1. E

    Development Taking a break...

    If you are working on a game, but it hits a point where you need a short break, but still need the practice. Is it okay to work on a random small game to rest or should you keep pushing through your main game?
  2. Crask

    Released Neither Day nor Night - precision platformer

    Full game is available for PC. Check it out 🙂 Steam:
  3. Deadly Serious Media

     My Eyes

    So I'm doing so work to flesh out My Eyes from the recent game jam. Added a couple shaders and programmed in game lip syncing. Well, I've got all the mouth shapes in spine blending in game so now the head can talk once I record the dialog and make a dope sheet for timing. So, you made a hasty...
  4. NazGhuL

    Article Humble tips from a hobbyist

    Hi! There is a lot of game makers here. From young rookies to professionals. Some of them wonder how it's like to publish their lovely game and never did it before. I decided to share my own experience. I could call this: The anxious path of a hobbyist game developer. Anxiety: A feeling of...
  5. CreativeJon90

    Isle: A Pigs Tale

    Black Hill is a story about a lone pig’s journey. Living alone most of his later life, young Bo (lead character) has only known his parents, both farmers born and raised. Unfortunately, life has a way of making us feel alone, and cold. Bo’s parents passed away a few years ago. Out of fear of the...
  6. Yadu Rajiv

    GMS 2 Developing Turn-Based Multiplayer Games with GMS2 and NodeJS

    I just wanted to let everyone know about my new book that just got published, titled Developing Turn Based Multiplayer Games with GameMaker Studio 2 and NodeJS :) Please do check it out if it interests you! Link: Apart from the Apress website, you...
  7. N

    Portfolio - Audio [Available For Hire] Budget Experienced Music Composer

    Hi! gamedevs! I am always available to make music for indie games, which is what I love to do. I have experience making music for consoles, app stores, and other platforms.
  8. J

    Portfolio - Art Artist Looking to Work With Team

    New to the forum and looking to help out with your projects! Wanting to build my Character/Item design skills so feel free to contact me if you're interested in working together. I attached some of my more recent work below. If you want to see more you can swing over to my Artstation at...
  9. D

    Legacy GM GameMaker - Characterless drive

    GM Version: Studio 1.4 Target Platform: Windows Download: N/A (see video tutorial) Links: see below Summary: In this drag and drop video lesson I will show you how to create the character Liu Kang's move of the Mortal Kombat 3 Game in GameMaker Studio, without the need for codes or scripts...
  10. AnomalousArcane

    Game Dev Streamers

    Just curious if there are any other game developers that also stream? If so, what methods have you used to immerse yourself within the streaming community?
  11. J

    HTML5 Blossom - An Explorative Platformer Developed in 72 Hours

    Game Link Blossom is a very small, 1bit platformer with a focus on retro exploration developed in 72 hours for the GDL January Jam. The theme for the game jam was silence, which I chose to incorporate by allowing the player to slowly restore sfx and layers of music to the world by collecting...
  12. T

    Windows Metaloid:Origin (Fast-Paced gun'n run platformer)

    Hi Me and my friend working on 2D platformer/shooter inspire from Megaman+Turrican call "Metaloid:Origin" We start develop this game since early 2015 on GMS1 but put it on hold for year to develop another game "Metagal" which released on steam last year. After we done with Metagal we immedietly...
  13. Adrien Dittrick

    Discussion How to fail gamedev in 8 easy steps

    Here is a little thing I started on gamejolt, the original can be found here: . If you have any horrible dev advice, feel free to give it by replying to this thread :) As an amazing game developer, I feel that it is my duty to...
  14. Z

    Portfolio - Art 2D Artist Looking For Collaborator/Mentor

    Greetings! I'm not looking for paid work, but rather someone who can offer me tutoring in Game Maker in exchange for my services. I'm an aspiring dev but currently very inexperienced having having difficulty getting past the learning curve. I'm a 2D artist/animator who works primarily in...
  15. newtinn

    Free POW

    SO I made this game called POW a few months ago and I kinda forgot to post it here. Also forget about clayzie kings because I won't work on it like ever again - it was terrible. Anyway, this was my first commercially presentable game and I have had some fun playing it with my brother. There are...
  16. C

    -- Mobile Game Development --

    Hey all, I am in the process of developing a Mobile Game. what i am trying to do is spread the word about it and try to get feedback and possibly testers later on for the game. the game is early in development but the foundation is there. if you'd like to check it out on my twitter, you can...
  17. artcadev

    Alpha My Cat Revenge - 2D Platformer Puzzle Shooter

    /// MY CAT REVENGE \\\ 2D Platformer Puzzle Shooter, inspired own our daily challenges and experiences with our cat, but now turning from a uncontrollable joke that became game form with the initial concept of "Rescuing my girlfriend from the devilish claws of my handsome cat." The game...
  18. A

    Generating VR content for iOS and Android

    Hey guys! I found this article and I would like to ask you what do you think about it? Thanks
  19. D

     RPG Development Thread

    Hello! Thought it would be nice to keep a thread of my progression as I experiment around with programming. Right now, my project goal is to make a house with interactable objects that looks and feels good to play. I want to have an inventory, a stat screen, and maybe a day/night cycle. And an...
  20. Posho

    Discussion What do you listen to when doing game dev?

    I was wondering what kind of music do you listen to when you're working on your video game projects. I didn't see a thread so I might as well make one. I normally just listen to video game soundtracks. They create a comfy ambient and the lack of lyrics is good since those can distract me when...