gamemaker 1.4

  1. P

    Mac OSX Having trouble trying to export to Mac

    Hey guys, I'm trying to export a game demo I made for OSX, but every time I open the app, I get a pop-up menu that says it quit unexpectedly. Does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it? I made the game using GMS 1.4, and thus, exported it from that version. Is there something I'm...
  2. H

    SOLVED Text writer object stops recognising variables when duplicated ( Doesn't use global variables )

    It works when it's the same object, or multiple of the same object in the room, but as soon as I duplicate it, the duplicated object doesn't recognise ANY of the variables. Error: ___________________________________________...
  3. Robotnik91

    Game Maker 1.4 - Collision Detection Not Accurate

    Hiya! I am using Game Maker 1.4. I am having troubles getting accurate collision detection with my obj_player and my obj_fire_hydrant. I am modifying the collision shapes to be only specific areas of both objects, but when I run the game, the parameters I set are ignored; it's as if the...
  4. Robotnik91

    Game Maker 1.4 Day/Night Cycle and Global Lighting Settings

    Hiya! I am using Game Maker 1.4. I am trying to make a city-type atmosphere in my game that changes day to night and back. I want something that I can code right into an object that is always present in my main overworld map, but something that will not reset if I enter a building and reenter...
  5. H

    GML Adding sound effects to my text engine

    Hey so my text engine thing works fine and all, but I'm having trouble making a sound play every time a letter appears on screen since the time function doesn't stop after the text finishes, could anybody help me figure out how to make it stop when the string is done writing? I tried things to...
  6. H

    SOLVED My Textbox Code (is a fixed problem just a copy and paste code now i guess.)

    Hey so I had a problem with my textbox that made it loop over and over again or just not be able to be used again after it closed, if you're having problems, you can either copy and paste my code or try and figure out how you can fix yours. Create Event: begintext = false draw_set_font(font0)...
  7. S

    Demo Instant replay / Time reversal Example

    I have made an example project showing how time can be reversed a few seconds back and replayed. In this case, it is a replay of a football /soccer game. When a goal is scored, the replay is shown. The match AI is not perfect and I will keep working on it. This example includes all the source...
  8. Acid Reflvx

    GML How do I make an audio detector – not detecting a file playing, but detecting a noise inside of the file?

    I need some help with making an audio detector that detects, for example, a snare while an audio file is playing that has multiple snares in it. Every time a snare is heard, it will trigger something to spawn, or something. I've looked everywhere, literally everywhere for an answer to this and...
  9. J

    Android error in making extension

    Hi. I am currently making a game that is targeted on android platform. I am currently using gamemaker 1.4 All I want is to make my game appear in the the sharing options. (something like this) If a user select my game, I would want my game to be opened, get the link as an input and save...
  10. C

    Need Help With 3D Raycasting

    Hello! So I started playing around with GameMaker's 3D functions a few days ago and have been trying to build my own Minecraft clone (original, I know). I've had very few issues thus far, however now I'm stuck. I'm trying to build a system that allows the player to build/break blocks, just like...
  11. J

    Gamemaker studio 1 and API level 28

    Hey, i was wondering how do you make the google play to approve your game made with gamemaker studio 1? I have developed couple years a game, and now im about ready to release it on google play. But i have encountered problem as the google play doesn't like some security issue, as my setup was...
  12. MatteKudasai

    GML Problems on making bullets work

    I'm trying to make a Shooter on Gamemaker Studio 1.4 and didnt find any tutorial about it. The idea is a Megaman-like game plus upwards shoot using only code, but I just started using GML and dont have any other experience in programing. Sorry if I mispell something, i'm Brazilian and have a...
  13. L

    Attack State

    I received this code error message after watching tutorials my college issued to me. I did take "calarvae_attack();" out and the game loaded however my enemies do not perform the attack animation as they are suppose to. How can I make the enemies attack the player back when approaching...
  14. lluuze

    Alarm - game_get_speed

    I've been watching tutorials issued by my college and have noticed that when using game_get_speed(gamespeed_fps); it does not work as gamemaker 1.4 doesn't recognise "game_get_speed." Are there any alternatives? I've tried room_speed but that also shows an error.
  15. lluuze

    Code Error

    I'm a college student currently studying Games Design, I've been using the tutorials provided by my college to create a game using Gamemaker v 1.4 but have came across an error while creating hit boxes. I think something doesn't exist within the code but don't understand what I'd need to do to...
  16. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Icon movement

    Hello, I'm creating a survival game and I have a crafting system, but when I move with the inventory open the crafting image has a delay or something (See images, I cant upload a video so the three images are taken one after the other and the images where taken when I was walking to the left)...
  17. Fabseven

    [SOLVED]battle room in gui layout ?

    Hello devs, I am creating a "board" game where you can encounter different events such as "open a treasure", "hunt event","shop" and of course "battle" While the board is always on the screen (let's say it's drawed on the draw event), the current event is displayed in draw gui event, Event...
  18. Ness Lutick

    Legacy GM Can't download GMS 1.4 anymore?

    Hello. For some reason, I can't download GMS 1.4 anymore. I have a GMS 2 license, and I was able to download 1.4 previously, but I'm suddenly unable to find any download button or link. Is it because I'm trying to download it on a Mac?

    Gamemaker v1.4 game doesn’t load

    I tried testing my game on v1.4999 yesterday and at first it would load and read path.file too long/compile error. Later my game took forever (1 hour) to load but as soon as it began compiling it just stopped. Can someone help me fix this? I’ve been working on my game for way too long for it to...
  20. J

    Legacy GM Jump from above?

    How do I program it like that -> if the player jumps from above onto an object -> it deletes itself (the object)? And how can I program it like that: if the player jumps from left or right, the player himself deletes himself? (I know and already have the jump code, I just need the other thingies)