gamemaker studio 2

  1. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 Gamepad control - what do I wrong?

    If I try to run with the left knob, then only the up and down run works because nothing works with the gamepad on the left and right. And the directions that work are carried out endlessly after just a short movement! What's wrong here?: #region Laufeingabe var hoch = keyboard_check(vk_up) ||...
  2. shadowelite7

    Windows Tiles aren't going on the room editor correctly

    Today I got my tile sheet done correctly but whenever I drag a tile to the room editor. It tries to be placed outside of the room editor. Is there an easy fix to this or do I have to redo my tile sheet?
  3. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 How to play video sequences in GMS2 ?

    I want to play a video in my game for a sequenz... Is this possible in GMS2 ? The video that I want to play has a resolution of 1920x1080p...
  4. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 can I play .mp4 videos in GMS2 ?

    Can I play a video sequence in my game? something like an ".mp4" video file? The video that I want to play has a resolution of 1920x1080p...
  5. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 why doesn't it work the way it should?

    why does it take twice as long for a settings sav until alarm [0] is triggered if the whole program has a "settings.sav" in "% appdata%" although this does not maintain any contact to this and yes the text message is triggered immediately right at the beginning which must mean that alarm [0] is...
  6. G

    Custom Cursor in Drag and Drop

    Hey, I'm developing a sort of five nights at freddy's style game for my girlfriends birthday coming up, and one of the things i wanted to include is a custom mouse cursor while within the game. However, i don't have any coding experience except for other types of games i've made in game maker...
  7. N

    Question - IDE Not able to get remote source control working...?

    Hi everyone, I've just started working with GameMaker Studio 2, and so far it's gone pretty well. :-) Though I've followed the help instructions to enable source control and have created a local repo OK, I haven't yet managed to set this up to push the local project repo out to a remote github...
  8. Dwighty4000

    Windows GMS2 Debugger / debug mode don't work on me???

    When I try to dive into a keyboard_Check, it always skips it and ignores every keystroke in the open game window. So what do I have to do with the debugger, if I press the right arrow key then does this variable work as well? in the game itself works the run with the arrow keys but I can not...
  9. I

    GML Im trying to make a server but the switch statement does not catch any of the 4 possible values.

    var type = ds_map_read(async_load, "type"); switch(type) { case network_type_connect: show_debug_message("Connected"); break; case network_type_disconnect: show_debug_message("Disconnected"); break; case...
  10. TheProgrammer163

    GMS 2 Can someone walk me through making an extension for GMS2 ?

    I'd like to make a few extensions, mostly for myself to keep my projects more organized/make it easier to import the scripts that I reuse all the time. With some cleanup some of them would even be worth and useful enough to make public. However every time I start reading about it I get lost in...
  11. Kiwi

    GMS 2 Game lags briefly while in full screen

    Don't know why, but this happens in every project I make. The game runs super smoothly in windowed mode, with no frame drops whatsoever. But then when I enter fullscreen, it *sometimes* drops from 60 to ~30 while the screen tears, then it goes back to normal after a few seconds. The problem...
  12. Gigicom

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] 2 Sprites not drawing properly

    Hello, I am currently working on an inventory and am trying to position the slots properly over the inventory sprite. I already did this once before, just with a smaller resolution and with a little different system. For some reason though, the slots (blue) now are always a little bit ("half a...
  13. J

    GML Adding a gameover screen once object has had collision with another.

    How would I toggle a gameover screen or text when an object has a collision with another object?
  14. G

    How do i send people my game!?

    So, last time i was on this forum (and GameMaker itself for that matter...) I was using the trial version. Recently, in fact only a couple days ago, a got the $99 permanent license to Game Maker that says it allows me to publish my games to basically any PC system. However, i still can't seem to...
  15. camscottbryce

    GMS 2 Reflection of GMS 2 Surface on Layer

    Howdy folks, I've been working on a new project that I could use some help on. I've got a character wearing a helmet with a visor, and I'd like to put a reflection on that visor. I'd like that visor to reflect the pixels in front of this character's face, and draw those pixels on a lower layer...
  16. M

    Windows Cannot run game, please help!!!

    IDE v2.2.2.413; Runtime v2.2.2.236 Whenever I test run a project file on GMS 2, I am returned with the error "Unable to find game!!:". I have tried reinstalling GMS 2 and the runtimes, and I always run GMS 2 as an adminstrator. I've also tried: - Deleting the temp folder -...
  17. Fixer90

    GMS 2 Delay in Event Code?

    Is there a way, other than using Alarms, to make a delay in an event? For example, if I had my own "scr_wait" function to do this, I could use it in the Create event of an object like so: variable = 1; scr_wait(2); variable = 2; scr_wait(4); variable = 3; What this would do is make it such that...
  18. Fixer90

    GMS 2 Auto-Depth System

    To start off, I have an object called settings which is a persistent object that is there at the very start of the game. Is there a way I could set it up to automatically and constantly update every object's depth, such that objects that are lower in a room have a slightly lower depth, making...
  19. Fixer90

    GMS 2 Script with Unlimited Arguments?

    I am mostly aware of how GML's script system works — with arguments and whatnot. However, I am curious as to if there is a way to make a script with no limit to arguments, similar to some built-in functions in GML (ex. ds_list_add). Is this possible?
  20. Toadro

    Question - Code (FIXED/RESOLVED) Attempting to read outside the buffer

    FIXED/RESOLVED Hi, so ive been following a tutorial for gamemaker studio (im on gamemaker studio 2), so ive had to change very few things for it work and any bugs ive had i fixed, untill i get this bug from this tutorial: ___________________________________________...