1. Froll

    Portfolio - Art [AFFORDABLE] 2D Artist/Animator @ Indie Rates | Looking for Work

    Hello everyone! I'm 2d artist, working for the indie projects. Affordable pricing. Available for freelance. contacts: email - Discord - Froll#8602 Looking forward to work with you! Thanks! Works: More works: Pixel Art...
  2. L

    Portfolio - Art Lulus Art [Paid Work] - Character-Design/Concept-Art/Illustrations

    Hello, dear gm-community! :p My name is Lulu and I'm a hobby-artist from germany. I enjoy making art for serveral years now already and want to use as much of my free time as possible with my passion. I thought here on this platform I can be of help by making coverart, ad-Illustrations...
  3. V

    Portfolio - Art 2D Artist

    Hi! My name is Vikki! I'm a 2d artist. I draw in different styles all that is necessary to create games: illustrations, characters, icons, animation, promo-art, concept art, objects, etc. I have already created all the graphic materials for several games, and I am always ready to cooperate ;)...
  4. Froll

    Portfolio - Art 2d artist. 12$ per hour.

    Hi! :D :rolleyes:My name is Peter, I'm 2d artist / animator.:rolleyes: Services: Character Design tiles 2d animations Illustration Concept Game UI Gaming Props Hand Painted Texture 2d animations pixel art (I'm in love with pixel art for now, so you can get a discount on it ;) ) contact me...