1. D

    Gamemaker and Gamemaker two difference?

    What is the difference between Gamemaker and Gamemaker two coding? is it exactly the same, also is it easy to transfer old projects to the new game maker two?? Thanks
  2. R


    well, I started a card game project, and I wanted to make the cards face down and when you turn up you see a random value and with a different sprite, but I don't know how to do that and I'm getting upset with the project and thinking about giving up, I already looked in many tutorials but n...
  3. D

    Help me if you can

    hello guys im very knew to prgraming and gamemaker. I alredy watched tones of videos but i still dont get how to do meny things. i am programming an rpg game with the GML from gamemaker studio 1.8. im doing an rpg game and have some things going on. the sprites dont look good when i press play...
  4. K

    GameMaker code error

    //code hsp = 0; vsp = 0; //Start of attack if (sprite_index != spr_player_attack1) { sprite_index = spr_player_attack1; image_index = 0; ds_list_clear(hitbyAttack); } //Use attack hitbox & check for hits mask_index = spr_player_attack1HB; var hitbyAttackNow = ds_list_create(); var...
  5. Architheutis

    iOS Game-crash during test procedure

    Hi Folks, after succeeding with compiling my game for xcode I have a persistent problem during the test phase: I´m using an iPad Xs (14.4.8) - xcode registered it and installed the test-bundle on it. The game has 12 big levels. It works fine on Android from start til the end. But on...
  6. V

    Windows have problems with ray-casting

    Good afternoon! I have a problem. I want to make a game like wolfenstein 3d 1992, but I faced an incomprehensible problem: I made rays that are drawn until an obstacle is encountered, but the ray ends earlier, be it a wall more details in the picture
  7. N

    [Decided]Please help with Game Maker Studio 2!

    I beg you! Tell me what to do if any new object disappears, that is, I have 3 rooms in two rooms I used smooth loading (alpha), but not on 3. And everything seems to work, but if you put the object, it will disappear. I realized that it's problem in alpha, but I can't figure out how to fix it...
  8. K

    Objects Not Showing Up

    Hi, I have no past in coding and programming, and i wanted to try gamemaker because friends told me it is an easy software, but i have a problem. when i place an object in any room, i just can't see it... what should i do? (the visible checkbox is ticked) here is a video showing my problem ...
  9. B

    GMS 2.3+ Weird Sprite Spawns

    Random Sprites Spawn during my game like those gradients and the main character space ships i have no clue how to fix this, Evan when searched the sprites are used in any code, just background use only.
  10. T

    Arabic font in gamemaker

    EDIT: Solved, how do I delete a post lol
  11. D

     Moonlit - Retro Platformer Game

    Moonlit Moonlit is a retro-style platform game, in which you play as a young girl affected by a curse. At night, she is able to morph into a werewolf, and, as a werewolf, she cannot use her gun as a ranged-weapon, but her claws become a deadly melee weapon. The game has been in development for...
  12. O

    Android Can't build for Android

    Hello guys, i buyed GMS2 for Android and Installed the SDK, NDK and JDK. All seems to be Right but i just can't build the game for Android. I Always get "Build Failed" message on my log. Saving project to: C:\Users\Jerome\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\Testgame\Testgame.yyp "cmd" /c subst Z...
  13. Bart

    Graphics Blender to GameMaker:Studio Exporter

    Blender to GameMaker:Studio Exporter (current release v1.0.6) Note to the moderators viewing this topic: I spoke with @Nocturne about this and got approval to put it here Introduction After quite a few years I am happy to announce the updated version of my Blender exporter add-on that I posted...
  14. FullCup

    SOLVED Instance_place doesn't work for platforms (one way platform)

    I'm trying to make a platform collision (only from top to down / falling). Well, this code works but when the player collide with other platform inside, he ignores the bottom collision and he goes through it. I Tried to use 'instance_place' but it doesn't work. What i want is to check the...
  15. S

    Sprites blurry.

    I've been recently trying to make a game in GameMaker Studio 1 because of quarantine. It kinda makes it harder because basically all tutorials now are focused on GM:S 2. The problem is, although i was able to make a camera with the view of the room, per some motive, the sprite of my Player gets...
  16. Jesus17

    GMS 2 Could you guys please help me? Text and talking sprite animation

    Hey guys I'm new at this. I'm from Colombia bu I had to come here bc I can't get enough information for my "problem" As you can see at the title I wanna know how to stop my sprite animation "How to stop its mouth when the text finishes (bc it is a typewritter effect)" because its mouth keeps...
  17. Daniel Mallett

    Discussion Just out of interest

    Just out of interest has anyone used other products like game maker. Namely things like coco and construct. If so how do they compare. I gravitated towards game maker when I was making this decision very quickly. Game maker seems like the best tool on the market by a long shot. What do you guys...
  18. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL Best GameMaker Game 2020

    YoYo Games are requesting game submissions to crown the BEST GAMEMAKER GAME OF 2020! Check out the blog post and submit your stuff NOW!
  19. lluuze

    Code Errors

    Hello, I’ve recently swapped out the main character’s sprites for a different sprite but there were some complications so I decided to change back to the original. Since doing so, I’ve encountered issues with the character’s movement animation not swapping like it used to and the collision of...
  20. ImReverx

    GMS 2 GM2 Fatal Exception

    Can someone help me? (I've already reinstalled it several times) *This version is a trial version and was not downloaded from the Steam platform. - What the log shows: [13:26:52:673(d59e)] ************************************** 04/14/2020 **************************************...