gamemaker 2

  1. D

    (SOLVED)Just started using GameMaker 2 and I have no idea what this error is

    Error : sprite "spr_grass" has been used but is marked for no export I have no idea what this even means because I never saw it in game maker 1.
  2. G

    GMS 2 Animation Change

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to Gamemaker and I had a quick question about changing your character animation. I currently have an idle animation set to my player object but I'm stuck on how to make him switch to my running animation when he begins to move. I'm using GameMaker Studio 2. Any help is...
  3. M

    GMS 2 changing camera with code[solved]

    Hey Is it possible to change camera width and height with a code? I am using game maker studio 2.
  4. Samuel Venable

     [SOLVED] get gamemaker version?

    I think there should be a way to get from a function or constant what exact version of GameMaker a game was compiled with. GameMaker Studio 2, just like 1.4, has a ton of bugs, especially with HTML5. This would also be useful for people writing extensions because, if a certain update of...
  5. K

    Question - IDE How to open resource tree and docktabs?

    I accidentally closed the resource tree and the docktab, do not tell how to open it?
  6. T

    Portrait browser scaling problems

    I am having troubles with pixel perfect scaling. if(os_type == os_windows){ ideal_width = 0; ideal_height = 960; start_b_width = browser_width; start_b_height = browser_height; aspect_ratio = browser_width/ browser_height; ideal_width = round(ideal_height / aspect_ratio); if(ideal_width &...
  7. A

    Connecting iOS to Gamemaker 2 problems

    I am having trouble getting my iPad to connect to my Gamemaker 2, I could connect my Mac book just fine but even with the tablet plugged into the mac it does not detect it. I have never used any Apple products before so when it comes to that assume I know nothing lol.
  8. K

    GMS 2 [Solved] Camera snapping to previous location when moving after moving it to other places

    Edit 1: Guess i just needed to post it here to change my perspective on the thing. Since i use x += floor((xTo-x)/5); y += floor((yTo-y)/5); i had to add x = viewposX; y = viewposY; in the initialization of the variables in my Global Right Down method. I have two objects which both have a...
  9. J

    GMS 2 how to make my game scale to display

    My friend was testing my game (it is 1920x1080) but his monitor is very small so it looked like this: (only about a quarter of the game window) it even had the same problem when in full screen (i thought full screen mode automatically re-scaled it to the display) so does anyone know how i can...
  10. L

    Discussion Can't run or debug game

    I'm using gamemaker 2 when I click debug or run it doesn't work when I press the button or hotkey there are no error messege... literally doesn't work I've been check log, there are no error or any kind of messege any file has same problem... even market's file(my game, yoyo rpg, ruin magic...
  11. Seabass (The Human)

    Headless Support for Game Maker: Studio 2

    Game Maker servers have forever been a bad choice due to the lack of headless support. If we can get a few thousand votes, YYG will give us proper headless support. Petition: What does headless mean...
  12. Dani

    Discussion "screen_save_part" not working in fullscreen

    Hello! Please, take a look at screen_save_part function because is not working at all in fullscreen mode and it even crashes sometimes. I have a script for taking and sharing screenshots on Steam that works perfectly in GMS 1.x: var filename = working_directory + "screenshot_" +...
  13. M

    GMS 2 Import .col Files to customize Code Editor

    Are you able to import .col files to Game Maker Studio 2 in order to be able to customize the code editor? I can see that you're able to change every single color in the preferences but this is really tedious, is there a way to make it faster? Thanks for reading
  14. L

    [Solved] Variable not set before reading?

    I have an object with a create event with the code: var cardSelected = 0; and then a step event in the same object with the code: if (mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left)) { if(cardSelected == 0)//if card is not selected, change to selected { cardSelected = 1; } } for some reason the step...
  15. T

    Windows GameMaker Studio 2 Crashes on Startup

    Hello, Yesterday GameMaker Studio 2 worked perfectly fine. Today I got the Windows creator update and now when I open the program, there is a white screen and then it crashes. I have tried uninstalling and installing GameMaker Studio 2 multiple times, through Steam and through the regular...
  16. V

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Having issues with draw_text()

    So what I'm trying to do is display some info next to the player character with draw_text(). What I've done is set up a draw event with just two lines of code: draw_self(); draw_text(x + 200,y - 200,string(direction)); For some reason the text isn't showing up next to the player sprite. Any...
  17. Gregory Tapper

    Team Request Looking for a 2D Artist for a Game Jam

    Looking for a 2D artist for a 1-2 week game jam sometime in May. Please be able to commit! Bonus if you live in Austin. Possibly this adventure jam from May 5th - May 19th? But open to anything. Will be using GameMaker 2. Flexing my GML. Willing to make...
  18. T

    GMS 2 Has anyone used layer_sprite_alpha succesfully? [SOLVED]

    Hey folks, I'm delving into GMS 2 for pretty much the first time and I'm loving the whole new layer approach. Awesome. I've run into snag with using asset layers though. Basically, there are several sprites in an asset layer which I want to manipulate their alpha values. My understanding is...
  19. S

    Question - D&D Sprite's Glitching Out

    I'm Using Drag And Drop And Is EXTREMELY New To All This, Ok so i am creating a small rouge like shooter, think binding of issaac but with two or three rooms and infinite enemy spawning, i have my enemys room player and bullets coded and they work perfectly, but when i try to change the players...
  20. Y

    Minimun specs?

    I think i want to buy a cheap laptop to use GMS:2 on the go, but id don't know of this one is good enough. It as an Intel Pentium N3710 and Intel HD Graphics, 2 gigs of DDR3 ram 32 gigs of flash storage If i buy this it is only for GMS:2 and some text documents on google docs, so storage soud...