1. N

    Legacy GM Game detected as malware.?!

    Malwarebytes antimalware detects my game as malware (MachineLearning/Anormalous.100%) But on virustotal it doesn't detect a virus...
  2. Y

    my game making journey so far

    One day i was telling to my brother that i always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. he said : do you know that there is a game to learn guitar?,it's called rocksmith 2014 ,you should buy a xbox. so i bought a xbox 360 and ordered the game online and started playing /learning . soon enough...
  3. F

     I was just wondering about the resource tree...

    how many resources are the maximum limit for objects and sprites? Because my game I am making will need lots of them, since it’s a rpg.
  4. S

    How to end game once all of a certain object it collected?

    I have just recently got into Game Maker. I am using Game Maker 8.0 Pro. I am using it it simple mode and not advanced. I just need help with ending the game or moving to the next room once all of a certain object has been destroyed by the player. I have an object called pellot that destroys...
  5. P

    Windows Ephemera: The RPG (My first game!)

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the whole game-making scene and I've just started to work on sprites for mine, not even programming but i (and some friends) have already made some music and got the basic summary and everything up, so bare in mind it is VERY much in it's early stages. "There exists a...
  6. D

    Export error!

    Please help. I cant export my game to Windows (zip). It show me this notification:
  7. G

    Released Veins of Light Official Release!

    Hello GameMakers! This is Alex Lang with Fungi Studios, a one-man production team! Veins of Light was made in GMS2, and all art, music, 90% audio, and 90% code is original. Thank you to the few extensions I used! Play the Last Hero of the Earth, delving deep into the ancient place of secret...
  8. G

    Android Game crashes on launching (Android 8)

    It's been two months since I released a very important update to my game, the exact time I bought a new smartphone which came with Android 7. My game was released two years ago, and since then me and other ones have been playing it with no trouble at all. But suddenly, my smartphone updated...
  9. magicweapon

    Windows Discord - Scroll down shooter

    This is a game I made to participate in a contest and I decided to upload it here in the game maker forums because I made it in Game Maker Studio, I hope you like it. Screenshots: Controls: Arrows - Move Enter - Select R - Shoot Esc - Exit So far there are only three weapons and...
  10. L

    Windows ANGRY DONALD (Horror? or Comedy? You decide!)

    Angry Donald is a horror game I made all the way back in 2013. It's pretty bad since my programming skills back then were literally terrible. I'm really just uploading this because I stumbled across it on my old GameJolt account and it hit me with so much nostalgia, I just had to post it here...
  11. BigDC

    Portfolio - Art I am ready for art projects, YES I will do them for FREE!

    Hey all I am available to do art projects for games. I will do them for FREE just for the experience. I have very simple requests/stipulations.,. 1. I am not looking or wanting to be a full team member. 2. You allow me to display my finished pieces in my protfolio 2. No pixel...
  12. A

    Alpha The Wormery

    Details A 2D puzzle game where you will use a worm to navigate a variety of levels inspired by the classic snake video game. Game-play Choose from 8 worms that have a variety of different abilities. Complete puzzle levels. Collect resources to trade for coins. Spend coins on abilities. Use...
  13. T

    How getting started?

    Hello. Today I tried to make a simple game for learning the mechanics of this program, but my knowledge about programming are very low. I tried creating for 5 hours, and even looking tutorials or guides I found this extremely hard. This is my first time using the free version of game maker...
  14. NimNom1234

    Sprite art needed

    Look guys I need some sprite art for my game and I was wondering if someone could do it for free. I don't expect anyone to do this, for it is a bit of work for absolutely no pay. But it would be highly appreciated. Benefits may or may not include: -Your name in credits -Your art in the game...
  15. V

    Windows So Much Laserz! - retro puzzle-platformer with lasers

    Hello! Finally I took courage to show you guys what little abomination I commited :) So Much Laserz! (quite cringey title, isn't it?) is a game I made for one of my college projects, over a year ago, and after getting positive feedback from my friends, parents and my course instructor AND after...
  16. Y

    the funniest about testing your game

    the funniest thing about testing your game is when you try die but your npc seem to avoid you
  17. Tony Brice

    Free Envahi - Vic 20 game remake

    I just released my first complete game in GameMaker Studio 2. Envahi is a classic Vic 20 game that I used to play a lot as a teenager. I entered a competition to code a game in 10 weeks and chose to remake this one for nostalgic reasons. Objective: Save the city below by taking on the aliens...
  18. A

    Portfolio - Art Professional 2D Game Artist

    Portfolio : Twitter : Instagram : Email : Hi, I'm Kandi Maciejewski. I'm an industry veteran with ten years of experience as a game artist. I've worked for industry giant...
  19. B

    Legacy GM Cool Enemies

    In my game, you travel between two times (kind of like Ocarina Of Time) and I'm thinking of some cool enemies that could be affected by these changes. (you switch time quite frequently within levels) A basic example could be an enemy that when they die they turn to stone which you could then use...
  20. B

    GML Multiple Choice Question Coding

    Hello everyone! I'm working on my senior project for school which involves me coding and building an educational video game-- the issue that has arisen is that I'm unsure of how to implement a multiple choice question system into the game. How I'd like it to work is have the player collide with...