gamemaker 8.1

  1. pointlessLife

    game maker 8.1 in 2020

    My pc is not that great,so, the smoothest GM is the 8th for me. Well, i wanted to know, where could i find some good content of GML for GM 8.1 if its possible obviously. Someone said to me that, learning from tutorials of gms 1, would help because they are almost the same, but, i didnt trust...
  2. R

    Can't place tiles properly when zoomed in

    Hi I'm new to GameMaker. I'm using GameMaker 8.1 Lite and I have a problem with tiles. Whenever I try to place tiles (in the room properties), I have to be zoomed in a specific amount or else it doesn't place under my cursor, and instead will place it somewhere far away from where i want to...
  3. L

    Sounds cutting off - Windows 10 issue?

    I'll admit that my project has many sounds that play regularly, but nothing too crazy as it's mostly for ambience. Recently i've noticed that an externally loaded sound that's told to loop will play for a split second and disappear, or just won't play at all. Less commonly it'll play for a...
  4. P

    Diagonal Movement with Animations

    Hi Everyone. I was hoping to make a small Zelda game for my Junior IT assignment. I've managed to get link do do smooth diagonal movement (without code), and a different link to do smooth animations. However, I can't get the animations to work properly, I've tried using these to have the...
  5. P

    GML object_get_sprite doenst work

    Hi I wrote this code voor a topography game: currentquestion = object_get_sprite(obj_topoquest); if((currentquestion == argument0 ||currentquestion == argument1) && global.vraagtopo <9){ ding = random_range(0, 23); switch(ding){ case 0: with(obj_topoquest) sprite_index = spr_drenthevr1...
  6. P

    GML How to check the direction in which an object is moving?

    Hi I am trying to create an if statement which checks in which direction a object is moving. How can I accomplish this? Maybe good to mention I am using Game Maker 8.1
  7. P

    GML Sprite doesnt change...

    I made a script and all the sprites change except a couple of them (the sprite changes on calcquest). Please help me, I am realy desperate... My code: global.vraag += 1; if (global.vraag = 1){ sprite_index = spr_goedantvr2; object_set_sprite(obj_calcquest, spr_calcvrg2)...
  8. D

    Is it possible to make bullets in a 3d game

    I'm trying to make a 3d fps shooter but i can't figure out how to make code for bullets and also to be able to kill the enemy object.
  9. D

    Gamemaker 8.1 3d FPS Bullet Collisions

    Could someone take a look at my game and figure out how i would set up Bullet collisions so that it destroys the enemy upon contact.
  10. Karlabos

    8.1 standard won't run any games

    Hi. I dfidn't find a place for GM 8.1 standard tech support so I'm posting this here. So I can open gamemeker and make my games but they won't run, not even in debug mode. The loading screen keeps loading and whenever I open the task manager it says it's not responding, so it keeps loading...
  11. D

    Shooting Delay code (3D FPS) GameMaker 8.1

    I am struggling to find code to add a Delay between firing a shot for my gun
  12. G

    Quarter Circle Path

    Hello GameMaker community, I am making a grid-based game similar to Simcity or Transport Tycoon, where cars travel over roads tiles. Each of my road tiles has a pre-defined path, most are straight or left/right turns. My problem is that I can not get the left/right turn paths to follow a...
  13. Diogo Pimenta

    GameMaker - 1 Creating the game of Super Mario Bros (first screen 1)

    GameMaker - 1 Creating the game of Super Mario Bros (first screen 1)
  14. Diogo Pimenta

    Vídeo Aulas GameMaker

    GM Version: GM 1.4 Target Platform: Windows Download: see video links below Description: Learn step-by-step how to create 2D PC games in GameMaker Studio. First Episode Here: GameMaker - 1 Creating the Games in style of Super Mario Bros (Initial Screen 1) Let's learn how to create games in the...
  15. A

    Windows GM8.1 + Audacity = Muted Sound?

    As of recently, whenever I edit a .wav file in Audacity and import it into Gamemaker 8.1, the sound does not play in-game or in the editor. Whenever the cue for the sound occurs in-game, it does not play and cuts all current sounds that are playing. Is there any fix to this?
  16. G

    Game test closes itself

    Hello, I seem to have a problem with GameMaker 8.1. When I try to test my game, with F5 or F6, it runs normally, but shortly after, the game suddenly closes (closing GameMaker too) but leaving the processes running in the background (checked it with task manager). After a lot of tries, the...
  17. Anti-Icarus

    Legacy GM Test Instance Count function not working

    I'm having a problem in which the Test Instance Count function is not working when it's supposed to. I was experimenting with making a game from an old textbook on Game Maker in order to see how the methods would stack up in GameMaker: Studio and possibly expand on it in the future. To be...
  18. G

    [SOLVED] Need Desperate Help

    I've been trying to make my game auto-tile sprites now for the last 15 hours, I tried posting this earlier on the forums and reddit page to see if anyone knows how to program this, and haven't gotten anything so far... Basically, there are 13 sprites. 2 wall tiles, 2 floor tiles, 4 corner...
  19. C

    Legacy GM Spawning randomly within 640x480

    So I want to spawn some in a game that is 640x480. This is the code I have so far for my spawning instance_create(irandom_range(448,608),irandom_range(0,0 I want to make an object spawn or be created randomly anywhere in that room, what do I need to change? (I know it's most likey my x and y's...
  20. L

    Optimizing performance with sound

    I want to conserve as much memory as possible for optimal performance as the game has a lot of resources. The information provided for gm sound is quite vague too so I'm full of questions and unsure how to approach thing's. If a sound is loaded into the exe (preloaded or not) does it stay in...