gamemaker 1.4

  1. G

    Create Application but no APK found [SOLVED]

    Hello, I have been developing games on gamemaker since last year. I have 4 titles on google and apple store. Yesterday when I tried to update one of my apps, my target platform is set to android / fire and I clicked on create application, the compile messages ran normal and it says create...
  2. chasingsyzygies

    Released The Conflux Story - An atmospheric adventure

    The Conflux Story is a pixelated, atmospheric adventure game about a love triangle, a lost guitar, and the daring sewer expedition that recovered the latter and shattered the former. An object of immeasurable sentimental value has been lost. It now lies far below you, at the heart of a pitch...
  3. </iKON1K>

    Enemy Path Facing

    Hello! Right now I am programming my enemy so it follows a path that i draw to it, and if player comes to close it starts chasing it, and once player runs away it goes back to it path. And I made it so when it chases the player, it faces the direction where player at. But when it is on the path...
  4. Sammi3

    Using Array as ds_map key

    Hello, I'm having an issue when using an array as a ds_map key. When I set an array as a key and immediately try to get the value, it works. But when I use ds_map_find_* functions, while the array is returned, it is not usable as a key. For example: previousNodes[?state] = action...
  5. M

    Windows Gamemaker Studio 1.4 Inception

    Hey Gamemakers, I'm Working On A Secret Project And Need Help With Some Great GML Coders. In The Project I Want My Player Character To Minimize The game Window And Walk Off Your Screen, But How I Want It Setup Without Funny Business Like A Virtual Windows Room I Create I Want it To Scoop Up...
  6. A

    Legacy GM Need help with drawing changing variables (SOLVED]

    I don't know how to explain it, so I got two pictures here: As the variables get larger, the numbers start to go into eachother. I want it so the MAXHP will draw in front of the HP, like this...
  7. Y

    Legacy GM point_to_object not working (SOLVED)

    so I'm using point_to_object in this script: if(instance_exists(Obj_Inscriptiontable1)){ if(distance_to_object(Obj_Inscriptiontable1) < 3){ show_debug_message("Close") if(global.Mission[1] = 1 && global.MissionQuest[3] = 1 && global.Inchat != 1){ global.Inchat = 1...
  8. M

    how can an object fly in physics?

    how can i make an object in physics world fly for a while and then come back to the ground? I looked up on this a lot but couldn't find anything useful
  9. Y

    Legacy GM distance_to_object not working

    So I'm using a dialogue system that's connected to my missions to show certain texts for certain objects at certain missions. first you have mission 1 in mission one you have 4 quests and you need to complete 1 to proceed to the other my first 2 quests work fine but for my 3rd the player needs...
  10. M

    Transfer enemy from one side to other

    So I am trying to make it such that the enemy magically transfers to the opposite side of the player when the player is about to hit, however, I am not able to do it.. I am using gamemaker 1.4 btw and am using physics. Here is the code I tried but didn't work: if...
  11. Y

    Legacy GM isometric tiles

    I'm making a rpg game (graphics style is kinda like pokemon) and the room is 15000x6000 to increase performance I changed most objects that don't collide with the player to tiles. but they are either in front or behind the player. I wanted to use -y in the layer depth but this isn't possible I...
  12. M

    My ALARM isn't working with IF statement properly..

    So I want this enemy to punch me when he comes close enough to me but i don't want the sprite to keep constantly repeating itself without no break in between.. I tried setting this code but it didn't work which is odd because i always used this code for my previous games and it worked.. STEP...
  13. Master Maker

    Legacy GM Java to GML?

    I was wondering if there is an extension to convert Java code into GML code? Or if anyone would be willing to convert some for me? I am wanting to make a huge update to pixel dungeon in GML.
  14. M

    My sprite animation isn't working

    So I am trying to create this game in a physics world.. and although , the moving and standing animation is working, the punching animation isn't.. it doesn't do anything.. it just remains stuck there.. although while moving the player, if i press the button for punching it kinda works.. but I...
  15. Y

    Legacy GM action doesn't work unless physically pressing button(SOLVED)

    In my game when the player presses a key and some conditions are met it should emulate a keypress(number 3) this will change the players wielding weapon and should change the attack animation accordingly. if I physically press the 3 button it does work. but when do it through the code my player...
  16. Y

    Legacy GM Bought advanced dialogue system isn't working(CLOSED)

    so a few days ago I bought advanced dialogue box from the gamemaker marketplace. I looked at the demo project and figured that I could just copy everything and in theory it should automatically work. well not... nothing happens when I try it in my game but when I go back to his demo it does...
  17. Y

    Legacy GM make enemy stop in front of player

    so I have enemy AI that use the mp_grid function to find a path towards the enemy player. but I need them to stop a few pixels in front of the enemy instead of them trying to go inside him. here is some code but I don't think it's very usefull ///path RepothPosx = (Obj_Repoth1.x div 20) * 20 +...
  18. Nono

    Android / Amazon Fire raise the brightness of the device

    In my new game for android, the ideal would be to raise the brightness of the device. How can I do this by programming from Game Maker Studio 1.4 ?? Greetings and I hope to solve it, thank you.
  19. D

    Legacy GM Character speed based on ground angle

    So after about two months I finally figured out the code to this sonic like platforming engine. There are a few things that still elude my right now and this is one of the big ones. So I have the character able to rotate and move according to the angle of the ground, that is found by two sensor...
  20. S

    How do i check if the room is using the physics world?

    So, im making a room editor and i want to disable and enable the physics world if the game is using physics.