gamemaker 2

  1. I

    Legacy GM Save Array to DS list

    Is it possible to save matrix values in ds list? I would like to save the array values to the list, but would like the value to be added if it does not exist, and if it does, it will not be added to the list. I would like an example of how this can be done. Thanks.
  2. N

    GMS 2.3+ Trampoline not working when falling on top of it too quickly

    Hi, I've made a really short Video (40s) to explain my problem more easily. The Code for my Trampoline Step looks like this: if (instance_exists(oPlayer)) { var horizontally_on = (oPlayer.bbox_right >= bbox_left) && (oPlayer.bbox_left <= bbox_right); if (oPlayer.bbox_bottom <= y) &&...
  3. UbuntuJackson

    Do I pay for gamemaker 2 once or will I need to keep paying a fee to use it?

    Do I pay for gamemaker 2 and then I have it for all future, or will I need to pay something monthly? Just wanna make sure.
  4. Diegovz01

    Linux [SOLVED] I'm totally noob at linux but want to try ubuntu export. I simply can't connect.

    Hi, I just installed ubuntu as dual boot on a laptop and followed the instructions from the ubuntu guide to make the connection with a windows 10 desktop and GameMaker Studio 2 v. Installed all the dependencies and configured the target settings fields on GMS2 but when I press the...
  5. A

    SOLVED Instances not showing up in my game

    I recently began a new gms2 project. I did the beginning stuff (made basic sprites, a player object, etc.) but when I went to run the game, nothing showed up. I made a game object to draw a gui and that worked fine (and removing that didn't fix anything), but the player doesn't appear. Using...
  6. PineTreePizza

    Having Trouble With Ads Please Help!

    I've had an admob account for about a month now and I've heard people say that this error happens when you have a fresh admob account but it isnt the case for me this is my code that does the ad GoogleMobileAds_Init(intid,appid); GoogleMobileAds_LoadInterstitial(); idk if i should post the...
  7. Architheutis

    iOS GMS2 (Mac IDE) compiles trouble...

    Hi There. sorry for being stubbornly. But xcode makes me furious! I could solve further errors. But some of them seem to be a hard thing! Please take a look on the added images. Maybe somebody has an idea how to solve these problems. Archie.
  8. V

    Warp to a location within same room

    I see a lot of tutorials about warping to other rooms, but what if you want to warp to a different spot in the same room? How would you go about that? The simple code I'm familiar with is: if room=room1{ room_goto(room1) x=1315 y=107 } As you can see, I am trying to warp to...
  9. B

    SOLVED Create DsList in iOS Native extension

    Hello I have created an extension for iOS with Objective C and I need to return a list of maps. In the iOS native extensions examples show how to create a dsMap with CreateDsMap, but nothing more. How can I create a DsList of DsMaps in objective C? Is there a list of all the GameMaker...
  10. Heavenisreal777

    GMS 2 [Please Help] Enemy pathfinding problems :(

    Hi, GameMaker Community. I'm making a top down game, but the enemies that are supposed to follow the player, sometimes run into walls and obstacles. I've temporarily fixed this by doing the following: // If player is near Enemy object then target_x - is player postition x target_y - is player...
  11. McJazzhands

    SOLVED Spacing Multiple Objects Along The Same Orbit

    Heya folks! I'm working on my first solo project outside of some tutorials and I've decided to make a Gradius III clone. As such, I want to create some helper ships that orbit the player at a set distance without overlap. What I'm trying to achieve: Think the R. Options from Gradius III. As...
  12. U

    GMS 2 Check all objects

    Hey, i was wondering if the is a way to check if one variable is equals to 1,for example, in all objects of one type: if(all of object one type.variablenamehere==1){ then do something }
  13. lluuze

    Code Errors

    Hello, I’ve recently swapped out the main character’s sprites for a different sprite but there were some complications so I decided to change back to the original. Since doing so, I’ve encountered issues with the character’s movement animation not swapping like it used to and the collision of...
  14. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 GPU Overloading Problem

    I have an adjustable function in my game, which can be used to increase or decrease the "room_speed". This is to allow players to adjust their FPS rate, which works well if you have a fast computer. But if someone now has a weak graphics card and is worth a room_speed because the graphics card...
  15. Slothagami

    SOLVED ds_grid_sort with two columns?

    I am making a leaderboard for my game (using networking, GMS:2) and I'm new to ds_grids I want to sort it so that the player with the highest killcount is at the top, and if two or more players have the same score their order is decided by health e.g: player1 has score of 2 and 6 hp player2 has...
  16. Slothagami

    SOLVED Global Multiplayer with friend's

    To put it simply: How do I connect to my friends that live a few blocks away? (I have just started to learn how to make multiplayer games) All the tutorials I've seen just say "we'll connect to local host for now" and then never come back to it. Do I need to just change the server_ip to...
  17. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 How can I use the powerfull hardware for my GMS2 Game?

    My game has been online on Steam for a few days and there have been some negative reviews. A review rating was e.g. the problem that with a laptop, the computer does not recognize the game as a game and continues to run the game with the Intel HD Graphics GPU, which leads to strong performance...
  18. Dwighty4000

    Windows What is YYC and VM? And what did I wrong in my case?

    I have put the code in the place in the YYGML.h file as indicated. Then I pressed: "Delete Asset Chache" in "General Settings" -> "paths". Then I saved and ran the application with F5, then saved again with: "Ctrl + S" and exported. When exporting, however, the specified additional files were...
  19. Lite

    GMS 2 Virtual Keyboard Input slow and skips when typing

    When typing text using the virtual keyboard on mobile devices it's very easy to type quickly which results in text not actually being entered. Would this require me to up the room speed so that more steps happen per second or is that not the issue? For example: I tap on a textbox to activate it...
  20. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 How to make Steam Screenshots?

    I tried to incorporate the code from the wiki page but this is wrong when you insert it! What am I doing wrong here and what do I have to do so that I can take screenshots that are then saved on Steam? /// @description Making Steam Screenshot steam_send_screenshot(filename, width, height)...