gamemaker 8.0 lite

  1. ILikeBalls

    Don't know fixing collision. It always stuck.

    everytime the rectangle hit the ball in the left or the right side, the ball stuck and the score goes up rapidly. Is there any tips to fix this problem? Video:
  2. M

    GML Checkpoints (safepoint) in a 2D platformer game

    Hello, I am farely new to this program and i am working on a 2D platformer in gamemaker 8.0, but i ran in to a problem with checkpoints. I currently have it all working that i an object called "checkpoint_deactivated" and an object "checkpoint_activated". As soon as the character hits one of the...
  3. C


    Well, the first thing I say (in addition to my bad English), is that I'm using GameMaker 8.1 Lite. Why? Well, because years ago I had obtained this version and was already somewhat accustomed to its interface, I have also GameMaker 2, but I still do not get used, as I saw that YoYo games no...
  4. S

    Mac OSX Game Maker Studio 8 DMG File?

    I was hoping that I would be able to get access to the Game Maker Studio 8 dmg file for Mac OSX. Thanks, Shean
  5. J

    Uploading Gamemaker 8 .exe to marketplace?

    Hi Im a returning user and Ive managed to archive my old games from the yoyogames sandbox. I cant find an answer if its possible to upload my old games made with Gamemaker 8 pro. Any answers would be appreciated, Ive put alot of time into these games!
  6. S

    Help with code about Object position

    So I have the scripts: if (obj_Gundam.y > y-85 && obj_Gundam.y < y+55) CanShootP1 = true; else CanShootP1 = false; and if (obj_PGundam.y > y-85 && obj_PGundam.y < y+55) CanShootP2 = true; else CanShootP2 = false; However, whenever the object obj_Gundam enters the area, it sets both CanShootP1...