl2cscore) + " BEAT THAT! &hashtags=CmiPlay, ApplePie2Beta") I already tried...
  18. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Scripts Pause Menu Asset

    PAUSE MENU ASSET (GMS) Hello fellow Gamemaker Devs! Implement a simple PauseMenu to any of your Gamemaker:Studio projects ! Find the project files here! ( , Gamemaker Marketplace ) Included features: - Settings, Music & Control sub-menus - Save/Load using Ini Files - Two Button...
  19. C

    Legacy GM Why does object shake while jumping/falling?

    [I apologize in advance because I've already posted in this forum asking for help with every single problem I encountered. Believe me when I say I have searched through other posts/the GM Help stuff for a solution, but I'm just too dumb to figure it out] When my player object falls, the object...
  20. M

    Legacy GM Bubble Shooter Game

    I'm trying to draw up a prototype of a bubble shooter game for touch screen devices. I've managed to set up the bubbles to shoot wherever you tap and release on the screen. That's working fine. So far I'm only working with bubbles of one colour, to get to grips with the mechanics. I'm really...