1. H

    Windows Shadow Child

    Shadow Child is a challenging puzzle action platformer that will bring many hours of difficult levels, challenges, and surprises. Spend time finishing and completing over 135 levels that get harder and harder as you move forward. Shadow child on Shadow child on Gamejolt Shadow Child...
  2. H

    Windows TOP HAT HERO

    TOP HAT HERO HATS! LASERS! METORS! BOSSES! SPACE CHICKENS?!! TOP HAT HERO is an arcade shooter that is all about distance and high-score. Try to get challenging achievements while getting the TOP score KEY FEATURES Try to obtain all the achievements get the high score get bragging rights Any...
  3. H

    GMS 2 Game maker 2 to GameJolt api help

    I'm now to using the api in gamejolt. I've looked at the gamejolt api Manuel, I've downloaded the giveapps gamejolt api extension, and ive tried to use the api based off of instructions telling you what the api extensions functions do, but is still don't fully understand how to implement or...
  4. M

    GameJolt or

    Where do you suggest me to publish my games? Gamejolt, or both?
  5. NathanAuckett

    DreamHack Dallas Jam is March 29th - April 6th! Check out the prizes!

    Prizes: First place winner will win $1,000 USD, 3-day event passes and a showcasing spot for the winning game! 5 chosen games will have a showcasing spot at DreamHack Dallas with 3-day event passes! DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival, bringing esports tournaments, BYOC LAN...
  6. G

    HTML5 Earning $ from smaller (but quality) games

    (i say quality in brackets cause i dont want to completely sell my soul and make candy crush ripoffs for mums on ipads.. its just not a playerbase i can relate to) Can we pool our info on this subject? My best idea is release the game as free (kongregate, gamejolt, itch), but have players pay...
  7. G

    Distribution Publishing on other places before steam

    My game is nearly finished, and I started to think about publishing. I found out that (if I understood correctly), getting a game to steam can take months. So is it better to publish the game first on other places, like and gamejolt, or wait and publish it in all places at the same time...
  8. A

    Demo SENIORITIS (Scott Pilgrim-inspired Platformer)

    After a year of conceptualizing and half of one developing the first level, the demo of Senioritis is finally out for the public to play! Senioritis is an action-packed platformer inspired by Scott Pilgrim VS The World with beat 'em up mechanics. Play as Julian "JD" Davenport as you barrel...
  9. NathanAuckett

    Windows The Cardinal Crusade

    Hi all! After about 1.5 years we have finally released a playable demo of our game, The Cardinal Crusade! You can download the demo here: The Cardinal Crusade Is an expansive action platforming game with a heavy focus on fast...
  10. Misu

    Opinion GameJolt or

    After what happen with Steam, my teammates are having second thoughts of whether considering using Steam in the future or not. I preferly don't want to take the risk, specially when we are starting with no budget at all... So I need a backup. In between GameJolt and, which of these have...
  11. R

    Distribution Gamejolt or

    I'm looking at distributing my game for free but I don't know what site to use?
  12. Cpaz

    Gamejolt Partners discussion

    NOTE: I don't know if this is the right place for this topic, if you are an admin/mod please either move it for me, or say it needs to be moved. I can then try and contact someone. For those unaware, Gamejolt announced recently that they would launch a "Partners" program. While I haven't used...
  13. A

    Idea New Name for Alexander Julian

    I've been designing a game called Alexander Julian for months now. It's a 2D platforming/action game about a high schooler with the same name going on an adventure to stop a gang and save his idol, Sage Edwards. The thing is, I just found that there's a famous clothing line named after...
  14. A

    Released Alexander Julian: Credit Course - High School Turned 2D Platformer

    Alexander Julian: Credit Course is a game where the many classes of PCM High School come in the form of challenging obstacle courses. Dodge knives and collect ingredients in Foods class! Be inside of a calculator for Algebra class! Be in the 1950's in American History! High school is an...
  15. D


    Teufel Teufel is a project I've been working on and off of for about four or five years now, depending on which iteration of the game can truly be called "Teufel". The game right now is a turn-based RPG set in a fantasy world that has been plagued by a demon, until you show up. Why is this...
  16. Nocturne

    Windows Pixoban Redux

    Pixo has been abducted by dirty aliens! Can you help him tidy up their ship? GET IT NOW ON GAMEJOLT FOR $0.99 GET IT FREE ON ANDROID (with IAP to remove ads) In this retro-styled sokoban game your task is to help Pixo tidy up the alien ship by placing all the crates of rubbish on the...