gamemaker studio 1.4

  1. Zuurix

    Legacy GM clipboard_set_text alternative for HMTL5?

    So I'm making a thing: I found out that clipboard functions don't work in HTML5 - surely there is some workaround?
  2. Dane Emark

    SOLVED Smooth grid movement

    Hi, I am totally new to the GameMaker forum:). NOTE: I am still using GameMaker Studio 1.4 so I don't know if Game Maker studio 2 code can work. I was making a test game to improve my programming skills. I wanted the player, the enemies, and the other objects to move on a fixed grid(32x32); here...
  3. Z

    Windows Can't Properly Deploy Gamemaker Studio 1.4 Game From Windows To Linux

    Hi, I'm trying to deploy a game to Ubuntu (Linux) using Gamemaker Studio 1.4 in Windows and I'm missing some libraries. I'm using Windows 10 to deploy to Ubuntu Studio 20.04. I've installed the libraries listed on this website, except I'm using lib32ncurses6 instead of lib32ncurses5 and...
  4. Evan Kinsler

    Question about the Original GameMaker: Studio

    I want to start creating games on Gamemaker Studio...the original but not Gamemaker Studio 2 as it is much harder than I expected, and the original Gamemaker Studio has plenty of tutorials on YouTube and even many books revolving around the same software. Although, there is the fact that...
  5. S


    Hello, I'm my past free time I have been making a game using Gamemaker Studio 1 and I would like to add an pause function. Because of the fact that I have a lot of different objects which are all inherently different I have searched for an easy solution where I do not have to add a lot of code...
  6. B

    3d game keeps crashing at splash screen

    Hi everyone! So, I've been working on a 3-D first person shooting game called Humans VS Aliens. (GMS 1.4) I've been working on this game for almost 11-12 months now, and I've been getting this weird error. There is no error message popping up, but the game crashes on the splash screen. I'm...
  7. Blueoriontiger

    Job Offer - Programmer Programmer needed for iPhone Turn-Based Multiplayer Game

    I’m currently working with a doctor to develop a medical matching game for a mobile platform, utilizing GameMaker 1.4. I’ve gotten to a milestone thanks to another member on here, but we’re ready to go to the next step, and they’re no longer available to help out. Our next milestone is to A...
  8. B

    Game Crash

    Hi everyone... I know I am very late to this convo, but I REALLY need help. So it has been around 9 months I have been working on a 3d first person shooter. Suddenly, when I switch rooms, the game crashes weirdly, with no error message. Here is the compile data. me Please help if you can...
  9. EndermanTamer13

    Legacy GM Game Suddenly Stops Responding

    So, I've got a problem in the project I'm working on. After going to/from the pause menu several times (the amount of times is different each time), the game suddenly completely stops responding, and crashes. My earliest evidence of this happening was after the release of an update to this game...
  10. J

    GMS 2 Can You Use Both Gml and Drag and Drop on One Project?

    Can you use both gml and drag and drop on one project like how you were able to in gamemaker studio 1.4?
  11. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Can I delete some backups? (SOLVED)

    So I found some backup folders in Documents>GameMaker>Backups>GameName. Is it safe to delete some of them to conserve space? And which ones would it be okay to delete? (There's "GameName-0", "GameName-1", "GameName-2", "GameName-3", "GameName-4", and "GameName-5")
  12. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Refering to an object depending on the number on the end of the name of the object? (SOLVED)

    I'm making a script function that will create an object (at coordinates 0, 0) called "obj_event_0", but I also have "obj_event_1" and "obj_event_2" and so on. I want to be able to input only a number in my function's argument whenever I use it; a number corresponding to the number at the end of...
  13. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Screenshot to the program directory?

    I'm trying to, upon using this function, save a screenshot to the folder I put my program: screen_save(program_directory + "NAME OF SCREENSHOT" + ".png"); But it simply doesn't do anything.
  14. Fixer90

    Legacy GM If and or, or if and or? (SOLVED)

    Let's say I want to make an if statement with lots of &&s (ands) and ||s (ors). I'll use the following code as an example: CREATE EVENT variable_a = false; variable_b = false; variable_c = false; STEP EVENT if(variable_a == true) && (variable_b == true) || (variable c == true) { //stuff...
  15. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Perfect Priority?

    Oddly, I couldn't seem to find a thread about this, but what's a good standard priority for the audio_play_sound function? Also, when should I vary them? Should I not change the priority if I already change the volume of each type of audio? Do sound effects generally have a higher or lower...
  16. A

    Demo SENIORITIS (Scott Pilgrim-inspired Platformer)

    After a year of conceptualizing and half of one developing the first level, the demo of Senioritis is finally out for the public to play! Senioritis is an action-packed platformer inspired by Scott Pilgrim VS The World with beat 'em up mechanics. Play as Julian "JD" Davenport as you barrel...
  17. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Drawing a sprite on another sprite?

    This is a bit of a tricky one. I'm trying to make a mirror that reflects playable characters. Here are the [basic] sprites (scaled up 5x): They are both 18x24 sprites; "spr_mirror" is the left one, and "spr_mirror_2" is the right one. This is how they work in obj_mirror's draw event...
  18. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Tile checking error

    So I have this code in the Room Start event, and the object is persistent: var walls = tile_get_ids_at_depth(999990); for(var w = array_length_1d(walls), i = 0; i < w; i ++) { instance_create(tile_get_x(walls), tile_get_y(walls), obj_collision); } What this does is makes it to where every...
  19. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Rotating tiles with code?

    Title says it all. Can tiles be rotated with code, even unconventionally? var ground = tile_get_ids_at_depth(1000010); for(var g = array_length_1d(ground), n = 0; n < g; n ++) { tile_set_rotation_oh_wait_this_function_doesnt_exist_darn_it(ground[n], choose(0, 90, 180, 270)); } NOTE: This...
  20. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Check the case of a letter? (SOLVED)

    Is there a way to check the case of a letter (whether or not it's a capital letter), returning either true or false (or something similar)?