1. R


    HEY GUYS ME IS HERE (such English) I want to make a game like undertale I got all the sprites and I am new to GMS 2 So as I was making it I wanted to make a object which the player can collide to and it should be invisible. I am not able to do it plz help. I am very desperate to make this game
  2. Meester Dennis

    HTML5 Scale in browser

    Hi there, I have an question. Sorry for my bad English, but I will try to explain my problem. I'm scaling my game with this code: Now the game window is scaling the way I want, but when i'm scaling my game down, sometimes my buttons didn't work. Is it possible to fix this problem? I you want...
  3. F

    Free Duck Evasion - now available!

    Hi everyone, I recently released my game Duck Evasion. It's available for free on the app store! Avoid being hit by bullets to stay alive as long as possible! Download:
  4. M

    Android Dots Universe - Connect the dots with a twist

    Dots Universe, connect the dots with a twist game is now out in the Google Play! Every level has a hidden image which is much more complex than the ones in other similar games. Also every level has multiple lines meaning harder levels and inability to clearly tell what is the whole picture...
  5. N

     Unnamed Ball Game

    Hello! So when programming games I just try to find something that plays nice and feels original. I was kind of happy with an idea of the player having to shoot a little ball into a target, but making it complex. I tried my best to make the game and would like to show it to you and ask for any...
  6. G

    Asset - Demo Blackjack Basic—Lite Blackjack Example [Mobile/HTML5 Ready][50% OFF]

    Blackjack Basic—Lite Blackjack Example Blackjack Basic—Lite Blackjack Example Primal category: Demo Price: $9.99 Modules: All PLAY NOW: Support: PM me for support. Marketplace: Description...
  7. F

    Legacy GM Change of sprite/animation when pushing moveable block (SOLVED)

    Hey there, first post. I've been working on a simple platformer for a few months and I've come to a slight slow down with some coding issues for sprite/animation changes for a specific situation. I have looked all over and haven't found any proper solutions for this problem either, so I was...
  8. Dan1

    Android [FREE] Mind Blank - Fun, Tricky Quiz Game

    Introducing... A Tricky and Quirky Unique Quiz-style game - Can you complete the list or will you get a mind blank? With 98 lists over 4 categories to choose from, pick a list and try and name as many items in the list as you can - from countries to TV characters, from hit games to big...
  9. Sergio

    Steam Super Jigsaw Puzzle

    Hi there! Last week we launch on Steam our first game made with Game Maker. It's a game about making jigsaw puzzles, with exclusive-and-not-too-easy images. About This Game If you like to make puzzles, Super Jigsaw Puzzle...
  10. S

    Legacy GM Can't find MAC OS X tab in Global Game Settings

    I've had to re-name my game I'm developing for the iOS app store. However, going to File > Save As doesn't remove all traces of the old name, as the output folder created on my MAC is still named with the old name. I was told, from a bug report feedback, that in order to rename my game, I need...
  11. C

    Transparent Roof When Hero Under(RPG Style)

    This is a semi-repost. I was going to use a tileset collision in my game for this, but realized that its only the newest version of gamemaker, which I do not have. My goal is to have the roof of my house disappear when my hero walks underneath. So lets say that I have Hero_1 and Roof_1...
  12. N

    Display current position/standing and results at the end

    Hello everyone, For school we're currently creating a racing game in GameMaker Studio 1.4. We're quite far and almost everything is working, but we've still got a little problem. It's a racing game with 5 opponents (6 cars in total) and we'd like to display the player's current position (1st...
  13. F


    This is another problem I've faced I've watch videos and read the guide. The problem I've faced is that why main character in my game has to equip items. However I want it so that when you press a button such as the X button you equip the item and if you press the X button again you un-equip the...
  14. T

    Help with turning and walking animation

    So, in a game im making i finally figured out changes between sprites because is wasn't working anyways for some odd reason, every time my player goes left(and changes to walking sprite ) then stops(and changes back) then changes direction the players speed gets infinitely faster and faster. I...
  15. R

    Android RGB from Mars or Whatever

    We are the RGB from Mars and we are here to colonize your planet !!! Please be patient until we reach and conquer your city. At the PUSM (Partially United States of Mars). We are tired of intraterrestrials. At first they were all black and white, and that was fine. But they are ambitious...
  16. yvodlyn

    Alpha Bit Lovers

    Hello everybody, I am a beginner to gml. By following tutorials on youtube and using the game maker forum, I was able to start my first project. I would like you to tell me what you think about my project. I have not finished it yet. I publish a demo to ask for your help during this project...
  17. A

    Windows Want to test my unique Jump´n´Run Game "Bunchie Go!"?[FREE DOWNLOAD] This is my first serious game. I am still developing it, so expect new updates. And, most importantly, have Fun with it! It is called "Bunchie Go!" and at the start you can choose to play the easy-mode, which you probably will, because my game is hard, or...
  18. J

    HTML5 Blossom - An Explorative Platformer Developed in 72 Hours

    Game Link Blossom is a very small, 1bit platformer with a focus on retro exploration developed in 72 hours for the GDL January Jam. The theme for the game jam was silence, which I chose to incorporate by allowing the player to slowly restore sfx and layers of music to the world by collecting...
  19. G

    Beta Swipe Fu

    Hey! I am creating a game where you swipe ninjas away and try to survive on a bridge for the longest. It records your highscore. GIF of gameplay Download here! I have only: Highscore Retry Stages (each stage it gets quicker) - [Max Stage Level 5] I am planning on to add: Ads Cloud Saving...
  20. N

    Platform Game Problem, Help? [SOLVED]

    Hi, i'm working on a platform game. Mechanic is you can take one block (like in minecraft, but 2d) and then put it somewhere else (you can carry only 1). I have a problem with this code, it won't create blocks. Before this my code created blocks when i press a button to take them, in one moment...