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  1. tamation

    Legacy GM [Solved] Stop jittery movement when view is centered on an object

    Hey everyone. I've got a character moving at a speed of 1.5, not ideal, I know, but the closest rounded numbers of 1 & 2 are either too slow or too fast for this game's resolution (256x144). The view is centered on that player, but the issue is whenever the screen starts moving the player will...
  2. M

    How to check for an empty space and not overlap.

    So I'm trying to make random tree growth, but make them check if there is an empty space next to them, and if so, grow either 1 object or a different one, but not grow it if there isn't a space. I'm trying to make things not overlap. I'm using mostly drag and drop, but I know how to code. This...
  3. tamation

    [SOLVED] Small sprites "jitter" when viewport is higher than view in room

    When I have small objects (Around 16x16 in width) being drawn onto a 1280x720 surface, with a view in room of about 160x90, the objects will appear blurry/jittery when moving at a speed of 1. I know it's because they have to travel a longer distance in pixels being drawn so much bigger, but is...
  4. R


    HEY GUYS ME IS HERE (such English) I want to make a game like undertale I got all the sprites and I am new to GMS 2 So as I was making it I wanted to make a object which the player can collide to and it should be invisible. I am not able to do it plz help. I am very desperate to make this game
  5. Z

    Problem with lives in game[Solved]

    Hi, I am new to gamemaker .I am making a remake of Asteroids .I have problem with lives. I want lives and when player has 100 points add another live but stop after one added and after player reachs 200 points add another live.Here is a code: var LoopCount for (LoopCount = 0; LoopCount <...
  6. Fixer90

    Legacy GM keyboard_check for ; ' , . /

    I tried using ord(",") and ord(".") and etc., but none of them worked.
  7. tamation

    [SOLVED] Objects or Tilesets for optimisation?

    If I was to be building a level, would it be better for optimisation to use objects for the blocks with no code, or to use background tilesets for the blocks and then place a single solid object over them? I'd figure the less objects in a room the better, but I'm not sure whether placing down...
  8. tamation

    [SOLVED] Help with image_angle and collision

    Hi, this is probably a super simple question, but I don't often make top down games that use image_angle, so I need a bit of help with something. Is there anyway to make it so my player just has a constant square hit box, even when the angle of the sprite is changing? I've tried using masks...
  9. A

    Windows Tornado Warning | Arcade Runner

    Tornado Warning an arcade runner Play as Brenden as you run for your life against Mother Nature's version of the middle finger. But, you get paid to pick sweet corn over the summer, so that should give you a good reason to be out there. Keyboard: [Arrow keys] Move [Z] Jump [Enter] Start game...
  10. tamation

    Need help with Triple Shot [SOLVED]

    Hi, I'm programming a top down shooter right now where the bullets fire towards the direction of the mouse. I'm programming a Triple Shot upgrade right now, so it fires one bullet straight towards the mouse, and two more 45 degrees above and below the middle shot (or 45 degrees right and left if...
  11. H

    Asset - Extension Windows File Drop DLL

    A very simple DLL that lets you drag multiple folders and/or files into the game window. Only two functions are needed to use this extension. This extension doesn't import anything. It only returns the paths of any folders/files dropped into the window. This is a WINDOWS ONLY extension for...
  12. D

    GameMaker 14 - Creating the Super Mario Bros Game (How to make the camera follow Mario)

    Good afternoon people! # Aula14 Let's learn how to create the #SuperMarioBros Game? ^^ In today's class I will show you step by step how to make the camera follow the main character in Game Maker Studio. I hope you enjoy and share with friends. Do not forget to leave your comment. Embrace and...
  13. J

    Drag And Drop Programming problem I don't know where to start

    Okay so I was wondering if there is any good starting point for wanting to do the following in GameMaker Studio, or places I can reference for this: Have players drag and drop instructions into a line a player character then executes. Roaming enemies with a cone of vision for spotting the...
  14. I

    Legacy GM Tiles look ugly? I need help :P

    Hi, I have a problem, when I'm editing the room it looks good like this: But then when I'm testing the game it looks like this: I really need help, is there any way to fix this?
  15. D

    [Solved] Object Following the Player

    Hi everyone. I am trying to get one object to follow the player object after the player object collide with the other object. I can get the other object to move after the player object collide with it. However, it seems to continue follow the old direction of the player unless the player touches...
  16. K

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Help with High Score Table

    Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with a high score table I'm programming for my game. It's intended to show up if the player scores high enough to place somewhere on the table and allow them to enter their initials. However, nothing is being displayed on the table at all (though the player can...
  17. J

    mp_potential step spinning circles

    Hello, i am using a mp_potential_step command to move to a destination (x and y coördinate) avoiding solid objects. However, sometimes my object starts spinning in circles and i don't know why. Is there any way to fix this and maybe with avoiding a object, not all solid objects. I saw some...
  18. J

    *noob alert* How to use high res images because they get compressed?

    Hi, im trying to use high resolution images, but i have always used pixel art in my games. But my nooby brain does not understand this: with pixel art the screen is quickly filled up with "art" in for instance 32x32. But when i try to use for instance 128x128 images and make the room 4 times...
  19. S

    Legacy GM Stop drawing particles on command?

    Hello, i use a program called Geon_fx_pro to visually create my own particles for game maker studio. I'm trying to create an effect that can continue streaming in a specific room and no where else. However i found it difficult to turn off particles that stream from a create event so i turned off...
  20. M

    How to change alpha of every object?

    For a test I decided to try make a cave like system, however, I don't know how to make every 'outside' object of the cave go slightly dimmed so it looks like the player is inside the cave. I know how to use image_alpha = 1; but I don't know how to apply it every object. Thanks for any help.