gamemaker 2.0

  1. Slothagami

    SOLVED Custom Shadow Color?

    I have been battling with the shadows in my games for quite a while now and can't seem to do this myself, I want to have shadows for each object, in the shape of their object, and using a different color based on the color behind the shadow (to fit with the color palette) I am very new to...
  2. I

    I want to create a Turn Based RPG game in Gamemaker 2

    Hello! I'm kind of new on this programming stuff. I started with GameMaker Studio 1, I did learn a lot of stuff but I got stuck because of my lack of knowledge in GML, so I gave up there. Some time later, I got kinda hyped up with GameMaker Studio 2 and this time, I had learnt much more than...
  3. Slothagami

    SOLVED Global Multiplayer with friend's

    To put it simply: How do I connect to my friends that live a few blocks away? (I have just started to learn how to make multiplayer games) All the tutorials I've seen just say "we'll connect to local host for now" and then never come back to it. Do I need to just change the server_ip to...
  4. dragonsaurstudios

    GMS 2 Interstitial, Banners & Reward Ads Tutorial Series [VIDEO]

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: mobile (Android OS in this example) Download: n / a Links: Summary: Implement AdMob ad's in your projects. Part One [Interstitial] Length: 7m 28s Code: Part Two [Banners] Length: 7m 21s Code:
  5. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 ini file problem

    I have the following command: "ini_write_real (" global_language "," value0_1 ", global.newsParameter [0,1]);" the ini-file is given the value "1" in a previous gameplay and the game then ends. Now the game should read the registered value when starting from the "user.sav", but why he does not...
  6. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 how to control the object foreground

    How can I change the foreground priority of objects during the game with programming commands so that this optical error on the characters (see picture on the bottom) can be avoided? It should somehow be possible to distribute the foreground priority with codelines, so that in this case the...
  7. Dwighty4000

    Steam How to run and connect your game with Steam?

    should I export my game as setup or as zip. if I want to upload it on Steam? And how do my Game connect with the steam function's? how should steam know if the Player should got know a archievment ? I know about the code command: "steam_get_achievement". But how should this commandline connect...
  8. Slothagami

    [Solved] Find the Distance between two closest objects on the x axis only

    i am having trouble making water physics for my game and need to find the width (Pixels) of the container that the water object is inside of so that it can draw itself to that width and also use this number in other calculations later This needs to work regardless of the position of the water...
  9. Evan Kinsler

    GML [SEND HELP] Problems in writing code for Button commands and Direction arrays.

    Now, I don't notice what is going on with this current code I am writing. The exact process I folloowed while writing this code is this: -- I create a room, sprite, and an object as a sprite to be used in said room. For the object, I create an event following the following code: left[0] =...
  10. B

    Job Offer - General Looking for someone experienced with Spine and Gamemaker

  11. L

    GMS 2 collision acting funny

    GM2 Windows 10 within obj_player step event solid off physics off no collision event total newbie I'm playing with collisions for a top down tank game and came up with this bit of code. It draws a box with hit lines and feelers in the corners. I'm wondering why it works on the right side but...
  12. W

    Windows Remote server returned an error: (503)

    Hi all, New here, apologies if this has been posted but I need to resolve this as of today. None of our PCs will run GameMaker 2.0, this message is displayed String not found: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable. Details: IDE version...
  13. Schwee

    Team Request Dev Seeking Talented Members

    Seeking: Any talented and experienced individuals who are interested in collaborating on a game in progress. I'm most interested in finding someone to brainstorm ideas with who can also bring quality code or art to the table as well. The main skills I am looking for are creative thinking...
  14. I


    I have been trying to figure out the best way to collaborate with one other person using game maker 2. I have tried youtube videos and so game maker forums. Does anyone know the easiest way to collaborate? Thanks a lot!
  15. C

    How to have Global Variables change without resting between rooms

    Ok so I have a global variable get made in the first room called gold I want to set this to zero but then if they last 60-second change it by one. The problem is when they go back to the main screen it resets it to zero how do I stop this?
  16. H

    Android How to export Android apk file? [noob question]

    Hi there. Just recently bought Game Maker Studio 2 for Mobile. I am trying to export an android apk file or create an apk file but I am having trouble looking for it in the preference. I know this is a noob question but hope someone can help me. If this question is already asked please just...
  17. K

    GML [SOLVED] Using variable from 'other' Instance not working.

    Hi, this is likely a noob question but i'm trying to get a variable from an instance, but for some reason it doesn't use the variable. if (position_meeting(x - 60 , y + 10, obj_tile) && stop = false) { with position_meeting(x - 60, y + 10, obj_tile) { // Adding bomb count to tile...
  18. G

     8Th Sense 2D HandDrawn Platformer Demo.

    Hey guys, This is my first time posting here, and after I've seen some of your great work I decided to join the WIP movement :D. I made this game for a game jam, but because I was still too slow at coding, I could barely get basic things done, and the game was, obviously, received with very...
  19. H

    GML How to have objects colored with uniform pattern no matter their angle?

    Hi, I am new to Gamemaker Studio 2 - I would like to be able to create an object that can be laid down in any direction around the player, except that the appearance of the object's pattern/texture is uniform no matter the direction of the object. Hopefully the drawing below shows what I am...
  20. J

    Making the healthbar stick to my cameraview? [SOLVED]

    This is a pretty simple one, i simply want my healthbar to stick to the upper-left corner of my camera view, this is my code for the healthbar: STEP EVENT: x=camera_get_view_x(view_camera[0]); y=camera_get_view_y(view_camera[0]); What happens is that it simply places it in the corner once when...