1. U

    GML Alarm bug

    recently i been trying to make an cronometer, but i need to put an determinated number in alarm. i try to put like that: Step Event if(keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space)){ alarm[0]=0.6 } and don't work,but when i put 1 it work, someone help me?
  2. D

    Exporting GM in GM 2?

    If you get GM2 is it possible to open and export your old projects in the new GM2 so I don't have to rebuild games from scratch? I was going to export some games in Gamemaker but now Google Play store needs a 64bit version which Gamemaker doesn't do. Thanks
  3. AlexDerFerri

    Asset - Project Picross (Nonogram) on GMS2

    PICROSS (NONOGRAM) PUZZLE GAME ON GMS2 Marketplace link: Hi there! I've just uploaded a GMS2 project that shows you how to make a Picross puzzle-game on GMS2. The code is fully commented so it is easy to follow along. I've also made...
  4. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 How to find out the hz-rate and the resultion

    With which command command, you can find out how high the heart rate of the screen of the person using it is e.g. this will be used for a Vsync function. and another question: How can I find out the current screen resolution of the person using my game to be able to use these results in a variable.
  5. Aria

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced | Programmer | Looking for Work

    About Me Hello, my name is Aria. I'm a game programmer. I’ve been working with Game Maker Studio 2 for about 3 years. I also have some experience working with Unity 2D and Godot. I can work with most programming related aspects of 2D games, including, but not limited to: Platformer Shoot’em...
  6. SendTheGravy

    "Wait" command?

    Hi. I'm super new to programming and was just wondering if there is a "wait" command when programming. I want to have a pause between a sprite change on an object, how would I go about doing that, thanks! :)
  7. J

    Legacy GM Game wont run anymore?!

    I tried to run the game and the console and everything booted (Compile works completely fine) but the game doesnt start?! why? Help!
  8. W

    Windows [RESOLVED] "Made with GameMaker Studio 2" splash screen won't go away while testing

    Howdy. I have a big issue that involves the "Made with GameMaker Studio 2" splash screen. Every time I try to test my project, the screen won't go away. In fact, there is nothing there to be tested! I can't do anything at all except stare at the stupid screen. I ran it in debug mode and the...
  9. Andrew R. C. Beck

    Too focused on progress?

    'Ello 'ello 'ello ladies and gentlespoons! I have been working on creating a specific game since February 2019 and I am getting closer and closer to a finished demo sample for public use... The thing is that I am rather anxious about the idea of releasing something I have worked really hard on...
  10. K12gamer

    Scary Game Maker games...

    I'm searching for scary themed Game Maker games. Are there any you can recommend. I'll Start: Dracula 13 (by @Yal ) Classic GM 8.1 Game I remembered playing a long time ago. I think I first played it from GM's Sandbox. Glad it's still available on LINK. It's like a Scary version of a...
  11. Fataliti

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer 2+ years of experience

    Coder with 2+ years experience in GMS also can work with python. I am looking for a job as a programmer. The price is negotiable but I count on 7-10$ per hour. Contact with me: discord: Fataliti // Reifshneider#3923 email: this is what i made...
  12. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension All Android Extensions Update (GM

    Hi! i just updated all me Android, now are compatible with the lastest update of GameMaker Firebase iOS,Android&Web Click Here AdMob onDate Click Here Google Play Services onDate Click Here Bluetooth Android Click Here Share Image iOS&Android: Click Here Camera iOS&Android Click Here...
  13. Artemy_Privalov

    Portfolio - Art 2D Sprite Artist In any Subject ($8/hour)

    Hello! I am an artist of 2D sprites, drawing them in any subject... I work for GameMaker: Studio, and I draw sprites in Aseprite. My works, which so far are not very large, you can see in the pinned files! The price for my work is negotiable, but my minimum is $7 per hour. For...
  14. Gavolot

    Portfolio - Programming Programming or optimization, as well as gmEdit!

    For a long time I helped not a small number of projects on this engine. I also learned to program on third-party programming environments such as unity. Therefore, I think it will not be difficult for me to help your project start flying. For some time I studied (and study) with...
  15. Dwighty4000

    Discussion Need my selfmade Game GMS credits?

    I plan to release a game on Steam that I programmed with Gamemaker Studio 2. Do I have to specify credit that this game was made with GameMamer Studio? And if so, where?
  16. Alexir

    GML How to make an object face another object?

    I know this is an insanely easy thing to do, but I can not, for the life of me, figure it out. I'm fairly new to Gamemaker studio 2, and I don't know how to make an object face towards another object constantly, while they move. I have a player character, and an enemy who is holding a weapon...
  17. S

    Disable Ads from Admob for Ingame Purchase Android

    .is there a function that disables all ads?
  18. G

    How to do i find gesture_tap location on screen?

    I am trying to find where the player tapped on the screen (x, y). Android. Could not find anything in the documentation on how to do so.
  19. K12gamer

    Are there any GameMaker games in the Windows App Store?

    (8/15/2019 Update): Finally got a game in the Microsoft store (Thread LINK) If you know of any GameMaker games in the Microsoft App store...can you post a link. I have the GameMaker UWP module...and I'm slowly learning how to put games in Microsoft's store. It's seems to be slightly more...
  20. Bokkie2988

    Windows Try my new game Cat Clicker, a cookie-clicker inspired clicker game!

    In this little game you collect as much cats as possible, and with those cats you can buy upgrades to gain even more cats! In a matter of minutes you'll have thousands of cats! Screenshot: Im looking for feedback, so be sure to leave some if you try the game out...