gamemaker 1.4

  1. A

    Homing bullets help

    How do I make my homing bullets spread to different enemies if the enemy is one instance? Like I have enemy A created multiple times but the homing bullets will only home in on the "first" created rather than the newly created ones.
  2. J

    Legacy GM How to play attack animation over walking animation?

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say im fairly new to Gamemaker so im not great at coding yet. im currently having an issue with my animations. i have created a working code and animation for my player's attack and have also got basic movement with animations to go with it. my problem is that when...

    Legacy GM need help with saving and loading stats!

    so i want to save my stats in gamemaker but when i restart the game even when saving it will not save th current stats (still a bit of a noob at saving so im using a drag and drop system) my game uses physics so what im doing is that when you save the game you go to a non physics room and save...
  4. tamation

    Stuttering View when player moves

    Hey everyone, I have a problem with the views following my player object in my game. My player's base move speed is 1, but there's a friction variable that adds .1 to a speed of 0 until the player is moving at a speed of 1. The problem with this is that whenever my player is moving at a speed...
  5. S

    Knockback Glitch Help!!!

    Whenever a player is hit, they get knockback. But whenever the player runs into an item on the ground (a weapon they can pick up) while the knockback is still in effect, the item’s physics goes wild, and the item flys off. Can anyone help me fix this?? Please, any help is appreciated!!!
  6. M

    Team Request [Norway] Mental Outcast Games are looking for people to join our newest project.

    Facebook job listings: Pixel Artist: Programmer: We in Mental Outcast Games are looking for...
  7. S

    Alarm Cancelling

    Hey everyone, so the game I’m trying to make is pretty simple. The player is a ghost and has to possess all of the humans in the room before it can move on. I want it to where the player has to hold down F for 3 seconds while making contact with the human before the human is possessed. Right now...

    Legacy GM need help with music! anyone help would be great!

    so what I want to do is when the player kills a certain enemy or amount of enemies (like undertale) i would like to change the sound file. basically i have two rooms, one is if the player spares the enemy and another when the player kills the enemy. i want to change the music for the next room...
  9. N

    If statement && ||

    Hi all! I am making a CPU for a game. It's a 2D shooting game. But that doesn't matter. To get straight to the point, let's take a look at my code. Me :: obj_player_red Bot :: obj_bot ///Step Event obj_bot if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space){ // If you pressed...
  10. I

    Legacy GM Check for left and right

    Hello! I am making a platformer in GameMaker: Studio, and I am currently facing one issue. I want the player to fall down slower if he is against a wall while he is falling, and he is pressing direction key toward the wall. So if he is near the right wall, he will need to press right key and be...
  11. H

    Android Exporting to android broken

    Hey, I've been trying to export my game to test on an android phone. However, I always get this error :/ FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Task 'assembleRelease' not found in root project 'com.companyname.Rally'. * Try: Run gradlew tasks to get a list of available...
  12. W

    Windows Game wont run code

    It's easy to work with gamemakerstudio in the event editor, but has its limitations. When i write a code in the event editor it says what is bad, even in the test launch it says where something is missing or bad coded, but when i run it the launcher seems to ignore everything and obey just the...
  13. mootaz azaiez

    Android game_end() does not work any more !

    Hi , the game_end() does not work anymore on android ( game_end event too ) after the new gamemaker 1.4 update ! please help !
  14. M

    Legacy GM Not reading initialized variables [SOLVED]

    Hey coders, As I am new to this forum I was hoping to get some help on a issue I have some time in my code and cannot get fixed myself. The context is that I am making a simple tower defense game for my IT classes. The specific problem is that I want my towers to be able to level. For this I...
  15. G

     8Th Sense 2D HandDrawn Platformer Demo.

    Hey guys, This is my first time posting here, and after I've seen some of your great work I decided to join the WIP movement :D. I made this game for a game jam, but because I was still too slow at coding, I could barely get basic things done, and the game was, obviously, received with very...
  16. N

    Legacy GM With but not self.

    Hi, this doesn't work: with (obj_projectile(not self)) instance_destroy(); Can someone please give advise?? Thank you!
  17. N

    Legacy GM Blend Modes

    Heyall, quick question, I used in the draw event this code: draw_set_color(c_black); draw_rectangle(0,0,room_width,room_height,false) draw_set_blend_mode(bm_subtract); draw_circle(room_width/2,room_height/2,200,false) draw_set_blend_mode(bm_normal); I used draw_set_blend_mode(bm_subtract)...
  18. S

    Checking for objects! Help!

    Hello! So I have a problem with my enemies spawning on items and each other, and not being able to move. Can someone show me the code to check if there is not an object in the way before spawning the enemy? I know it’s simple, but I’m self taught. Thanks for your time!
  19. N

    Legacy GM Transition

    Heyall! I made a sprite with a transparent circle on it. I used it for a transition, but it is not good in my opinion, you see the pixels when it zooms in. Is there a way to create an object that draws a black rectangle and a transparent circle in the middle so you can see through it, and it...
  20. S

    How to check if there is an object before spawning an enemy!!!

    Hello! So I have a problem with my enemies spawning on items and each other, and not being able to move. Can someone show me the code to check if there is not an object in the way before spawning the enemy? I know it’s simple, but I’m self taught. Thanks for your time!